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When Tomorrow Comes

When Tomorrow Comes
By Patt

Summary: Blair has to deal with three men that are released from prison, because of him. Will he tell Jim about what’s going on, or will he just go to Simon?
Notes: This is a sequel to-In the Heat of the Night. You can find it here:
Warnings: Angst, violence and lots of lots of hatred. Bad language.
Word Count: 4940
Genre: Slash

It had been a long ass year since Blair was beaten up by three police officers. There wasn’t a day that went by that Blair didn’t think of the lousy fuckers. But he tried to not focus on all negative things, because Jim was doing that. That was his job and he was really good at it. While Blair was getting over the entire ordeal, Jim was still fuming and he wanted a piece of all three of those so called cops. The officers had gone to prison for one year, but even that was easy on them. They didn’t go into General Population, instead they were safely tucked away somewhere where no one could get to them. This angered Blair even more if he would let himself think too long on them. Blair really tried not to. They weren’t worth his energy or his time. The men were due to be released from prison soon and Blair smiled at what was waiting for them. They each had three months of community service and Blair was able to choose what it was going to be. The men had beat Blair up because they thought he was a hippy fag, so Blair knew he wasn’t going to put them in contact with anyone gay on purpose. Instead, Blair signed them up for the Soup Kitchen downtown for the homeless. He thought it might give them more to think about, than Blair.

Blair was done in front of the mirror in the bathroom and smiled. Today was he and Jim’s six month Anniversary. Yes, Jim had fallen in love with Blair after this ordeal and Blair was never so happy about anything. He was wild about Jim. Now if he could just keep him busy when the monsters got out, he would have it made. Blair walked out of the room and into the kitchen and Jim was standing there smiling at him as he handed Blair a cup of coffee.

“You look mighty fine this morning, Chief.”

“I bet you say that to all of your boyfriends,” Blair joked.

“You know I don’t love anyone but you,” Jim said as he passed by and kissed Blair on the cheek.

Blair blushed and smacked Jim on the ass as he walked into the bathroom. Yes, Blair was very happy and very content. And he was pretty sure that Jim was too. Jim told him he loved him now and then, but he didn’t show it too much. Jim wasn’t overly demonstrative and talked even less. Blair was going to try and get him to open up about that.

Jim opened up the door and said, “Chief, are you all right?”

“Why are you asking me that now?”

“There is a scent in the bathroom and I swear its fear. Is there something wrong?” Jim asked.

Blair walked over and said, “Turn down your senses, first of all. They are probably up too high. Next, stop worrying. I’m fine, as you can plainly see.”

Jim frowned but glanced at Blair and saw he was absolutely right. He looked fine. There was no reason for Blair to be scared. “If you say so, Chief. I’ll believe you for now.”

Jim walked in and stripped and got into the shower. As he washed he wondered what would have brought out that fear response in Blair. The only thing Jim could think of were those idiots in prison and they were safely behind bars. Jim shampooed his hair and while his eyes were closed, he thought about those men. Those animals that had taken a peaceful, loving creature and tried to cause him great harm. They accomplished that and the assholes only got one fucking year, which still angered Jim to no end. Suddenly, Jim realized it had been a year. They would be out soon. Now, Jim knew what Blair was afraid of. Of this there was no doubt. Jim hurried and got rinsed off and then dried off, dressed and ready for the day. He had tons of work to do at the station and he knew that Blair was teaching a class all day, so Blair would be busy too. Did he want to bring this up to Blair, or did he want to let his lover talk to him? Jim decided to let Blair come to him and walked out of the room with a big, phony smile on his face.

“Sorry, I took so long, Blair. Do you still need me to drop you off on campus?” Jim asked.

“Okay, I see the look on your face. You just figured out what the smell of fear was from, didn’t you? Yes, the assholes are going to be out soon and yes, it does scare me. But, I refuse to give in to the fear, Jim. I’m going to go about my life as usual and hope and pray they leave me alone.”

