pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Holiday Wish List 2011

Here is my wish list for 2011!

1. A Sentinel slash story with Blair being the boss. Doesn't matter about the length.
2. A Sentinel slash story with Jim hurting Blair accidentally. No word count limit.
3. A Sentinel Christmas wallpaper. (Preferably Jim/Blair) Grey made a ton of them for me. :)
4. A Sentinel Christmas story with a happy ending. (Jim/Blair)
5. A Stargate Sg1 Christmas wallpaper, I love Teal'c and Jack.
6. A Sentinel slash New Years story with Jim and Blair sharing their first kiss.
7. A Stargate SG-1 Christmas story featuring Teal'c and Jack.
8. Letting me post any story you write from this list in the January Chapters Ezine for My Mongoose. (I can give you a list of the Chapters for the Ezine.)
9. A Sentinel Christmas story about Simon and Daryl spending the holidays with Jim and Blair. (What does Daryl think about Jim and Blair being a couple?)
10. A Sentinel Christmas card either emailed or mailed to me. (Contact me for address if needed)

I hope that someone will look at one of these things and say, "Wow, I have just the perfect thing in mind."

As you can see, I enjoy The Sentinel more than anything in the world. Okay, slight exageration there. LOL

If you do write me a story or a wallpaper, you can send it to PattRose1 at or post it wherever you want and leave me a link in the comments section.

I'm hoping to see more of these lists as the month goes along. Merry Christmas, a little bit early. :)

Hugs, Patt
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