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Well, we had a wonderful time in Apache Junction for Thanksgiving. We spent it with my cousin Mike and his wife Rita and we had a very good time. After dinner, they found out I hadn't seen Harry Potter 3 yet, so we watched that and then we just talked and talked and talked. We were all so stuffed we could hardly move. But Rita and I did get out and go for a nice walk, so then we felt better. We finally left there at about 9:00 and were home by 9:30. It was very nice but still seemed quite odd without any of our kids there. I didn't say it was bad, just odd. LOL I liked the peace and quiet of just us sharing the holiday with Mike and Rita. They asked us for Christmas but we're going to be in Houston for Christmas.

I ate way too much. I'm still full. LOL

Hope you all had a great day.

Hugs, Patt

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