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Well, this is what's going on...

about the dentist. He called the house, and Shannon wasn't here, so he talked to me first. He said he wants to set up a meeting for all of us to talk and discuss what happened and he could explain himself to us. I asked him how he could possibly explain leaving a bleeding patient with the assistant and he said, "We need to set up this talk. It's important." Then his office manager called and said she needs to set this meeting up as soon as possible and I told her I would call her with a day and time tomorrow. I needed time to think about it. I mean really, what's he going to say? He did it and there is nothing much to say now that it's over with. I don't know why they want the meeting, but they are both pushing for it, so
AHCCCS must have really gotten on his case, that's all I can think of. Maybe they won't let him practice until he gets it cleared up. I have no idea. But I find it odd that both of them called on a Saturday and want me to call them tomorrow with a day and time to set up. It's sort of strange, don't you think? Grey told me to make sure and take someone with us that isn't a family member, so I'm going to get my friend K.C. to go with us. I actually feel sort of sorry for all of them. I'm still really pissed off and I don't know if there is any way to clear this up. He said today he wondered what it would take to make things better. I think that was worded oddly too. So now, I have to put up with that. I'm thinking of having KC record the entire meeting on tape. What do you all think? There is no way I can write fast enough to keep up with everyone, so a recording is the only other thing I could think of.


ETA: There is going to be no meeting. So nothing to worry about. The dentist just wants me to sign something and be done with it. I'm not. He shouldn't be working on kids. It's as simple as that.

Hugs, Patt


Mar. 28th, 2010 06:25 pm (UTC)
Recording the meeting is a good idea. I wonder if he will have a lawyer present. As others have said, this is a meeting for him to explain what happened and why, and there should be nothing asked of you except to listen to him. In this meeting, I don't think you should agree to any kind of settlement 'to make it right' or 'make it go away' -- if he has an offer, he should put it in writing so that you can take it to your lawyer. He may try to push for agreement ie this is a one-time only offer and you have to accept it now. Don't let him manipulate you -- getting settlements which meet the needs of both parties requires negotiation and, as a minimum, you would be given time, as in several days or a week, to consult your own lawyer and think about it.

Clearly, the person is very worried about the complaints you've made. We've been assuming he's likely to manipulate you or try to explain it all away. But perhaps he really is upset about the way he behaved and perhaps he does have a reason that explains his behaviour, or maybe he sincerely wants to apologize. Do your best to listen openly to him, to not entirely prejudge him.
Mar. 28th, 2010 08:14 pm (UTC)
There will be no meeting, so he'll not have a chance to say he's sorry. He had his chance to say something and blew it. There is no way he could get out of this. And I don't want money, I want a man that treats children well in that office. WE won't have it with him.

Hugs, Patt

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