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William's Boys Part 3


Jim and Steven both came in and hugged Blair. Steven said, “You did it. Jimmy said if anyone could wake him up, it would be you, but I didn’t really believe it. But I do now. I believe in the power of love, faith and healing. I can’t begin to thank you enough for all that you’ve done for us.”

“It was my pleasure. I like William. I always have,” Blair said softly.

“Chief, the doctor said to go home and rest because dad is doing well, so let’s go home for now. We’ll come back up in a few hours.”

“Sounds good to me. I miss our bed,” Blair said.

“Well, I’m going to shower, go and find Frances and tell her the news and then get some sleep,” Steven said as he stretched his arms over his head and yawned.

“Wait a minute. Who is Frances?” Blair asked.

“You’ll meet her tonight. I’m going to bring her up to meet dad. I’m going to ask her to marry me next week, I think. I just decided that this second, so that’s not for sure yet.”

“Oh wow, what does she do for a living?” Blair asked.

“She’s a children’s advocate lawyer. She doesn’t make a whole lot of money, but she loves her job and she’s really good at it. If you ever know a child that needs help, call for Frances.”

“Congratulations, Steven. I can’t wait to meet her,” Jim said as enthusiastically as he could with getting no sleep to speak of.

“Listen, we’ll see you here tonight. Talk to you then,” Steven said as he headed for the elevator.

Jim and Blair gathered up Blair’s backpack and the notepad and cards and walked to the elevator.

“I can’t believe I’m going to be resting in our own bed,” Blair said happily.

“I have some things to talk to you about on the way home,” Jim said.

“Sure.” Blair could tell Jim wasn’t that happy with him.

They got into the truck and Jim started the drive home and he said, “Were you ever going to tell me that he has Sentinel abilities?”

“Whoa, how did you know this?” Blair asked somewhat surprised.

“The nurse said you kept talking to him about being in a zone and he needed to listen to your heart and wake up. I put two and two together and figured it out. Don’t you think it’s something you should have told me right away? Don’t you think it’s something I should have heard from you instead of the nurse?”

“Jim, he only has two senses that are heightened. He’s had them under control for years and he just needed some help this time. I didn’t think it would be that strange to know that the senses came from him. You never mentioned that your mother had them, so I guessed it might be him. It is genetic, so I’m surprised you didn’t figure it out before I did. ”

“I still don’t like being told this shit by someone I don’t even know. And now she thinks my dad is some sort of freak or something,” Jim said fuming.

“That’s all in your head, Jim. No one thinks anything about anyone. You just feel like a freak, so now you think people think your dad is one too. Just stop it. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. You got your dad back today, so that should be enough to keep you going, but it’s not. You’ve got to complain about it until I want to strangle you.”

“Just shut up, Blair.”

Blair looked at Jim and realized that he was really angry. Blair also knew that he had no right to be. “Jim, there wasn’t time to tell you. The doctor told me to go and get you guys, so I did. If I would have slowed you down to tell you the story, you would have been upset about not seeing your dad right away. I can’t win with you. And you shut up.”

Jim pulled into the parking lot at the loft and turned off the truck. “I didn’t mean to say shut up.”

“Well, you did. And I think you did mean to say it. You have some thinking to do, and it’s not with me around. I’ll be sleeping in my old room. Thank you, very much.”

Jim sighed as Blair stormed off for the stairs to the loft. Jim knew that he could fuck up things faster than anyone else. It was up to him to un-fuck this.

Blair showered and got into his old bed and was asleep within moments. He was really tired. He thought he wouldn’t be able to sleep because he was angry with Jim, but his body took over and he went right to sleep.

Jim took a shower and looked in on Blair after he was done. Blair was so fucking sweet when he was sleeping. Jim got into the small bed with Blair and began to kiss Blair on the neck and moved around to kiss his chest.

“Oh no you don’t. I’m pissed off at you and I’m staying that way. Now, get out of this bed,” Blair demanded.

“I’m sorry, Blair. I’m truly sorry. I love you more than anything and I can’t live without you by my side. Forgive me and we’ll start over again. I promise I won’t be a grump this time and I won’t holler, I won’t yell and I will love you forever.”

