pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Anyone looking for a good cause to help out with?

There is a non-profit organization called HeroBox and it's for soldiers who don't get any mail or packages. Once a month on the first of the month, you mail off a package to them for 10 bucks at the post office and the post office gives you the boxes to use. I just signed up and I have a new Hero to write to and send a package to. :) Here is the link in case you're interested. HeroBox
Check it out, it's a great program and 100% deductible on taxes, if that's a concern. The hero gives you a list of things he would like in the following months and you choose what you would like to send. I signed up for six months, but we'll see how it goes and it might become a regular program for me. December 1st is when I'll mail off the first package. I can't wait. He likes to read. I have some great paperbacks for him and he likes music, so that's easy, too.
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