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My Mongoose Ezine Inivites you to join us...

Make sure and check out our new chapter listed below.

Steps to follow when submitting a story.

1-Read the guidelines before you submit a story to MME.
2-Develop an idea for a story fitting the criteria for the current ezine.
This ezine will be The Many Chapters of The Sentinel 6 with a deadline of November 1, 2010. The publishing deadline isn’t set yet, but we will know by the end of November.
Story Chapters:
Angst Stories
Crossover Stories
First Time Stories
Humor Stories
Plot what Plot Stories
Pre-Slash Stories
Sequels Stories
Slice of Life Stories
The Writing Prompt – “You’re 26 and single, I’m 36 and divorced, what are we doing wrong?” Any length story using this prompt. This is a new chapter for us. Help us get it off the ground. As many people that want can write each story about the same prompt.
(We welcome any ideas for new story chapters.)

3-Let us know if and when you’ll have a story ready. :)
4-Contact the art staff (Patt), or she will contact you. This is a warning. :)
5-As you start writing your story. Keep these things in mind, please.

A) If you want something in bold for emphasis, please add asterisks (*word*) before and after the word. EX: That is *so* unfair!

B) If you want something italicized like direct thoughts, please put double slash marks (//word//) before and after it. EX: //That is so unfair// Blair thought.

C) DO NOT indent!

D) Hit the enter button twice between paragraphs and after each line of dialogue, so it appears as follows:

"That is *so* unfair, Jim!"

"Too bad!"

{{And not like this}}

"That is *so* unfair, Jim!"
"Too bad!"

E) Send file in .txt version or word doc! Don't save files with capital letters.

6-Keep in contact with Lisa or Patt to keep informed of any information you might need.
7-Finish your story.
8-Send your story to your beta. If you don't have one, MME will provide you with one. There is a list of MME betas in the files.
9-Contact the art staff (Patt) and tell them that you are done.
10-Art will be done for your story.
11-Everyone will get cover art, but sometimes if a story is long enough you will get a second piece of art. You have to let Patt know where you want the second piece placed in the story.
12-Add to your story, at the top before the story begins, the name you want on the story, (author) the email addy you would like feedback to go to, a brief (one sentence if you can) summary (Jim meets an interesting man at the laundromat.) and author's acknowledgements (Thanks to So-and-so for the beta. Dedicate this story to my cat). You get the idea.

For example:

The Big Dog
Lisa, Duncan's Twin
Summary: Blair meets a big dog.
Acknowledgements: Thanks to my dog, Scooby. Dedicated to the gerbils.

13-Send your complete story with all requirements from #11, to Patt at or Lisa at .
14-We'll contact you to let you know if you need to fix anything.
15-We sure hope that we’ll see a story from you this time. It’s been almost ten years since we’ve been doing the ezine. Please let us know as soon as possible whether you’re going to have a story for us or not. Thank you all for reading all of this. :)

If you have any questions at all, Patt’s AIM addy is PattRose1 you can find her on the computer most of the day. Sad as that may sound. LOL
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