pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

It's a Wrap Secret Santa List and art

Title: It’s a Wrap
Type: Slash
Rating: FMA
Word Count: 459
Warnings/Notes: None.

It's a Wrap

"Chief, what are you doing with the snowmen on pink wrapping paper?" Jim asked.

"It's for Conner and Rhonda, don't you think it's perfect?"

"Conner doesn't even like pink, Chief."

"It's wrapping paper, what's not to like?" Blair inquired.

"How about this pretty light blue with snowmen on it?" Jim suggested.

"I really think that Conner and Rhonda will like the pink. I'm serious, this time. The light blue would be really nice for the guys in the bullpen, though," Blair added.

"Okay, one roll of light blue with snowmen for the guys. Are you certain you want to use the pink for the girls?" Jim asked.

"I like it for us too. It's pretty and look at these wonderful shades of pink bows," Blair said as he started to pick out bows to go with the wrap.

"What do you mean you like it for us too? I don't want pink wrap on anything for me," Jim said.

"You afraid your dick is going to fall off or something, Mr. Ellison?" Blair teased quietly.

"I really don't want pink wrapping paper. The guys would never let me hear the end of it," Jim pleaded.

"I thought you were a bigger man than that," Blair said.

"Chief, they tease me enough knowing about you and me, I don't need pink wrapping paper."

"All right, all right. We'll just use it for Conner and Rhonda. Stop your worrying."

"Thank you for your understanding, Chief."

"I think you're a Christmas wuss, so don't thank me for understanding anything," Blair joked.

"What if we wrap everyone's gift in the same colored paper? We'd all have pink paper. What do you think of that idea?" Jim asked.

"Oh that's good. Even Simon would get a pink present. I like the way you think. You're not such a Christmas wuss after all," Blair kidded.

"How many rolls do we need?" Jim questioned.

"Three should be good and I'm picking out the bright and colorful bows. This is going to be great. I can't wait to take our presents into the bullpen," Blair said.

"You know they're going to tease us, right?" Jim asked.

"I know, but I think this will be fun. Christmas is supposed to be fun, damn it."

Jim smiled at his love and said, "Christmas is always fun with you, Chief."

"Let's go pay for this stuff and go home and wrap presents," Blair said.

"Right behind you all the way," Jim said as he did what he usually did when he followed Blair. He watched that incredible ass.

"Don't think I don't know what you're doing, Ellison," Blair joked.

Jim went up beside Blair and smiled at him and said, "Let's get home."

"Now you're talking," Blair answered.

Tags: secret santa fiction

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