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Gratitude Meme: Day 19

Day 19: My doctor called today to check on me. He wanted to let me know that the insurance company still hasn't okay'd the MRI, but he doesn't see a problem. He said they always drag their feet when doing an MRI. He said that once he gets the okay, he'll set up the appointment and we'll get this show on the road. He said I didn't sound like myself last week and he was concerned. I still can't believe he called for no reason other then to see how I was feeling. I love my doctor. He's great. For him, I'm always grateful.

Have a good Friday.

Hugs, Patt

Update: Patt is an airhead. LOL For some reason I thought I was two days behind on the Meme. So posted two days extra to catch up. Now I'm ahead. I swear sometimes I feel like a twit. *grin* My MRI is scheduled for Friday afternoon. I sure hope they can figure out what's wrong.

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