pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

And guess what I did today?

Just to be ever so graceful, I took a nose dive in the garage on the cement floor. Owwwww. Hit my knee, my ankle, my elbow and finally ended up on my head. I've been losing my balance lately along with the numbness and tingling. Isn't that grand and today I just couldn't seem to catch myself before I went down. They are going to do a MRI of my brain and my spine sometime this week to rule out a few things the doctor is thinking. Geeze, I don't even want to know what he's thinking. But he's going to be thrilled when I tell him I fell. He told me to be extra careful. Lord, way to ignore your doctor. LOL I'm really sore, but nothing broken, so that's good. Tomorrow will bring stiffness and soreness like I won't believe. But as I said, at least I'm all right. My husband said life is never dull with me and I think he's right. I would like a dull day or two.
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