pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Update about my mom and dad.

The mass is six centimeters by three, by three. It's much larger than we had been led to believe. The doctor believes him to be in stage one. The doctor said, no chemo or surgery because of dads age and health but there was a new 5 stage radiation plan that he thought he would be a good candidate for and thinks he could make it through that. Dad now has to have some tests to see if it would work. First more x-rays to see its gotten bigger, then a brain scan to see if its spread and then pulmonary tests to see if his lung can withstand the radiation. So he will have those tests in the next two weeks. We have four appointments in the next two weeks. And thankfully they are all still while I'm here. Dad is very optimistic about this radiation treatment. He's hoping he'll be a good candidate. He's nervous about all of the tests, but knows he has to do that before they can do the radiation. I will keep everyone posted.

Mom's doctors appointment didn't go as well. She was in heart failure and fluid was built up all around her lungs and her belly was full of fluids.The old doctor she had, had taken her off two meds that she drastically needed, so that's what the problem was. They think she's not getting enough oxygen to her brain and that's what's been happening with her memory and odd behavior. Someone has to be in charge of setting up her meds each week. I will do it while I'm here and then Mary will do it every THursday after that. She is now on the two meds that she needed so badly. They are going to have a test done on her to see if she's getting enough oxygen during the night and go from there. If she's not,they'll put her on oxygen and if she is then we'll have see how she's doing in two weeks and then set up an appointment for a Neurologist to see if we have some problems there.
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