pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Update on dad.

Well this has been the longest two days of my life but all eight of us kids are here surrounding poor dad while he waits to go on the last trip of his life. The angels will be so happy with this man. THey will be gaining a howling sense of humor, a big heart filled with love for not only family but friends. They will be rejoicing and playing trumpets to announce his arrival. I have a very religious brother and he's made this transition so easy. It's going to be sad when he leaves, but we're more prepared because of Dan. He's a wonderful man that deals with death weekly and has a different outlook on it. He tells me his heart is filled with joy and happiness at the idea of dad having a new place to take his stories that we all know and love. What a nice way to look at things. So, my friends, I am not doing too badly. I was a mess but we're doing pretty good and await the grief to hit. But we will have a celebration to go over his life. We hope he doesn';t have to suffer long. He's not responsive, so we just talk to him and tell him what he has meant to us and what our life will be like without him in it. Sadness and joy. That sums it up pretty much. I hope you are all well.

Hugs, Patt
Tags: goodbye to dad
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