pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

It's almost time for me to go back home.

I hate leaving mom and dad. They need some help and I'll talk about that with my family this weekend. My little brother and his wife have a housekeeping service and they clean mom and dads house every week for avery small amount. I'm glad of this, because neither of them are capable of doing the house themselves anymore. I'm hoping we can find someone to help with laundry once a week. They eat frozen meals when I'm not here and don't cook hardly at all anymore. Dad is 88 and mom is 85,they are lucky they are still home and able to care for themselves as much as they can.

I realized how much I take things for granted. My mother asks me almost every day if we ate anything for dinner,no matter what I made. She doesn't remember eating. She also asks me if I remember when she took a shower last. We keep it written on the calendar now. We have a talking clock that tells her when to take her meds. But my dad helps her remember this also. Mom also can't remember what we are doing on any given day. She's always lost and confused. It's so sad. Dad is getting more tired every day, so I just wish they could rest more. Dad worries about mom non-stop. That's why he isn't sleeping.

The doctor said that he thought she had a stroke when she had her heart attack in April and she just isn't bouncing back because of it. Her brain can't keep up. They started her on some pills to help her memory, but they told us not to get too excited about it. Chances are they won't help at all.

My dad asked me if I could come three times a year instead of two. I spend three weeks each time, but I really don't want to leave hubster all alone again. I'll have to think about it and go from there. Oh, and he thought I should make it four weeks each visit instead. *sigh*

I was driving mom to Sam's today and a car almost hit us. She got very frightened and I said, "Mom, did it remind you of years ago when that car ran a red light and hit you, totalling you're car?" She looked at me like I had grown a second head and answered, "Patt, I've never been in an accident." I reminded her of the event gently, and she looked lost again. She doesn't remember any of it. This is how every day is for her, poor dear.

Well, enough from me. I should be sleeping. I have a ton to do tomorrow. Talk to all of you soon. Be well.

Hugs, Patt
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