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Buck, buck, buck.

The Mighty Fine Prick 2: Fuck, Fuck, Fuck
by PattRose
Warning: Another wonderful piece of poetry that will no doubt make you either laugh or throw up.

Looking over at Blair, I see one gorgeous and stunning young buck.
I'm so damn grateful Blair fell for me and not someone named Chuck.
As I tell him this, Blair throws something at me and I have to duck.
I whisper in Blair's ear how badly I want him upstairs for me to fuck.
Blair tells me that he still has to clean the bathroom, of all that guck.
I tell him to forget the bathroom, after all I'm no dumb cluck
I plan on being on top, I'm wishing myself very good luck.
As Blair's lying in bed, he tells me he really needs to clean the muck.
What have I done to my darling Blair, turning him into a cleaning puck.
So I hold Blair down on the bed, and his cock goes in my mouth to suck.
And I tell him that next, I'll be using his ass for my cock to tuck.
When we are all done, and Blair rolls over into the wet spot and yells, "yuck."
I ask him what the hell do you want, and Blair says, "oh well shucks."
Blair looks at me and says, "Jim, I want to fuck you blind in your truck."
Then Blair leans over and says:
First you lick.
Then you suck.
Hold on tight.
And fuck, fuck, fuck.

Man, another masterpiece. The end.


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