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Sentinel_Thurs #118 The Grouch

From sentinel_thurs

Title: The Grouch
Author: Patt
Challenge 118 Sentinel Thursday
Word Count: 469
Category: Slash
Summary: Jim has to apologize to Blair.
Rating: FRM
Beta: Mary

The Grouch
By Patt

Detective Jim Ellison had been a very bad boy lately. He and Blair had been working non-stop for two weeks straight, and they did nothing at home but sleep. Blair was hurting from the lack of sex too, but you didn’t see him being a grouch, no, that would just be Jim.

He was determined to make it up to his lover no matter what. Oh okay, he wanted sex in the next month and he had to make peace. Blair wasn’t even talking to him anymore. Everyone in the bull pen was mad at Jim and didn’t take any of his shit.

Jim took a break from work and walked down stairs and went across the street to the flower shop. Jim found it funny that the shop did so well, because cops were always apologizing to their spouses. And yes, Jim did think of Blair as his spouse, but if he didn’t make this right, he wouldn’t be getting any for a very long time.

He looked at all of the flowers that were there and nothing jumped out at him until he saw the baby palm plant. It was in a small beautiful teal colored ceramic pot. It looked just like a big palm tree only it was iddy biddy tiny. Jim knew that Blair would love this one, so now all he had to do was write the note.

Jim thought and thought about what he could say and then a Beatles song came on and he knew that would be perfect. He picked up the card he liked, borrowed the owner’s pen and began to write;


As I write this letter,
Send my love to you,
Remember that I'll always,
Be in love with you.

Treasure these few words 'till we're together,
Keep all my love forever,
P.S., I love you.
You, you, you.

Love, Jim

Jim paid for the plant and they said they would deliver it in an hour. He knew that he had done the right thing because his heart was about to beat right out of his chest.

He got up to the bull pen and sat down and waited for the delivery. When the delivery man came up to his desk he asked, “Blair Sandburg?”

Jim pointed over to Blair’s desk and a surprised Blair asked, “For me?” His bright blue eyes were shining with excitement.

“Yup, for you, all I need you to do is sign for it.”

Blair signed and then opened up the card. He looked over at Jim and smiled. Jim knew he was out of the dog house for this week at least. It had worked and Jim was finally not being such a grouch, he was too busy thinking about the wonderful sex they were going to have that night.

The grouch was gone.

The end.


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