pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Let There be Peace Secret Santa story.

Title: Let There be Peace
Type: Gen
Rating: FMA
Word Count: 308
Warnings/Notes: None.

Let There be Peace

Simon sat in his office with the blinds closed and found himself praying. They had such a horrible week that it was the least he could do. He was going to pray to God that Christmas would be quiet this year. He wasn’t asking for anything for himself. No, he wanted it for his officers.

Please God, don’t let anyone’s child get murdered this week. We don’t want it any week, but I’m pleading for this one.

Please make sure that all of my officers are in one piece for the holidays. I don’t want them in the hospital. I want them all home. So please help Sandburg get better so he can spend the holidays with Ellison, in their home.

Please forgive me for saying there was no God, when we happened on this case. I didn’t mean it. I know that there is a reason for everything; it’s just that sometimes I find it hard to find one.

Please bless my officer’s families with good health and happiness for the rest of the year. They could all use it. Maybe keep an eye on Joel’s wife, Anna. She seemed thin and frail the last time I saw her. Joel would never burden us with any bad news around the holiday, so keep them in mind.

Please help me understand my son this year. He wants to spend Christmas day at the hospital with Blair and Jim. How could I say no to him? He’s a precious, precious gift. Thank you for giving him to me. Yes, we’re going to be with Jim and Blair, no matter where they are.

Please keep everyone safe and let us catch our breath from the last week. We need your help.

And finally, thank you for taking time to listen to someone that doesn’t pray enough.

Tags: secret santa fiction

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