pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Gratitude Meme: Day 15

Day 15: Today is a little long, so I'm putting it behind the cut.

Today I'm grateful for one of my brothers. His name is Dan and he's a Religious Artist. He is so talented that it's easy to sometimes get overwhelmed and want to dislike him. Not possible. LOL He's one of the best men I've ever met in my life. Let me tell you a little bit about him. First of all, he's been playing piano since he was six. The teacher said he could teach her things when he was seven. He was a natural at the ripe age of seven. He plays the organ, the guitar, writes music for masses at the Catholic Church and he sings. And if this wasn't enough, he also paints, draws, sculpts and does papercuttings, mostly of the Religious type. He volunteers at the church in taking care of one dying person until they pass for however long he needs to. Then the next person on the list will be taken over by him. The man has no time for anything, he's so busy taking care of people and working on art and music that he sometimes forgets to eat. When I go and see my folks for two weeks twice a year, I make sure that Dan eats while I'm there too. He's a true jem and we're all very grateful to have him as a brother. The icon is of he and myself when we were 2 and 4. We've been close all of our lives and I'm so grateful that I have this wonderful person in my world. You don't meet people like this every day. I tease him all of the time and tell him they're going to cannonize him a Saint once he's gone. He get's the biggest charge out of that. He said he's not worthy of anything like that. I beg to differ. When Mother Theresa met him, she told her fellow nuns she had never met anyone with such a loving, open and giving heart. Dan did one of his books on Mother Theresa. Oh, I forgot to mention, he's had five Religious books published. You can find some of his books at Just type in Dan Paulos and things come up. I sometimes Google him just to see what's on there. He's a very interesting man. For anyone that's interested in Dan, here is his resume: and below you'll find two pictures of this gentle, precious gift to our family. I truly feel like I'm a much better person for just knowing him.


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