pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

We're leaving in two weeks. EEEEEKKKKK! I'm not ready.

I've saved like ten bucks. Think that's going to do it? LOL Seriously, we had savings for it, but I ordered the tickets online so they could come in time and they were so expensive. Disneyland, Sea World and Universal Studios just made a bundle off of us. We did get a special deal though for all three parks. So, that was something. Not to mention, I think Samantha is going to love everything so much that we won't care how expensive it was. She told me it's always been her dream to go to California and see those places. I reminded her that she's only eight, she's had few dreams thus far. She's determined to say it's her dream to be there. And Our condo is across the street from the beach. She loves the beach. Okay, she doesn't know what the beach is yet, but she's seen pictures and can't wait to build a sand castle. Grandma and Grandpa are going to be exhausted, aren't we? LOL Thankfully, she's a really laid back child so we don't have to run after her or anything. And she minds very well and is quite polite, so this is going to be a nice trip.

Here are some pictures of the condo, it's just a small place. We didn't need big. We'll be there such short periods of time it doesn't matter.

Tags: california trip 2014

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