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Ten Things I Hate and Love About Jim Ellison
by PattRose
Warning: Silly and bad poetry.

Dear Jim:

I hate the way you think that you always have to be so brave.
I hate how you act sometimes, not knowing how to fucking behave.
I hate the way you yell at me when you are mad at someone else instead.
I hate how you walk by me in the bullpen and whack me up side my head.
I hate the way you are grumpy each and every single day.
I hate the way you always seem to know what I am going to say.
I hate how you bitch about my hair, clogging up the stupid drains.
I hate how during dinner you will discuss human remains.
I hate your macho; I am a big tough guy, attitude day in and day out.
I hate the way you yell at me all the time, you always seem to shout.

I love the way you smile at me, going clear up to your eyes.
I love how you touch me a lot, even in front of all the guys.
I love the way you kiss me, like there is nothing better to do.
I love the way you whisper at stoplights; I love you.
I love how you need to protect me, even when you can't.
I love how you say Chief in bed, like it is some kind of chant.
I love when you are grumpy, not just to me, but also to everyone besides.
I love how you decide who is going to drive and who is going to ride.
I love how when we do paperwork, you look over and smile at me for no reason.
I love how you ask me to go for walks, no matter what time it is or what season.

Here are ten things I hate and love, just from me.
For I want them all to be known, for you to see.
I know this will make you smile, as you relax and read.
Let me show you how much I love you, it's you that I need.



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