pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

A quick update. :)

Dad had his appointment with Debbie, Dr.Purdy's assistant today and Dan drove us there and back. That was nice of him because we didn't remember where it was or how to get there. WE all hate one way streets. *grin*

First of all, Dad is in stage one of his lung cancer. Yay!!!! Dad thought Dr.Purdy told him that he was in stage four, which makes a big damn difference. This is doable. The radiation will probably keep it in check or make it disappear all together. That, we'll have to wait to see about. It takes time for the radiation to do it's job.

The MRI of his brain was good, no abnormalities at all. She gave us a copy of the report and it said just that. This is also very good news.

On October 17th, Dad has to see Debbie again, and have some blood work done. THey just want to check and see if he's lost weight or anything happening from the radiation. They did point out that this is a hard cancer to cure, but they had high hopes for dad. There is always a chance that it could back in a few years. They had to tell us that. He will continue to see Dr. Purdy every three months after the radiation and have CAT scans done to be sure everything is fine.

All in all, it was a great visit. Dad is doing well with radiation, but it's only his second time. This might be hard on him. Soft foods may be his best friend. LOL But that's all right with dad, he's fine with it.

Mary and Mom have a doctors visit on Monday, so I'm anxious to hear about that. We'll find out what happened with the breathing test.

I hope this weekend is good for all of you. I"m going home tomorrow, so no more updates. (And the crowd goes wild) Be well,all of you.

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