pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

To everyone on live journal...

just wanted to say hello and wish everyone well. I know my last post was a downer, but I'm over it now and ready to go for the next set of tests and learn what I have for certain. I've been so blessed with the same doctor for the last 22 years and he's so good to me. I find it a little sad that he can't take care of me now, but that's just being selfish on my part, he's looking out for me as usual. (And I'm being selfish, as usual.) I have a call into a new doctor because come to find out, our insurance doesn't cover the other one. I'm glad I figured that out right away. Bummer. But the new office is calling me in the next two days with an appointment. I hope it's not too far away from now. BUt if it is, then I will have to deal with it. Thus is life. I'm having some weird medical issues and hope to have a doc to understand where I'm coming from, soon. (Weirder then the other ones, since Friday morning.) Hope to get them under control soon.

My son-in-law said, "I know mom can handle whatever is tossed her way, so I"m not worrying." He's such a cutie pie. A very good man. It calmed our daughter down right away. He's very good about that. Everyone else in the family is looking forward to finding out for sure what is what. More tests, yay. LOL

The weather is gorgeous in Arizona. Not burning hot, just nice and warm and comfortable. I love this time of year. And at night it gets down in the 60s or less. So, I love that too. There are so many things to love and be grateful for, and I was focusing too much on bad things. I promise I'll try and keep things more lively on my journal. LOL

Hope you all have a great week.

Hugs, Patt
PS: Happy almost Halloween.
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