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Gratitude Meme Day 1-7

I don't even know where I saw this first, but I'm going to play. It's for the month and I have to put 7 days on today. So here goes.

Day 1: I'm grateful for all of my flist for being here all the time. No matter if I'm happy, sad or mad, you all seem to know exactly what to say. I love you all.

Day 2: I am so grateful to be able to hear fairly well. My family members are going deaf at an alarming rate and I'm just grateful to only be hard of hearing. I'm very lucky.

Day 3: I'm grateful for having a wonderful hubster who puts up with all of my fandom crap and never complains. He might not even understand it, but he stands behind my wishes to be happy.

Day 4: I'm grateful for my grandchildren. They all know of my love of the fandom and they seem to understand. I'm very lucky, indeed. I have 8 all together. And one little Great-grand-daughter.

Day 5: I'm so very grateful for the new addition to our family. She's precious and we are wild about her already. Her name is Lily Rayne and she's a lab/poodle cross. She's so darn sweet.

Day 6: I am grateful that we are able to help our daughter get a house so that we can have ours back. LOL Truly, I am grateful that she will have a new place soon and we'll all be happier. We get to go somewhere else for dinner now and then.

Day 7: I'm grateful for having days where I just sit on the love seat with Rodney while he watches the Nascar Race and I read my Kindle. Nothing beats togetherness like that. We've been together for 41 years and still enjoy each other's company. Days like today are never taken for granted. I adore this man. :)

Hugs, Patt

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