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I learned something new last week.

Did you know that a low level of vitamin D can cause heart attacks or strokes? I hadn't a clue. Before I went down to my mom and dad's house, the doctor wrote to me and said my D was low and here was a script to get filled for a 12 week course of treatment. That letter came the day before I left to mom and dads. Now, in my defense, he didn't tell me how low, he just casually said low vitamin D. So I went in for a blood pressure check, yes I have high blood pressure after 60 years of not having it. *sigh* Anyhow, he asked how I was feeling on the 12 week treatment. I told him I forgot and he flipped his lid. He yelled at me. I mean, seriously yelled at me. He said the lowest it's supposed to ever get is 30 and they don't even like it that low and mine was 3. That's right, 3. Well, why didn't he say that in his note to me? Am I right? He fussed some more, told me I was lucky I didn't stroke out while in New Mexico and then asked me if I was going to fill the prescription this time. I glared at him as my answer. Two days later, he called me to check and see if I filled it and how I felt. He said he didn't mean to yell at me, but he was worried. I've been his patient for 24 years and he didn't want to lose me. He really is a nice guy. But, this was news to me about Vitamin D. I had no idea. I do now. So if a doctor ever tells you this, listen to him, so you don't get yelled at too. LOL Okay, now on with the week.

Hugs, Patt
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