pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Making a List from the Secret Santa List

Title: Making a List
Type: Pre-slash
Rating: FMA
Word Count: 280
Warnings/Notes: None.

Making a List

Blair hummed Santa Claus is Coming To Town while he made his list of things he had to shop for that day.

This was a very important holiday. He planned on telling Jim just how he felt about him.
Boxer Briefs
Romantic CD
He was done with the list, now he just needed the gifts. Last year he gave him a remote control race car, this year he was going to open his eyes up to something much more fun.

Blair shopped and then went home and wrapped while Jim was still at the station. Once done, he put everything under the tree.

Blair then started making a list for what he needed for the special dinner he had planned on making. He was off all week from the University, so would have plenty of time to plan everything.

What if Jim didn’t get it? What if he just thought Blair was getting him some useful items?

Man, if Jim doesn’t get this, we’re both in trouble.

Blair started singing We Wish You a Merry Christmas. He loved Christmas songs. This was a perfect time to sing them too, without Jim here to make fun of him.

Enough about that, he’ll not be making fun of me any more. This is going to be the best Christmas Jim Ellison has ever had. I’ll make sure of that.

Now all Blair needed was Jim to make his fantasy perfect.

On the 25th, that fantasy would be real. Blair just hummed more tunes after Jim got home because he knew that Jim was going to be his.

Tags: secret santa fiction
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