“Blair, if they touch you, they’re dead,” Jim said coldly.

“Jim, then you would be in prison and I would have to visit you. I don’t want that. So you make me a promise now that you will not touch these men. If something comes up, we let Simon or someone else handle it. Not us. Understood?”

“Whatever you say,” Jim said, disgustedly.

“Promise me, Jim. And I mean, really promise me. You have to swear that you won’t touch them, or I will move and never talk to you again.”

Blair stood back with his arms folded over his chest, waiting for the response that was sure to come soon.

“Fine…I swear. But I don’t have to like it,” Jim answered.

“No one said you had to like it, Jim.”

Jim said, “Back to the first question, do you still need a ride?”

“Yes, please,” Blair replied.

The two men walked out the door, a little off centered because of the men getting out. Both of them were smart enough to know that they would cause trouble. Both of them also knew that things were going to be rough. But only one of them knew that if they touched Blair, they would be dead men. Jim Ellison had made the promise, but didn’t intend on keeping it whatsoever.


Blair was teaching his class when his assistant came and brought him a note. He took the note from her and told his class to read page 345-380 and take notes, while he saw what this was all about.

Blair opened the note and it said, Ramsey wants to know if you’ve been doing well for the last year. He’ll call you later today.

Blair’s heartbeat was beating triple time and was glad that Jim wasn’t around to hear it. Blair turned to his class and said, “You know what? You all know what the test is going to be about on Thursday, so take off now and study. I want to see A’s on the tops of the paper.”

Everyone gave a cheer and got out of the class as quickly as they could. Blair went to his office and closed the door and locked it, sitting down at his desk and trying to grade old papers to pass the time. He hadn’t been there for an hour when the phone rang on his desk.

“Sandburg,” he said nervously.

“Well, pretty boy, you sound like you’re doing well. Did you have a good year while we were off rotting in prison?” Ramsey asked.

“Ramsey, you’re not supposed to call me. So I would suggest you follow the rules or you’ll be back in again,” Blair said, with false bravado.

“You think you’re safe, don’t you?” Ramsey asked.

“I have the law on my side and I intend to use it. I’m filing a restraining order as soon as I leave here today,” Blair answered.

“Haven’t you ever heard how well those work?”

Blair heard nothing but laughter before the line was closed. He was sweating and shaking and didn’t know what to do. He knew he couldn’t call Jim. He would hear it in his voice. He knew he had to call Simon and he hated doing that. Then Simon would have to lie to Jim for the time being until Blair told him himself.

Blair picked up the phone and dialed the station house. Rhonda picked up and asked if she could help him.

“Hi, Rhonda. I wondered if Simon was in his office and if he had time for my call,” Blair said as calmly as he could.

“I’ll transfer you now, Blair. Have a great day,” Rhonda said as she transferred the call.

Simon picked up and bellowed, “Banks.”

“Simon, are you busy right now?” Blair asked nervously.

Simon heard it in his voice immediately and said, “I’ve always got time for you, Blair. Now what’s going on?”

“They’re out of prison.”

“Those three idiots are out?” Simon asked.

“Yes, the three idiots are free and Ramsey called me. I told him I was filing a restraining order and he warned me about how well they work,” Blair said.

“What did Jim say when you told him?” Simon wondered.

“I can’t tell him right now, Simon. He’ll kill them, I know he will. Jim is my partner and will protect me in whatever way that is. Please don’t tell him yet. If you could bring the papers to me, I could fill them out and give them back to you to file. Jim won’t even see them today. Then in the comfort and quiet of our home, I can tell him tonight.”

“I think you’re too late, Blair. He looks furious. He’s sitting at his desk and glaring at me. I think he listened to our phone call,” Simon stated.

Blair sighed. “Tell him I’ll tell him everything tonight. Also tell him that I’m going to take a cab home and think until he gets home. Thank you for listening to me, Simon.”

