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Smooth Part 5 of the short story series

By Patt

Part 5

I’m having a hard time concentrating on teaching my class with Jim sitting in the back. He looks so damn sweet and lovable. I would like to call the class off, but that’s hard to do since I’m giving a test today. I can tell that Jim is dying to talk to me and all I can think about is kissing him. I can’t wait for that first kiss. Will he kiss me softly or will he do it hungrily? He definitely looks like he would do it with flare, but he may surprise me.

All of the students are now busy taking their test and Jim seems to be busy reading something, I wonder what it is. Somebody probably wrote something terrible about me, on the chair. No, he just looked up and he’s smiling, it must not be anything on the desk. He’s just trying to pass time. He has no idea how badly I want to go back there and kiss him right now. God only knows what he’s thinking of to pass the time.

Has he ever been with a guy before? Will he care if I have? Geeze, I hope not, because I want him bad.

The students are beginning to bring the papers up to my desk, I finally get to sit down and dream some more before the time is up. I glance up and see Jim quietly get up from the chair and leave the room. What’s up with that? Where does he think he’s going?

Just as quickly as he left, he came back in with a drip of water from the water fountain on his shirt. He’s so damn cute. He’s going to be mine. I can’t believe it. How do they expect me to teach like this?

I look back and give him a killer smile and realize it’s working big time. I’m smooth, what can I say?

The end.


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