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Ten Things I Hate and Love About Blair Sandburg
by PattRose

Warning: Silly, bad poetry. :)

Dear Blair:

I hate the way you are always right, even more so because you usually are.
I hate the way you are always calm, no matter how they push, no matter how far.
I hate when the women follow you all over and would fall gladly at your feet.
I hate the way Major Crime's thinks you are some sort of fucking treat.
I hate the fact that you always know what I am about to say.
I hate when you wake up like it is a gift, each and every day.
I hate when you laugh at everyone's jokes, no matter how bad.
I hate how you try to make everyone feel good, never ever sad.
I hate the way everyone always says good morning to you first, not to me.
I hate you for being the kindhearted person that you are supposed to be.

I love when your smile lights up your face and makes me feel warm inside.
I love how everyone knows how you feel about them, nothing to hide.
I love the way you always lead me, never letting me get off track.
I love the way you help me do things, without expecting anything back.
I love your eyes, and the way they seem to see everything in time.
I love your lips, so damn sensual and most definitely all mine.
I love your beauty, with your classic features, a lovely face.
I love to watch you move, because you are tenderness and grace.
I love your body, how it makes me think, act and feel.
I love when you say you love me, and know it is real.

Now Dear Blair, I have ten things I hate, and ten that I love.
And I am forever grateful for you, to all gods from above.
The ones that I love totally rock, the ones I hate, hardly even there.
With this little piece of poetry it helps me to say, I love you Blair.

Love, Jim


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