pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Just ordered a new phone for me and Shannon.

We went with the Nokia 2330. It got good reviews at the website, anyhow. We'll see. If it's not what we want, then we'll get something else. I've had the same crappy service and phone forever, so it was time for a change. Now if the service doesn't improve, then we'll be leaving it.

Update: This phone was a piece of shit. It lasted one damn day before it went nuts. It was possessed, I tell ya. When I called ATT I had her listen to the noises it was making and the crazy things it was doing and she said, "Yes, it sounds possessed to me." I was hoping for something a little more technical. LOL Anyhow, first thing Monday they are going back and we don't have to stay with them if we don't want to. We are looking at this phone, but not sure about it yet. I'm leary of all phones now. They are begging us to stay with them and offering it to us at a much reduced price. We'll think on it. It's called a Motorola Tundra.

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