pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

What is wrong with the world today?

In case this is too long, I better put it under the cut.

I find myself wondering what prompts a child to attack another child. If there is no reason, why would one do that? Just because the other one is different isn't a good enough reason. Flutterbev posted something about the attack on her son Rowan and I was appalled. The poor kid will proabably never get over this and we can only hope that the authorities throw the book at the animals that chose to change a person's life yesterday. I'm still so shocked over it all and wish I could do something to help. When I told my grandson, Vincent about it he said that the low lifes that did that won't learn from any punishment. They are just evil, mean and cruel. Vincent is 25 and has always hated bully's. He said that sometimes you'll get beat up just because you happen to look a certain way. Isn't that just dreadful? Were these children never taught the difference between right and wrong? And what about respect? I'm not talking about respecting elders, I'm talking about respecting yourself or another person in your own age group. How horrible that your children aren't safe anywhere. I remember once the school called me and said they suspended my daughter for a week for beating up a child in the hallway. I went to the school and picked her up and asked her what was going on? She didn't beat up people for no reason. She said right in front of the teachers, four jocks smacked a downs syndrome boy against the locker. We just so happened to have known him and Chris couldn't believe that the teachers did nothing. So, she decided to teach them how it felt. She punched all four kids out. Four kids to beat up a downs syndrome child? I took Chris out to lunch and explained to her that she couldn't just beat up people when she felt the need, but at the same time, I like that she was sticking up for Johnny. He never went back to school after that day. He was devastated. And what do you think happened to those monsters that did this? Not a thing, but my daughter who was defending a friend got suspended for a week from high school. Two weeks later, Chris got suspended again, for the same thing. The jocks were beating up a child in a wheelchair. WTF???? Again, the boys didn't get any punishment, but Chris got suspended again. She was an angel child, but you didn't want to piss her off for any reason. And picking on someone that couldn't defend themselves was past what she could understand. Since the teachers did nothing she took matters into her own hands. I told her about Rowan today and she was heartbroken. She didn't understand it when she was young and she doesn't understand the logic behind beating someone up for no reason even at this stage in her life. She said that they will get what's coming to them, but at what cost? She's absolutely right. My thoughts and my prayers are with Rowan today. (((((Bev))))) I hope you're feeling better today and I hope that Rowan gets stronger each and every day.
Tags: bullying and hatred
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