pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

A new commercial that Garett is in. Check this out. This wonderful vid was shown to me by Debbie Stone. :)

Update: I showed the commercial to my grand-daughter, Sam, who is seven and told her that this is what BLair looked like right now. THis is what she said.

"Oooooooh, I like his curly short hair, he looks much better now. I never really liked the long hair, it made his face look funny. NOw he doesn't look funny anymore. And it was sad when he couldn't dunk any baskets, but at least he got to dunk the Oreo's. THat's such a cool commercial. I wish someone would teach him how to play basketball the right way. It must have hurt when he fell down all the time. Do you think he has a headache from doing that? Why wasn't Jim playing with him?"

My gosh, I was howling and she couldn't figure out why. LOL OUt of the mouth of babes. LOL
Tags: garett's commercial
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