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To everyone on live journal...

just wanted to say hello and wish everyone well. I know my last post was a downer, but I'm over it now and ready to go for the next set of tests and learn what I have for certain. I've been so blessed with the same doctor for the last 22 years and he's so good to me. I find it a little sad that he can't take care of me now, but that's just being selfish on my part, he's looking out for me as usual. (And I'm being selfish, as usual.) I have a call into a new doctor because come to find out, our insurance doesn't cover the other one. I'm glad I figured that out right away. Bummer. But the new office is calling me in the next two days with an appointment. I hope it's not too far away from now. BUt if it is, then I will have to deal with it. Thus is life. I'm having some weird medical issues and hope to have a doc to understand where I'm coming from, soon. (Weirder then the other ones, since Friday morning.) Hope to get them under control soon.

My son-in-law said, "I know mom can handle whatever is tossed her way, so I"m not worrying." He's such a cutie pie. A very good man. It calmed our daughter down right away. He's very good about that. Everyone else in the family is looking forward to finding out for sure what is what. More tests, yay. LOL

The weather is gorgeous in Arizona. Not burning hot, just nice and warm and comfortable. I love this time of year. And at night it gets down in the 60s or less. So, I love that too. There are so many things to love and be grateful for, and I was focusing too much on bad things. I promise I'll try and keep things more lively on my journal. LOL

Hope you all have a great week.

Hugs, Patt
PS: Happy almost Halloween.


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Oct. 17th, 2012 05:14 am (UTC)
I'll keep my fingers crossed and send good vibes for you out into the universe.

You're one of the most positive people I've ever come across, but even Pollyanna had her down times.

I'm happy to read your posts no matter what kind of mood or message you want to send.

Cheers and tons of hugs,

Oct. 17th, 2012 05:22 am (UTC)
Thank you, Laurie. :) There are just so many good things about my friends, family and the fandom that I need to focus more on them. That's what's most important. And I do love this darn fandom. Right now, I"m working on Secret Santa stuff and having a blast. Gosh, I have more fun here. LOL
Oct. 17th, 2012 05:43 am (UTC)
Patt, I want to be you when I grow up! :)

My very best, positive, wishes for the future and your son-in-law is right, you'll cope because you're so positive and have an admirable love of life.

You are my hero!
Oct. 17th, 2012 05:45 am (UTC)
Miss M, I'm your hero? Not hardly. I have too many flaws. But I'm trying to get better. LOL THank you for your kind words. HOw are you doing?
Oct. 17th, 2012 06:02 am (UTC)
at night it gets down in the 60s

Hoo, boy. Them's our summer temperatures... high 60s nudging into the 70s. Currently (granted it's first thing in our morning) our temperature is about 45.

Don't blame you for having the odd 'down'. We all do, at times. And normally you're very positive about things.
Oct. 17th, 2012 06:25 am (UTC)
I have a lot of things to be grateful for, so I'm going to try and be more positive. I've been very blessed. :)
Oct. 17th, 2012 08:03 am (UTC)
Sending you many gentle hugs xxxx
Oct. 17th, 2012 08:11 am (UTC)
Thank you, Bev. I will treasure them. :)
Oct. 17th, 2012 12:18 pm (UTC)
Patt, you are not</> selfish! Look at all you do for your family and friends! You have every right to be worried. So give yourself time to come to grips with this. {{{Patt}}}
Oct. 17th, 2012 02:01 pm (UTC)
I see the stern face above. LOL Love that icon. :) Don't worry, I will come to grips and will be fine. Thank you for the hugs.
Oct. 17th, 2012 12:32 pm (UTC)
I hope things go well with you with the new doctor.

Feel free to vent or talk about whatever you want in your journal, good and bad. That's what it's for and good friends know that.

Oct. 17th, 2012 02:02 pm (UTC)
Thank you, Grey. :) I truly am feeling a little bit stronger about all of it. I'm ready for more tests. Yay. Not. LOL
Oct. 17th, 2012 12:58 pm (UTC)

You are never selfish *wags finger at you*, and if you can't share the crappy stuff with us then we're not doing our jobs properly.

Great big hugs, luv. xxx

Oct. 17th, 2012 02:03 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the hugs, SNail. :) I love my flist. :)
Oct. 17th, 2012 04:01 pm (UTC)
Hey, sometimes it helps to vent. You're not the only one with health problems and, if you listen to people, people should listen to you - that's only fair. {{{hugs tightly}}} I hope you get your tests done soon, so they're over and done with and so you know where you stand.

I'm glad you've got good weather. We've got rain...again! :oD
Oct. 17th, 2012 09:39 pm (UTC)
I like rain. Especially this time of year. Nice weather with a warm rain. Perfect. I'm weird, I know. LOL Thanks for the hugs and thoughts coming my way.
Oct. 17th, 2012 06:43 pm (UTC)
Everyone is allowed a vent ins stressful times. :-) Take care of yourself - and that includes having an occasional grumble.
Oct. 17th, 2012 09:40 pm (UTC)
Thanks, Mab. I could easily put something else like something good instead. It irritates me to no end to whine all the time. I vow to try and be more uplifting. LOL :)
Oct. 17th, 2012 10:33 pm (UTC)
Hey, it's your LJ, you should be able to talk about what you want in it. Sometimes we all need a little time and space to vent or whatever. Keeping that stuff pent up is way worse than just getting it out there, then getting on with your day.

Good luck with the new doctor - let us know how it goes!
Oct. 17th, 2012 10:34 pm (UTC)
Thanks, Jen. I'm doing much better, mentally now. So I can't complain. Much. LOL LMAO
Oct. 19th, 2012 09:45 am (UTC)
I'm not very much around LJ these days, I've been moving towards tumblr, but reading something like that makes me really anxious for you. I hope you're going to be all right :(
Oct. 19th, 2012 09:47 am (UTC)
I hope so too, CG, but if not, I'll deal with it. Whatever happens is okay. Don't fret. It's nice to see you again. :)
Oct. 19th, 2012 06:12 pm (UTC)
That was really sweet of your son-in-law, you need people like that around to help and support you. Keep strong and know that you have you family and friends around you.

Edited at 2012-10-19 06:13 pm (UTC)
Oct. 19th, 2012 06:28 pm (UTC)
I have tons of friends and family around that give me tons of support. I'm very blessed.
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