“Blair, what about the paperwork?”

“Could you send them with Jim? He could help me fill them out, since I’ve never done them before.”

“Good thinking, that will keep him focused on that. I’ll see you later today, Blair. Stay safe.”

“Thank you, Simon.” Blair hung up his telephone and sighed again. Now Jim knew. He wasn’t going to be on top of this at all. Jim was going to be angry and take it out on him. Blair already knew that.


Simon opened up his door and said, “Ellison, my office.”

Jim walked in and Simon shut the door. “I know you were listening in on my call, which is very rude. You had no right.”

“What do you want, sir? I can’t help it if I overheard Rhonda tell Blair you would have time to talk to him,” Jim growled.

“Don’t you growl at me, Ellison. First of all, I want you to take off so you can be sure Sandburg gets home safely and secondly, you could help him fill out those papers. I need them as soon as possible. And last but not least, we need to set up a tap on your phone at the loft and one at the university. We’re going to be sure we have plenty to go on to put those bastards back in prison.”

“I’m glad you’re taking this seriously, Simon. They might try and hurt him again,” Jim said, sadly.

“Jim, just promise me that you won’t do anything you’ll regret. Blair has enough to worry about as it is. Do you really think that he needs to worry about you pounding the shit out of the assholes?”

“No, sir. You’re absolutely right. I promise, I’ll try and not do anything to upset Sandburg or you. That’s all I can do is promise I’ll try.”

“That’s good enough for right now. Now, go get him at the university. He said he was taking a cab home. Call him and tell him to wait for you,” Simon ordered.

“Thank you, Simon. Jim grabbed the papers and walked out the door. He got down into the parking garage and sat in his car for a moment, before he started to hit his steering wheel very hard with his fists. Jim Ellison hadn’t been this angry in years and didn’t know if he could control himself when the time came.

He pulled out his cell phone and called Blair.

“I already know you’re mad,” Blair said.

“I’m not mad. I wanted to tell you that Simon gave me the paperwork for you to fill out and I’m going to pick you up at the university. Call and cancel the cab,” Jim suggested, nicely.

“Okay. I’ll do that and wait for you outside,” Blair answered.

“See you in ten minutes, Blair. I love you,” Jim said, softly.

“Man, you knew just the right thing to say. I love you, too.” Blair smiled as he hung up his phone. Jim seemed to be taking it all in stride. Then Blair laughed out loud at how ridiculous that sounded.

Blair went out into the bright sunlight and decided he’d get some natural vitamin D from the beautiful sun. He walked out towards the parking lot where Jim would pick him up and saw Ramsey sitting in a car watching him. Blair just stood there not knowing whether to run or stand and fight. He decided running would just make this fucker laugh. Blair leaned against a tree and folded his arms across his chest and waited. He didn’t have long to wait. Ramsey got out of his car and walked towards Blair.

“You just act like you own the world. You don’t seem to have a care in the world,” Ramsey said, hatefully.

Jim pulled up into the parking lot and hardly slowed down enough to put his truck into park. He jumped out of the pickup and went running for Blair.

“What the fuck are you doing around Sandburg, Ramsey?” Jim shouted.

“I was just shooting the breeze, asking him how life was treating him. Ask him. I didn’t touch him,” Ramsey said wearing a sneer on his lips.

“Get away from him and stay away from him. Starting today, there will be a restraining order out on you and your friends. I’m only warning you once,” Jim said.

“Or you’ll do what, Ellison? Going to shoot me?”

“It’s a thought,” Jim growled.

“Jim, let’s go.” Blair started for the truck and Ramsey started laughing.

“You’re sleeping with the little fucker, aren’t you? Oh man, this is rich. I can’t wait to tell everyone I know at the station that it’s not just a rumor anymore,” Ramsey said, hatefully.

“Stay the fuck away from him,” Jim shouted on his way to the truck, ignoring the remark about him and Blair.

