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Part 10 of the short story series:


Part 10

Both of the men drove up to the loft at the same time and parked. When they met at the front door, Jim reached out and grabbed Blair’s hand, calming Blair immediately. They continued to hold hands all the way up in the elevator and outside the loft.

“Well, this is it Chief, are you having any second thoughts?”

“Man, I can’t believe you’re even asking that.” Blair replied wearing a gigantic grin.

Jim opened the door and they both walked in. “I know this sounds strange Blair, but this no longer feels like the loft. It feels more like heaven, and I for one can’t wait to see what heaven feels like.

“You know, I never would have thought you would be a romantic man, but you sure are. I think it feels like heaven also, but do you think we need to talk about anything before we move along?

“Chief, I think talking is overrated. Let’s just enjoy heaven.

Blair moved into Jim’s arms to claim his part of heaven.

The end.


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