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A Plea for Help!!!!

I belong to a list on Live Journal that writes stories for Secret Santa. All month long we have stories and drabbles and we're looking for more stories. So here are the rules and instructions in case any of you would like to lend a hand. Ainm has been so good through the years and she asked for my help. I couldn't say no. This fandom is terrific and anyone that doesn't want to join live journal, that's fine. YOu don't have to. Just be part of it. Here is the info.

Countdown + Drabble Days prompts/rules
OK, whew, it's been crazy, but I'm finally getting my TS Secret Santa act together. :-) We get the Party started on Thursday! Remember, we're interspersing six exchange-story days with 18 Drabble Days, followed by the free-for-all "Extravaganza," and we need *your* help. We need you to read stories & view art & give comments (really, even one-word comments are appreciated, to let the authors & artists know they aren't just tossing their work into a void -- speaking from experience ;-)). We need you to contribute drabbles & art for the Drabble Days (see below the cut). We need you to come up with whatever you like for the Extravaganza -- seasonal drabbles/stories/manips/backgrounds/icons/? -- so people can have a fun Christmas/day-hopefully-off-work on the 25th.

But most of all we need to have fun -- remember, that's what we're here for, not for feeling any extra pressure, honest. :-)

I posted a quick & dirty list of the Drabble Days prompts earlier, but here's where I make it look a little prettier. :-) As usual (and if you aren't familiar with Drabble Days past, have a look at the Drabbles tag), we've got quite the eclectic mix of prompts this year. :-) This year a lot of them are more general than usual -- I'm feeling less like constraining people than usual this year, it appears. ;-) To quote myself from last year:

In the past we've done a variety of things to come up with a list of prompts, and given that this is the 5th [now 6th] year, we've been through a *lot* of prompts (54 [now 70], though some are reused). :-) Hopefully people won't be too awfully disappointed, but this year we're harking back to days of yore and I've picked the whole list myself, based on my usual research & goals, the table of the past 4 [5] years of prompts, and what I've learned from doing this for rather a while. :-) ... The prompts span the usual-for-us themes of winter, Hanukkah, Christmas, and a couple of other December holidays/awareness-days that some other fandoms might find tough if they don't feature well-traveled liberal anthropologists. ;-)

In case you're coming late to the TS Holiday Party :-), the Drabble Days fill in the spaces between the fic exchange days. (This year it will be two [now three] Drabble Days between each "gift" day.) I give the prompts & deadlines (below), you write 100-500 word seasonal ficlets or create some Sentinel art to the prompt & get it to me by the deadline, I post all the received drabbles/pics together, *anonymously*, on the assigned day. And no signing up required -- you have until mere hours before they are posted to decide whether you want to submit something or not. :-) Easy & fun! :-)

Please read the rules & directions even if you've played before -- I will be enforcing them this time, which I have done to greater and lesser degrees in the past, but which circumstances dictate I actually follow this year. :-)

Rules, Prompts, & Dates:
Remember, all drabbles/art should be seasonal in some way (doesn't have to be Christmas or other December holiday except when specified in the prompt, but should be at least wintry -- and holiday-related does *not* mean they have to be religiously themed). Artwork does not specifically have to have Jim/Blair/other character in it, but it should be obviously Sentinel-related. Go ahead and be creative with the prompts, use them in whatever way you care to, just so long as we can tell that it's actually for that prompt. :-) It's fun to see the variations on a theme!

I'm going to give the mechanics first so hopefully you will see them. :-) They seem *way* more complicated than they are, because I am pathetically detail-oriented. :-)

Please e-mail your submissions according to the following guidelines:

•Address: ainm66 at yahoo dot com

•All drabbles/art are due by 8:00 pm EST on the date specified for the prompt, which is the night before they are posted. (Submissions *might* be able to be accepted later than that before I post them, but only if you let me know by 8:00 pm that you are trying to send something -- and I can't make promises, because I really don't want to get as sleep-deprived as usual this December. ;-) Do *not* assume an extension.)

•Drabbles should be either included inline in the e-mail or in a .txt file, and if you could put in your own HTML codes for things like italics, I would be grateful (it's not the end of the world if you can't, but I ask that you at least use something easily searchable on to denote formatting, like *s for italics, to make it easier for me to code myself).

•Multiple items for a single day are not only permitted but welcomed joyously. ;-) They may be included in the same e-mail (or multiple, doesn't matter), but items for multiple days cannot be in a single e-mail. I guarantee I will lose something if you mix them.

•Subject line:
Please include the title of the Drabble Day prompt in the subject line.
You don't need to include anything else in the subject line.
I don't recommend including the date in the subject line, because I generally have some people who use the date the items are due for a Drabble Day and some people who use the date the items will be posted, and that makes me all confuzzled. ;-)

•Items that exceed 500 words will be kept for the Extravaganza. Items that are received after 8:00 (without express permission) will be kept for the Extravaganza. If you find yourself running either long or late, I'd love it if you could just submit it for the Extravaganza yourself rather than making me be all mean and confiscate your stuff. ;-)

•If you are doing a continuing story across multiple prompts, please come up with some kind of title for the overall thing so it's obvious each day what goes with what. (Seriously -- it's hard for me to figure out what goes with what and it's hard for the readers to keep track, and I have even confused myself by not naming my *own* continuing stories. :-)) Also, note the drabble that each piece follows. And remember the point above -- it's especially important if you are doing a continuing-saga deal that you not run long or late or you could find yourself with the middle of your arc being posted at the end (because I *will* be a hard-ass about it ;-)).

•Feel free to include Author's Notes (if you've ever read anything I've ever written, you'll already realize that any fuss about A/Ns -- even those longer than the drabble! -- would be pure hypocrisy on my part ;-)). However, any mention of a beta (or anything I deem to be too likely to endanger anonymity :-)) will be added after the reveal.

Here are the prompts, and the day by which they are due. (Understand that the date specified here is the day before the drabbles are posted. So for instance "Christmas decorations" submissions are due by 8:00 EST on Dec 1st, and the "Christmas decorations" Drabble Day is Dec 2nd.)

Dec 1st - Christmas decorations
2nd - Jack Frost/Old Man Winter
3rd - Sled/sleigh
5th - Saint Nicholas Eve
6th - Bells
7th - Ice
9th - Star
10th - Wrapping/wrapping paper
11th - Winter garb (gloves/scarf/hat/etc)
13th - Ribbons/bows
14th - Zamenoff Day OR [country x] Independence/Discovery Day (a whole array of countries celebrate these in December -- Wikipedia is your friend ;-))
15th - Joy
17th - Candles/fire
18th - Wassasiling/caroling/carols
19th - Hanukkah
21st - Solstice (either astronomically speaking or re: one or more religious traditions surrounding Solstice)
22ns - St Stephens Day/Boxing Day/generic day-after-Christmas
23rd - Christmas Eve

OK, boy, think that's it! I've tried to answer in advance all the questions that I get over the course of the season when it comes to the Drabble Days, but of course if there are any questions I didn't hit, please just comment here or drop me a note at the above address! Good luck, and have fun!!!


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