pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Checking it Twice sequel to Making a List...Secret Santa List

Title: Checking it Twice
Type: Pre-slash/Slash
Rating: FMA
Word Count: 358
Warnings/Notes: Sequel to Making a List

Checking it Twice

Jim Ellison woke up Christmas morning to the smell of ham and turkey already in the oven. He couldn’t believe that Blair was doing all of the cooking this year. This was going to be one special Christmas.

Jim had gotten a CPD emblem for Blair for Christmas. He put it on a necklace, a very nice one at that. He wanted to get him something a little more personal, but Jim didn’t have the nerve. No, Blair was happy with his life the way it was.

Jim got his robe on and walked down the stairs.

“Merry Christmas, Chief.”

“Merry Christmas, Jim.”

“I’m so glad you’re finally up, we get to open presents now.” Blair raced around putting their gifts in a pile in front of the sofa.

Jim smiled on his way to the bathroom. There were certain things you had to take care of first.

When he got out, Blair practically attacked him and shoved him onto the sofa.

“You excited, Chief?”

“You betcha,” Blair replied.

He handed Jim his first gift and said, “These are all part of a set.”

Jim carefully removed the wrapping paper from his first gift, taking his time, trying not to rip the beautiful wrapping paper, driving Blair mad. He was a little surprised to see a robe. Then the next one was the lounge wear that Jim loved so much. Blair handed him the underwear next. Jim blushed when he opened the boxer briefs. The box with the slippers, also had a romantic CD in it. Jim couldn’t believe what Blair was giving him. But when he got to the condoms, lube and vibrator, he knew what it meant.

“I can’t believe I didn’t know,” Jim said.

“Do you want me too?” Blair asked outright.

“I’ve wanted you for years,” Jim admitted.

Jim pulled Blair into his arms and kissed him long and hard. “This is the best Christmas I’ve ever had.”

“Good, I was hoping it would be,” Blair said.

Jim handed him the necklace and emblem and Blair beamed when he opened it. “You do love me.”

“Yes, I do,” Jim answered.

“What do you say we go and use some of your Christmas presents right now?”

“I’ll follow you anywhere, Chief.”
Tags: secret santa fiction

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