pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Vincent is so funny...

Vincent just had work done on his car that was both expensive and just a royal pain in the butt. When they went to fix it, they informed hubster that it also needed a fly wheel. So Rod Texted Vincent and told him to add another 90 bucks to the equation. Vincent is on evening shifts right now, so he walked out this morning and said, "Gramma, do you know what a fly wheel is?" Of course I didn't and told himn as much and he nodded and finally said, "Let's not tell Grampa, he thinks we all understand that car talk. I don't him to think we're stupid." I laughed and laughed. As if Rodney would think that because of a fly wheel. LMAO I put on my shirt that says, I'm just going to nod and pretend like I'm listening to you. Vincent liked that shirt a lot. He asked if he could borrow that shirt for work sometimes. LOL SAid it was perfect for the people he works with.

I hope you all have a nice week. Hugs to everyone.

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