pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Music Meme

Post 5 songs (or more) that start with the letter you're given.

Comment me, and I'll give you a letter.

My letter was letter B given to me by cluesby4

Be Still my Beating Heart by Sting Video
Back in the USSR The Beatles Do I get extra points for the singers having the same letter?Video
Beware of Darkness by George HarrisonVideo
Better Pill by Annie LennoxVideo
Broken Wings by Bryan Adams (Another B singer)Video
Beauty and the Beast by David Bowie
Bad Influence by Robert Cray BandVideo
Bye Bye Love by The CarsVideo
Bye Bye Blackbird by Joe CockerVideo
Brand New Day by StingVideo
Big Sky by Annie LennoxVideo
Big Mistake by Natalie ImbrugliaVideo
Blow Away by George HarrisonVideo I think this might be my favorite of all of them. I loved George Harrison. I miss him.
Baby I Love You by The BeatlesVideo

There you go, Virginia. I don't have a MP3 Player or an Ipod, so I had to think of these by myself. LOL I cheated a little, I looked at fave CD covers. *g*
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