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How is everyone?

I haven't posted much lately, I don't even have a real excuse. Just boring, I guess. I didn't want to bore you also. LOL There is nothing much going on in my life right now, but we're looking forward to our trip the 13th of May. Woo Hoo. We love Sedona. Has anyone ever been there? It's truly one of the most gorgeous places on earth, in my book.

I've been a little bit busy with the Reverse Bang for the Sentinel. It's been so much fun and I loved working with everyone. Wait until you all see the great stories coming out next month. Another fantastic reason to look forward to May. :)

Did anyone ever hand out May Day Baskets when they were kids? We did and it was a wonderful holiday for us kids. Nothing fancy, just homemade things. We loved May Day. Our kids never ever did it, because no one else did it. They didn't want to be weird.

How is everyone's weather? Ours is very warm, but not unbearable. I love Arizona. YOu get used to the heat. It's a dry heat. LOL We all have tee's that have a skeleton on the front and it says, 'But it's a dry heat.'

Our new puppy (Dakota) is doing well, but still has a long way to go to fit into the family. Poor thing, she is so afraid of everything because they kept her off by herself with no contact at all. She was going to be bred, but they decided not to use her at the last minute, because she is so high strung. She'll get it. I have faith in her. She's so pretty.

Have a good rest of the week, everyone.

Hugs, Patt


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Apr. 26th, 2012 11:42 am (UTC)
raynewton and I had a couple of hours in Sedona back in the late 90s when we were on a coach tour of California/Arizona. Just about long enough to say we've been there :-)

Just as well I'm not there now, though - it's not actually a phobia, more an extreme dislike and mostly of skulls, even in cartoon form - but your T-shirts would freak me out. There's got to be a reason for it, and I think the skull thing dates back to seeing Disney's Snow White when I was very young, and by extension, went on to include the skeletons.
Apr. 26th, 2012 08:26 pm (UTC)
How funny. Well, we are all afraid of something or many somethings. I didn't mean to squick you. (((((Sheila)))))
Apr. 27th, 2012 05:24 am (UTC)
Crazy thing is, I'm interested in archaeology, and human remains so often form part of what is found on digs. I've become very fast at averting my eyes when they show a skull (in particular) during a TV programme. Apart from that, disarticulated bones aren't a major problem... though I'm not too sure how I would have reacted if I'd lived thousands (misspelled that first time round!) of years ago. There's a site in Turkey (Capel Hoyuk - not sure of the spelling) where they discovered that the bodies of the dear departed (at least once they were defleshed) were stashed underneath the beds...

Some fears/dislikes are more insidious than others, and at least it's not something like arachnaphobia. I have a friend who is so arachnaphobic she can't even say the word 'spider'.

Edited at 2012-04-27 05:28 am (UTC)
Apr. 26th, 2012 11:56 am (UTC)
Yes I've been to Sedona, and yes it is very beautiful, but I think there is a lot of stunning landscapes all around there and it seems to change so much it is never boring.

As to weather, in theory we are in the middle of a drought and we have hose pipe bans, but yesterday we had so much rain that several rivers broke their banks and lots of roads were flooded, made for interesting driving.
Apr. 26th, 2012 08:29 pm (UTC)
Wow, its odd how it goes from drought to flood in a day. HOpe everyone is all right.
Apr. 27th, 2012 12:21 pm (UTC)
Everyone is fine, just soggy. But we are still officially in drought. Difficult to believe when the ground squelches underfoot
Apr. 26th, 2012 03:13 pm (UTC)
I've been to Sedona for a day trip. We went on a Pink Jeep tour, (I think that was the name of the company) and we went out on the rocks and terrain for a very bumpy ride. My brother-in-law and his family love Sedona and wanted to show it off. Lovely place. Bring water.

We had a horrific thunderstorm with hail that hit at five in the morning, and lightning woke both of us up. We thought it might be a rain wrapped tornado so we hid in a downstairs closet for a while. Lost the electric, too.

So I had three hours of sleep since I was up late writing on the RBB, and then the storm, and then we went back to bed for another four hours.

I'm as sharp as a tack right now.

A neighbor called us to tell us that our road is blocked by a fallen tree, so we're not going anywhere.

I wasn't going out anyway, I'm done with work and I plan to write until the RBB is done.

Apr. 26th, 2012 08:30 pm (UTC)
Yay, more to read. Woo Hoo. Write, write, write. But glad you're all right from the storm.
Apr. 26th, 2012 08:33 pm (UTC)
I'm going to send you some in just a few minutes in case the electric goes out. We have another storm approaching.

Apr. 26th, 2012 03:31 pm (UTC)
It's difficult when a pup hasn't been socialized. However, with patience, it gets done. I'm sure she'll come around, or I hope so. I had a poodle rescued from a puppy mill named Chelsea and she was always high strung for the 15 years I had her.

The weather had been up and down, hot one week, frost the next, this week back to warmer days.

Apr. 26th, 2012 08:32 pm (UTC)
We're very patient. We know it's going to take time. Poor thing. She's so darn cute, too. She's starting to warm up to people in the house, which is a very good thing.
Apr. 26th, 2012 09:20 pm (UTC)
The more she's exposed to kind people, the better! Good luck!
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