“In that case, let’s take this upstairs, this bed is too fucking small,” Blair said as he dragged Jim off the futon and they rushed up the stairs as quickly as they could.

Once upstairs, Jim and Blair both were naked within seconds and kissing one another, everywhere you could imagine kissing a person. They were both right on the edge and Jim asked, “Can I fuck you, babe?”

“Fuck me now,” Blair replied.

“Slow down, I need to get you ready.” Jim pulled the lube out and began a slow but steady stretching routine that they were used to, but Blair seemed in a hurry tonight. That was one thing Jim never hurried was his lovemaking.

Once he was ready, Jim pulled Blair’s legs up around his waist and pressed his cock into Blair’s hot, tight, channel. Jim never tired of this. It was like coming home every single time. Blair was moaning and begging making it even sexier then it was usually. Jim knew he wasn’t going to last long. He reached down and started fisting Blair’s cock and within moments Blair came, throwing his head back, moaning Jim’s name. Jim plunged in three more times and came forcefully as he growled, ‘Blair’.

They cleaned themselves up, told each other how much they loved the other one and then went to sleep in one another’s arms. Jim set the alarm for 6:00, so they wouldn’t sleep too long and that was the last thing he remembered.


Steven went home and found Frances there looking worried and upset. “We had plans last night and you never came home.”

“I’m so sorry, Frances, my father had a heart attack and I’ve been at the hospital since then. I should have called you, but I was so worried that something was going to happen, I didn’t call anyone. Not even my boss. He probably wonders where I am too,” Steven admitted.

“Oh babe, I’m so sorry to hear that. Call your boss really fast, explain to him what happened and then we’ll talk.”

Steven was never so grateful to have someone waiting at his house. Yes, he was going to ask her to marry him as soon as he bought some type of ring. Maybe Blair could help him shop for one. He seemed to know about almost everything else.

Steven called his boss and took a week off. Then he went and sat by Frances and told her all about the night and morning. When he was done, she said, “Let’s go to bed. I’m tired just hearing about it, so I know you must be exhausted.”

They did indeed go to bed, but Steven made quiet love to his woman to let her know how much she meant to him. He had never loved her in this way before and she cherished it. Then before he even thought about it, he said, “Will you marry me?”

She got tears in her eyes and answered, “Yes, I will marry you and make you so happy you’ll never leave me, ever.”

“I don’t plan on it, Frances,” Steven said.

“Good, now let’s get some sleep.”

And they did just that.


At 6:30 that night, Jim and Blair were already up, dressed and ready to go back up to the hospital. Jim knew that that’s where Steven would be also. Their dad had his drawbacks, but he was a good dad now. He took time for each of them and spent all of his extra moments getting to know them over again. It was like a new beginning for all.

The drive up to the hospital was quiet. Blair was still half asleep, but Jim was quiet because he had been an ass earlier.

“Chief, do you forgive me for telling you to shut up earlier?”

Blair burst out laughing and said, “Jim, did it shut me up?”

Jim smiled and said, “No. But I still had no right to say, shut up to you or anyone else. I told that same thing to Steven. What is wrong with me?”

“Your dad had a heart attack, man. All is forgiven. Now concentrate on getting your dad better and less on worrying about what you did or said.”

“I really had a good time in our bedroom this afternoon. God, I love being with you. I think that Steven thinks you’re my first guy. I got that impression.”

“Really?” Blair asked.

“He acted like you were the one that turned me at first. Before he got to know you,” Jim said.

“Oh yeah, I came on to you and said, ‘come here you straight man and let me fuck you,’ like that was ever going to happen in real life,” Blair said.

“I don’t know, Blair, you’re pretty damn cute and persuasive.”

Blair burst out laughing and said, “I’d like to tell him that you were my first. I wish we were each other’s firsts. That would be something. But real life got in the way and reminded us that we love men.”

“Don’t you mean, loved?” Jim asked smiling.

“Yes, I mean, loved. I only love one man now and he’s forever,” Blair said as he blew a kiss to Jim.

Jim smiled all the way to the hospital. Blair smiled knowing he had put that smile on Jim’s face.


