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News from my folks...

My mother has been weak and out of sorts for four weeks now. The doctor finally called her and told her that she has anemia and that she's to take vitamins. So mom does what this doctor says to do. My dad is on oxygen all the time and has to test his level every day to be sure he's getting enough, so he had mom sit down and do it and her oxygen level was 34. My dad has Emphysema and his reads in the 80's all the time. So dad rushed her up to Urgent care and they sent her right to the hospital. They were waiting for them when they arrived and took mom right upstairs to the heart unit. They had to put a pacemaker in. So now she has a little color back in her cheeks again and is feeling better already. My brother said she's so glad it turned out to be something because she was feeling like a dope every time she called that doctor. Anemia my ass. I'm going to have my sister check on her tomorrow and then let me know if I need to fly down and help her out. I'm going the first of Feb. for two weeks, but if mom needs me, I'm there. My dad just called and said that mom is doing 70% better already, so the doctors say she'll be able to go home tomorrow and that pacemaker will last her for 15 years. Mom and dad had a good laugh about that. Mom is 83 right now. She said the doctor was very optimistic about having a new one put in, in 15 years. LOL Dad says he'll call if they need me, but right now they think they'll be just fine. My prayers were answered, let me tell ya. Okay, I'm done rambling. Oh did I mention that they're getting a new doctor? Dad and mom both agreed on that subject.

Have a nice weekend,


I talked to my mom on the phone tonight and the doctor said she has to rest for a week and then she'll feel like dancing again. Mom told him,"I don't dance now." He told her that she might just feel so good that she'll feel like it. :) She sounded sore and weak, but today was only day two. I asked her if she wanted me to come down and she said no,it would take dad's job away. He's been cook, cleaner and nurse for the last three weeks, she doesn't want to let him go now. LOL Things are looking up. :)
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