Jim got into the truck and slammed his door, really hard, making Ramsey laugh even harder. Jim started to open his door and Blair said, “Jim, you promised me, remember?”

Jim slammed his door again and took off out of the parking lot with the asshole in his rearview mirror. Jim hated him so much, it wasn’t even funny.

“Jim, you’ve got to keep your cool with Ramsey. He wants you to hit him, so he can bring charges and you have to go to prison.

“Don’t you think I know that? I can’t stand the man. He makes me want to puke up my lunch. I don’t see how easily you can turn your cheek,” Jim grumbled.

“I’m pissed too, Jim. But I just want to stay away from him.”

“You call that staying away from him?” Jim asked.

“The thought of running from him would have made him laugh even harder, Jim. I do have some dignity left, you know?”

“You’re right, Blair, you handled it perfectly. I’m sorry I’m such an asshole today.”

“Let’s just get home and fill out those forms and hope that’ll keep him away from me,” Blair said.

The rest of the drive home was very quiet with both men thinking about what their next move would be.


Simon called everyone’s attention in the bullpen. “Everyone, we have a bit of a sticky situation. Ramsey, Barker and Fuller are out of prison and Ramsey is bugging Sandburg. Sandburg’s filling out restraining orders as we speak. But I need you all to keep watch over him because I do believe that Ramsey is very dangerous. He might make a run for Blair even with us watching. So, I need someone to watch him at the university when they aren’t busy. I don’t expect you to be with every moment, but you could make Ramsey’s life miserable, too. Don’t let him get close because this time Jim won’t stand by and do nothing. Then Blair will be left all alone and a good cop sent to prison.

Connor was the first one to say, “I’ll keep an eye on him early in the morning and if I see Ramsey, I’ll give him a hard time.”

Simon sighed. “No, Connor, you can’t do that. Then he’ll get us for harassment. We don’t want him gaining any ground whatsoever.”

“Understood, sir. I’ll just be sure that Sandy will be safe.”

Simon turned to Joel and said, “Do you know why she keeps calling him Sandy?”

“I think it’s because his last name is Sandburg. Just a nickname, Simon,” Joel said smiling.

“Well, it sounds stupid,” Simon barked.

“It’s not as bad as Jimbo, Simon,” Joel reminded Simon.

“There is that,” Simon said with a bark of laughter.

Brown and Rafe stood up and Brown said, “We’ll go check on the guys tonight and see how the paperwork is coming along.”

“No, you’re missing the whole point. You have to try to do this quietly and secretly. Otherwise Blair will think we don’t think he can take care of himself,” Simon stated.

Rafe said, “Simon, I hate to point out the obvious, but Ramsey is 6’ 4” tall and weighs close to 300 pounds. You really think that Blair is going to be able to take care of himself?”

“He can talk his way out of almost everything, so let’s stand back a little further and give him some breathing room. Now this is all to be kept quiet. I don’t want Ellison to think he can’t take care of things either,” Simon said.

Joel said, “I’ll check and see if they are doing the community service as required and see if there are any problems with them. They might slip up, you never know. And speaking of the other two guys has anyone heard from them?”

“No, just Ramsey, now let’s stay on our toes. Everyone do their jobs and keep me informed. Dismissed.”

They all discussed the other two men and wondered where they were when in walked Fuller and Barker. Joel walked up to them and said, “What do you want here?”

“Can we talk to you in private?” Fuller asked.

“Does this have to do with Blair Sandburg?” Joel asked as Simon walked back into the bullpen.

“Yes, it has everything to do with Sandburg,” Barker said.

“Come in to my office and we’ll talk about this,” Simon ordered. The two men walked in and stood before Simon’s desk. Joel followed them in.

“Who wants to start?” Simon asked.

“Sir, Ramsey is insane. He’s talked of nothing but killing Sandburg since he’s been in prison. But now, he’s gotten worse. Now he’s trying to get us involved. We’re playing along, but we know we did Sandburg wrong. We wouldn’t hurt him now for anything. Someone is going to have to stop Ramsey,” Fuller said.