Jim and Blair arrived at the parking lot at the hospital, exactly the same time as Frances and Steven.

Steven got out and held her hand as they walked over to the truck. “Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg, this is Frances Miller. Frances, this is my brother Jimmy and his lover, Blair.”

“It’s so great to meet you both. I’ve heard all about you all evening long. Steven is quite taken with you, Blair. He said you’re one of the most interesting people he’d ever met,” Frances said.

“He is interesting,” Jim replied.

“I think that Steven just likes hearing stories about little short men in Africa.” Blair laughed when he saw the look of horror on Steven’s face.

Jim and Frances laughed too.

“He was telling me about that. When were you in Africa?” Frances wondered.

“Oh, I wasn’t. I was just trying to keep his mind off his dad just having a heart attack. That method seemed as good as any that came to me at the spur of the moment,” Blair teased.

“So you’ve never been to Africa?” Steven asked.

“Nope, can’t say as I have. Now, I have been to South America. I loved being in Peru. I love Canada and Mexico. Ask me about those places, Steven,” Blair dared him.

Steven looked at Jim and Jim said, “He has been to many places, so you never know with Blair. He’s been to Europe, South America, Mexico, Peru and God only knows where else. Oh yes, Canada. Can’t forget Canada.”

They all walked into the hospital and got onto the elevator. When they got off on the 7th floor, William’s room was empty. Jim found the nurse quickly and asked where his father was. “Oh don’t worry, Mr. Ellison, he’s on Cardiac Surgical. That’s the 8th floor and he’s in room 805. You better hurry; it’s almost the end of visiting hours.”

They got back on the elevator, and took a quick trip up one floor and found 805 and walked in. William was sitting up in bed smiling.

“It’s about time you boys got here. I was getting tired of sitting in one spot. You missed all of the excitement. I was able to walk to the bathroom by myself, so they moved me right up here and said I was too healthy for ICU. It’s good to see you all, but I’m afraid I don’t remember who this lovely lady is.”

“Dad, this is my fiancée, Frances Miller. I asked her to marry me tonight and she said yes, even though I didn’t have a ring. We’re going to shop for a ring together. We decided on the drive over here that would be a perfect way to get exactly the right ring,” Steven said happily.

William said, “Finally, a wedding. Will it be a large one?”

Frances smiled and said, “I have six brothers and four sisters, so it’s going to be fairly large just for my immediate family. It’s so good to meet you, William. I’ve heard so much about you and wanted to meet you, but was afraid that I was being too pushy.”

“You have to be pushy with my boys. That’s one thing I know for a fact. Push and they will do what you want them to. Just call me next time you wonder about anything. I plan on being around for a good long while,” William joked.

Jim hugged his dad and said, “I’m glad.”

Steven, not to be outdone by his brother hugged his dad too and said, “I love you, dad.”

“I already told him while he was sleeping,” Jim said.

Blair said, “Is it just me, or do they sound like competing five year olds?”

“Yes, that’s exactly the way they sound,” Frances agreed.

“Well, I wouldn’t have them any other way. They are my boys and I love them no matter what. Thank you all for coming up tonight, but I’m tired. I’m going to get some sleep and hopefully the four of you will too. Oh, Jimmy, Simon stopped by and saw me for about a half hour. It was nice of him to stick around and visit with me. I think he didn’t know how to get out of it. So call him tonight and thank him, okay?” William asked.

“I’m going to go to work tomorrow, dad. I’ll visit you at night, if that’s all right,” Jim asked.

“That’s fine, Jimmy. Maybe someone could bring me something to read,” William said.

Blair pulled his backpack off his back and opened it and handed a book to William. “This will get you started William. She’s a very funny writer and I think you’ll like the stories. She has 16 books in the series, so I’ll bring you one every few nights. Now relax and get a good night’s sleep. We’ll talk tomorrow evening.”

Frances said her goodbyes and walked out with Steven. Then Blair and Jim did the same.

As soon as they got in the truck, Jim said, “If I wasn’t dating you, I’d make a run for his girlfriend.”

“I’m going to run you, big boy.”

“Oh goody.”

And Jim knew that Blair would do just that.

The end
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