pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Not Today--Short Sentinel story

I'm going to write a series of short stories, very short and am going to put them here. If you want the 14 part series in one area, it's going to be on the newest lj post.

Not Today
By Patt

Blair Sandburg woke up with one purpose and that was to talk to Jim Ellison about how he felt about the man. Now if he could only get up the courage to do it.

As he showered, he reflected on the man he had fallen in love with. Jim was the most handsome guy Blair had ever seen and wanted him in the worst way. Would Jim find him attractive? Would Jim punch him in the nose for even suggesting this idea? Would he have a chance with the older man? These were all good questions that needed to be answered. Blair stepped out of the shower and as he dried off, he thought about it some more. Maybe today wasn’t the day to talk to his partner. Maybe he should just wait and see if Jim showed any signs of being attracted to him.

As he shaved he looked at his reflection and whispered, “You’ll never have a chance with him.”

There was a loud knock on the door and Jim hollered, “Sandburg, could you move things along, I can’t wait all morning, you know?”

“Sorry Jim, I’ll be right out.” Blair finished quickly and walked out smiling and saw Jim standing with a lovely young blond woman in the kitchen.

The smile on his face turned sober and he walked into his room.

Not today.


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