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Posted from Secret Santa's call for authors. Please help.

(And heads-up to everyone else! :-))

I just posted the intro & sign-up posts for ts_secret_santa!!! Yeah, I know the leaves haven't started turning yet in Cascade (well, in the mid-Atlantic anyway :-)), but it's time to decide whether you want to participate in the loads of fun that is the TS Holiday Party. :-) If you aren't familiar with it, here's an excerpt from the general-info post:
TS Secret Santa has been providing December enjoyment & stress relief to the Sentinel community since 2006, and I like to think we bring something unique to the table with the mix of things we do over the course of the month. (Well, 3.5 weeks, really.)

The Exchange Days are the "big gift" days with 1000+ word stories being exchanged Secret Santa-style.

The Drabble Days are the "stocking stuffers" of responses to seasonally-themed challenges. The term "Drabble Days" was coined because originally the challenge responses were 100-500-word ficlets, but we added art responses as well a couple of years ago and everybody loves that, and hey, if you can think of something else quickly-consumed as a response, go for that too, though I really don't know what that would be. (Surprise me. :-))

The Extravaganza is where everything that doesn't fall into the above is posted. :-) Fic or art that is seasonal but not in response to a prompt, drabbles that got out of hand, whatever -- I think that even if you don't celebrate Christmas itself, it's still fun to have a bunch of "presents" for that day (you hopefully have) off of school/work. :--)
And it's all anonymous until the big Reveal at the end, which adds to the fun.
So come check out the comm and think about whether you want to participate -- sign-ups end Oct 2, but if you get yours in early you will help my stress levels. ;-)

You can find almost everything, here:

Happy Holidays! :-)

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