pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Sentinel Thursday--A Sharp Dressed Man--100 word drabble

A Sharp Dressed Man
By Patt

Challenge #401: Red
Sentinel Thursday
Title: A Sharp Dressed Man
Author: Patt
Summary: Everyone is taking notice of a certain someone.
Warnings: No darn picture of Blair.
Word Count: 100
Genre: Slash, if you look hard enough.


Connor was getting coffee and almost dropped her cup when she saw Sandburg. He had on a deep red shirt that made his eyes look all the more blue. She only thought he was gorgeous now she knew it for a fact.

Simon walked by and stared, not realizing he was doing it and so did Henri and Rafe. Even Joel was gazing at Sandburg. Blair not only looked gorgeous, but he felt gorgeous with all of the attention he was getting.

Jim sat at his desk and smiled-after all-it was he that picked out that shirt for his Blair.

The end
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