pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Day three of the positive things meme.

Well, I had a wonderful day with the family. The day just flew by. Have you noticed that about weekends? They seem to go faster then the weekdays. LOL I'm just saying. Here we go with three positive things.

1. I'm so grateful that I didn't have any heart problems and that the ulcer is doing well now. I'm doing rather well, actually and sure can't complain. We should all be grateful for good days and a good life.

2. I talked to my mom today and she's so funny. It's not always a good funny. She's got dementia, so it's trying on all of us, including her. But, we had a great talk and she asked me to come down next month or November. So, I'm going to try and do that. We'll see what comes into play in my real life situation. Anyway, the positive part of this is that she's still with me. We have good talks about my dad and missing him. It's nice to be able to talk about him with her now. She used to get too upset. Things are looking up.

3. I have wonderful siblings. I miss all of them. Most of them live in New Mexico, so I feel like I need to go and see them soon, but I have to wait and see what happens after we get home from vacation. I'm lucky to have all my siblings still with me. I have one sister, Mary, and six brothers. :)

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Thinking of all of you.

Hugs, Patt
Tags: three positive things for five days.

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