pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

What I've been up to.

Hubster and I put an offer in on a four bedroom house for rental property. Our daughter, her husband and their little girl will rent it from us. But this house has an inlaw quarters, so Shannon's 22 year old son could rent it while he is saving for a car. WE should know something by Friday. I Hope they answer before that, but you never know about banks. It's a foreclosure. The price was right and Shannon loves it. I did too. The kitchen is quite small, but there is a huge walk-in pantry that's almost the same size as the kitchen. *g* The living room and den are very large and the outdoor patio is very nice. Beautiful yard with an in ground pool. I'm excited about that. I could go three times a week for swimming. That would be good for my back. It's a very bright and cheerful looking place and Shannon is very excited about hearing if they accept our offer or not. The in-law quarters has a living room, small kitchen and dining area, bedroom, bath and walk in closet. All in all, it's a nice place. It has it's own entryway and the covered patio will be nice in the summertime. The little patio off the in-law quarters is surrounded by redwood trellis's. Gosh, I hope they accept our offer. We really want this house. But if we don't get it, we'll just start over again. We've been doing this for a month. Please keep your fingers crossed and keep us in your thoughts. Thank you. Have a good week, everyone.

PS: Here is a small picture of the front of the house. It doesn't do it justice, it's very cute.

Hugs, Patt
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