“And why should we believe you,” Joel asked.

“We have nothing to gain by telling you this, but we have everything to lose. He’ll drag us all down with him and we know this. He’s got to be stopped,” Barker said.

Simon asked, “Do you have any idea what his plan is?”

“Yes, he’s going to take him from the university and throw him in the trunk, take him to an old warehouse on Miller street and he wants to rape and kill Sandburg,” Fuller explained.

“Why would he tell you all of this?” Simon wondered.

“We’re going to be the ones to hold him down while he rapes him. That’s the plan. So if you come up missing Sandburg, you know where to look,” Barker said.

“We need signed statements from both of you. You might be able to get off the community service for doing this. You’ve been most helpful,” Simon stated as he handed each of them a legal tablet and a pen. Both men sat down and began to write out everything they said.

Simon walked out into the bullpen and put out an APB on Ramsey and got everyone in motion for finding him as quickly as they could.


Jim and Blair were sitting at the table filling out the paperwork when there was a knock at the door. Jim sniffed the air and said, “It’s Ramsey.”

Blair picked up the phone immediately and dialed Simon. Jim headed towards the door and Blair said, “Don’t answer it, Jim.”

“Don’t worry, Blair. Everything will be fine.” He swung the door open and was stabbed twice by Ramsey so quickly that Jim couldn’t even get his balance, falling and smacking his head so hard he was instantly unconscious. Jim lay with a pool of blood pouring out of him. Blair laid the phone down, still connected to Simon and said, “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Come with me, or I kill you right now,” Ramsey said still holding the bloody knife, swinging it around in the air, hitting himself and Blair with Jim’s blood. “Now come with me or die now.”

“Let me call an ambulance for Ellison.”

“You’ll come with me or die with Ellison, your choice.”

Blair stepped over Jim’s unconscious form and walked into the hallway, being pushed by Ramsey.

Simon was still on the phone with Blair when he heard what went down. He called for an ambulance and then told everyone they were on the search for the warehouse. Barker and Fuller said they would go along with Simon and Joel to show them exactly which one it was. Simon was so worried that he agreed to this offer and they were gone from the bullpen within moments.

Everyone was racing over to the docks and old warehouse section of town. Fuller was giving them good directions and sure enough, they found Ramsey’s car.

Everyone parked and got out. Simon told Fuller and Barker to wait in the car. No one had to tell them twice. Simon was very concerned about Ellison, but didn’t have time at this moment. He needed to find Blair before Ramsey killed him.


“Take your clothes off you whore.”

“Ramsey, I’m not taking my clothes off, so you may as well just stab me right now. I don’t care anymore anyway,” Blair answered.

“You’re a dirty whore and I’m going to fuck you just like one. You deserve what I got in prison,” Ramsey said.

“So because you were raped in prison, you are now gay?” Blair asked, really needing to know this answer.

“No, I’m no stinking fag. You all make me sick,” Ramsey answered.

“Ramsey, I don’t know how to tell you this, but that makes you a fag if you fuck me,” Blair explained.

Ramsey slapped Blair so hard that Blair saw stars for a few moments.

“Dirty whore, trying to talk you way out of it. It’s not going to work. Now get your clothes off,” Ramsey yelled.

Blair looked at Ramsey sadly and said, “I’m not taking them off, so kill me now. I’m ready.”

“What do you mean, you’re ready? How could someone be ready to die?” Ramsey asked.

“I don’t want to spend my life without Jim Ellison. You took care of that for me, so I’m ready to go. Stab me you low life fucker. You’re such a chicken shit. You can’t stab someone that’s actually ready for it can you?”

“I’m not a chicken shit. Take your clothes off,” Ramsey screamed at the top of his lungs. He was losing touch with all reality.

“Take them off yourself and you’ll have to kill me to do it,” Blair dared him on.

