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Extraordinary Day

Part 9 of the short story series:

Extraordinary Day

Part 9

I’m on my way to living a life I’d only dreamed about until now. Blair is going to be mine, all mine. I’ll be able to kiss him, hug him and love him any time I want to. Well, I hope so anyway.

This morning started out as just an ordinary morning and turned into an extraordinary day, one with hope, happiness and promise. Who would have thought this morning that I would be heading back to the loft to make love with my very best friend? Not just my best friend, but my partner in all things.

I find myself singing along with the music on the radio, my life seems much happier than it’s ever been. I hope that Blair feels the same way. I guess I’ll find out.

All right, I have to stop being so damn nervous. I just need to remember that this is an extraordinary day and we’re going to make it even more.

We’re going to rock.

The end.

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