pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

We could use some prayers.

I'm staying longer at my mom and dad's house. I was set to leave on Thursday morning,but at 11:00 last night an ambulance took mom to the hospital. She couldn't breathe right and was having a horrid time. My dad and I followed them there and they immediately had to set her up in a room with cardiac equipment. At first they thought it was Pneumonia, but then they realized the fluid was around her lungs, not in them and it also surrounded her heart. She was taken for a CAT scan and xrays right away and had to be on this special breathing machine the entire time. Her blood pressure was 270/160. She was so bad. THey tranfered her to ICU and began working like crazy on her to get some of the fluids drained and they gave her a shot to calm her down. That helped her breathe easier. She was more scared than anything. I talked to the doctor today and said there are many more tests to be done but he was certain it was her heart. WE're all freaking out. Two years ago she had to have a pace maker put in, but now we're talking about heart disease. My poor dad is about insane with worry. He's 87 years old and told me tonight that he wouldn't know what to do without mom in his life. He still calls her his best gal. I just held him for a long while and we then did some praying that God will help her during the night. They moved her from ICU to the cardiac care unit. So now tomorrow we'll see what some of the tests tell us. She's 84,almost 85 and she said she's ready when the Lord calls her. Statements like this don't reaally help. Did I mention that I'mg going to be staying until the 26th instead. I hope things work out. Gosh, dad and I didn't sleep at all last night, so we're hoping to sleep tonight. I just had to vent. I'm worried and hope that this week will turn out to be a good one.

Hugs, Patt

UPDATE: mom has congestive heart failure. They took a echocardiogram (not how it's really spelled) and the results worried the doctor so tomorrow they are scoping her artery that goes to her heart and will have a look through the camera at what damage has been done. She's not happy about taking more meds(she hates taking meds) but she isn't complaining because she knows that it's what's keeping her alive right now. She's also not thrilled about using oxygen but knows it part of the package deal. She might just have to use it now and then, not constantly.

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