He started storming across the warehouse with his knife up and screaming as he ran. Simon walked in at that moment, shouted a warning and shot him in the head. Blair gagged as brains and blood went all over his face, hair and neck. He was that close to killing Blair.

Simon walked over and made sure that Ramsey was indeed dead and asked Blair, “Are you all right, Sandburg?”

“No-he killed Jim.”

Brown walked in and said, “They are pumping blood into Jim right now as we speak and the surgery went well. He’s going to be fine, but will be off for two weeks.”

“Thank you, Henri. That means everything to me. Thank you.”

Simon gave his handkerchief to Blair to wipe off his face and neck. Once that was done, he was ready for the hospital.

“Blair, I don’t know how to tell you this, but you stink like blood and you have it in your hair. Let’s stop at the loft and get you showered and changed. Then we’ll go up and see Jim,” Simon ordered.

“Okay, I don’t want to gross him out or scare him. Thank you, Simon,” Blair answered.

Everyone wanted to hug Blair, but he was covered in blood and brains, so no one did except Connor. She evidentially didn’t have a line drawn for if you should or shouldn’t hug a co-worker. She knew she could shower. Once she hugged him, everyone else took a turn.

Joel said, “Simon, you’re going to need to be here for IA, so I’ll take Blair to his apartment for a shower and change of clothing. If you don’t need me here, that is.”

“Good idea, Joel. Take him now, so he can go up and see his partner. Connor, would you please take Fuller and Barker back to their car or cars at the station?”

“Yes, sir,” Joel and Connor said together.

Simon smiled as he began to fill out a report for IA. He knew they would be there in a few moments because Brown had called them. Simon detested IA, but it was something he had to do. At least he had a lot of witnesses for the shooting. That would make things go easier and more quickly.


When Blair arrived at the hospital, he could hear Jim grumbling about how he hated hospital gowns. Blair smiled at the sound of his lover’s voice.

Joel said, “Sounds to me like he’s back to normal already.”

“Me too, Joel. I hope he’s doing as well as he sounds,” Blair said.

They both walked in the door and Jim was trying to get the damn gown to cover his dick and balls. Blair started laughing and said, “I brought you some handy-dandy sweats. That would be more comfortable for you to wear.”

“Thanks, Chief.”

Blair kissed him right in front of Joel and Joel only smiled when Blair looked back at him to see his reaction.

“You two might have thought you were a secret, but we all figured out you were a couple when the bedroom got cleaned up. Yes, it still looks like Blair’s room, but it’s clean and tidy,” Joel said, smiling.

Blair laughed and said, “That’s Jim’s fault. He’s keeping the damn room too clean. I told him that.”

Blair helped Jim get the sweats on and was very careful of his stitches in the rib area. Then he helped get a shirt on him, so he looked human once more.

Joel left the two men to discuss what had happened.

“So what happened to the fucking prick?” Jim asked.

“Simon killed him. He was on his way to kill me when Simon gave a warning and shot him in the head. We don’t have him to worry about any longer. And guess who helped find me?”

“I can’t imagine,” Jim answered.

“Fuller and Barker. They knew of his plans and they went and reported it to Simon. So when this all came down, they rode with Simon and showed him where to go. I’m going to forgive them for saving my life, so that I could still be in yours.”

Jim said, “Give me a kiss, my love.”

Blair leaned into Jim and kissed him ever so softly. Jim didn’t complain because he was probably in a lot of pain.

Thinking about pain suddenly reminded Blair to ask, “Jim, did you turn your pain dials down?”

Jim closed his eyes and Blair could see a look of relief wash over him. He then opened his eyes and said, “Thank you, Blair. You are and always will be my Guide.”

“And you, Jim Ellison are and always will be my Sentinel. I love you.”

“I’m going to ask the doctor if I can go home tonight.”

“When tomorrow comes, man-when tomorrow comes.”

The end
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