pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Looking for Love Preslash-Sentinel

Summary: Jim knows exactly what he wants, but will Blair be able to figure it out for himself?
Warnings: Pre-slash
Word Count: 1,548

Looking for Love
By Patt

“Love is not what I’m looking for right now, Jim. In fact, I’m happier without it. I want meaningless sex whenever I can get it and with whomever I can get it from,” Blair confessed.

Jim just stood there with his mouth gaping wide. “Chief, you can’t honestly believe that, right?”

“Yes, I believe it. I’m happy this way. I don’t worry about anyone trying to own me or boss me around, it’s great,” Blair explained.

“You never want to find love?” Jim asked.

“Oh grow up, Jim. You thought you had love with Carolyn and look how that turned out. You thought you had love with Beverly, look how that turned out. Face it, we’re better off with no one and just a lot of nobody’s.”

“I screwed up my marriage, Chief. So let’s not blame Carolyn on that one. I wasn’t in love with Beverly. I still think that some day we might find someone that we want to settle down with,” Jim assured Blair.

“You’re such a dreamer, Jim. So how is your dating life right now?” Blair wondered.

“I’m not seeing anyone at this exact time. That doesn’t mean I won’t be in a week or two. You never know who could be waiting around the corner for you. This person could love you as much as you love them. I believe this,” Jim admitted.

“Stop dating felons then,” Blair teased.

“I have, haven’t you noticed?”

“I’ve noticed that I haven’t seen anyone in your company for months now. What’s going on, Jim?”

“I’m waiting for someone special. If I believe it enough, it will happen,” Jim said.

“What kind of special?” Blair asked.

“You’ll just make fun of me, so I’m keeping it to myself,” Jim stated.

Blair smiled and said, “Come on, share. Then I’ll share something with you.”

“I want to find someone that watches the Jags as much as I do and wouldn’t mind staying home on the nights they play so we can see the game,” Jim said.

“Oh that’s a good one, but I doubt that you’ll find her. I’ve never met a woman who likes basketball better then sex or going out,” Blair said.

“Maybe I’ll look for a him. There has to be a her or a him out there that would work for me,” Jim suggested.

“Jim, you don’t just switch because of the Jags,” Blair reminded him.

“I’m keeping an open mind, Chief.”

“What else?” Blair inquired.

“I want to find someone that doesn’t mind that I get shot at for a living. There’s got to be someone out there, right?”

“Right,” Blair teased.

“I want her to be able to cook and let me cook too, so that we share in the kitchen duties. I want to continue to do my part in the relationship.”

“That seems fair,” Blair agreed.

I’d like to find someone that would like to learn how to change her own oil so that it’s not always my job. It could be hers too,” Jim said.

“Oh good one, Jim. I like this very much.”

“I want someone that likes to talk a lot, because I’m not such a big talker,” Jim continued.

“That shouldn’t be hard, chick’s love to talk.”

“I want her to be very smart. I don’t like dumb chicks at all. The smarter, the better,” Jim said.

“Oh this is getting good. Describe her,” Blair ordered.

“I’d like to find a woman shorter then me, long brown hair, preferably curly and not afraid to show how strong she is,” Jim commented.

Blair thought a moment and said, “I don’t know anyone like this.”

“I need her to like camping and hiking,” Jim added.

“Oh good one, man. Camping and hiking are a good addition. Any more?”

“She wouldn’t be afraid to clean her own fish,” Jim said.

“Now that’s going to be tough. No one likes to do that. At least I’ve never met anyone that did,” Blair remarked.

“I don’t mind if she’s a built smaller then some other women people might look at fondly.”

“Wow, you’re really putting a lot of though into this aren’t you?” Blair questioned.

“She would have to be able to follow my loft rules. That’s a given,” Jim said trying not to smile. //He doesn’t even know I’m describing him.//

“Now that’s a total turn off, man.”

“I like blue eyes,” Jim said.

“Really? Not that many people you’ve dated had blue eyes. Why are you changing the game plan?” Blair asked.

“I want someone no one would ever suggest for me. There is nothing wrong with changing your game plan when it comes to love.”

“Jim, with all of those things listed, I don’t’ think you’ll ever find anyone. Maybe you should try with one thing at a time and see if you can’t train someone,” Blair suggested.

“I want someone who doesn’t need to be trained. I need someone to be able to read my moods no matter what. I want someone who will think of me before I do,” Jim said.

“Jim, I don’t want to burst your bubble, man, but this person isn’t out there. Believe me I’ve been looking for a long while. That’s why I decided to settle on lots of dates instead of looking for love.”

“She’s out there. I know it and I believe that she will come to me one of these days and she’ll be just what I wanted,” Jim said.

“I’m exhausted. I’ll talk to you tomorrow morning. That’ll give me time to rest up for teasing you,” Blair joked.

“Goodnight Chief,” Jim called out softly as he started climbing the stairs to his room.

Jim got undressed and walked down to the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face. He saw Blair walk out of the bathroom and into his bedroom.

When Jim walked into the bathroom, he was surprised and happy. The sink was wiped down and the chrome polished. It looked just like Jim had cleaned it that day. //When did Blair start paying such close attention?//

Once he was back upstairs he wished he could get up the nerve to talk to Blair about his feelings for him. But alas, Jim Ellison was gutless when it came to matters of the heart.


Blair woke with a start and realized what he had been dreaming about. The woman that Jim fantasized about was him. Jim wanted geeky Blair Sandburg. Blair almost started to laugh, just because it was so unreal. He wondered if Jim knew.

Blair went through the list and he met every single requirement. //He said he was willing to try men. Maybe this was an accidental way to get into my heart. I know he’s been with men before because I heard the rumors. Could this work? Or would it mess up our friendship?//

Blair got out of bed and walked to the stairway and decided he was going to talk to Jim about it. It was too important not to.


Jim woke up hearing Blair coming up the stairs. //Now what?//

Blair just stood beside Jim’s bed and stared at him for the longest while. Finally, Jim asked, “Do you have a problem, Chief?”

“I thought of someone that you wouldn’t mind dating and getting serious about. Would you like to hear about him?” Blair asked.

“Yeah, I want to hear about him,” Jim replied.

“He wants to meet someone older then he is. That’s you. He wants someone grumpy and moody a lot of the time. Oh man, that’s also you. He wants to be able to watch Jags games whenever he wants to and doesn’t care about going out on those nights. He doesn’t mind that you’re a cop. He’s able to cook even better then you do and doesn’t mind sharing the kitchen duties. He can change his own oil but wouldn’t mind the company while he changed it. He talks a lot and he’s pretty darn smart. He’s shorter then you with curly brown hair and has blue eyes. He isn’t afraid to show his own strength. He loves camping and hiking and knows how to clean the fish. He already knows most of the loft rules, so he wouldn’t have to be trained. Are you interested in this guy?” Blair joked.

Jim pulled Blair down on the bed with him and said, “What took you so long?”

“Hey, I said I was pretty smart, not a genius or anything. It took a good sexy dream to bring me to my senses. So are you still looking for love?” Blair inquired.

“Not any more, Chief. I found it. You told me I wouldn’t find it, but I did. I should have made a bet with you or something,” Jim kidded.

“How about sleeping tonight, dating tomorrow night and then we can plan the rest of our lives?” Blair suggested.

“Sounds good to me. Are you warm enough in this bed?” Jim asked.

“You’re joking, right? I’m downright hot, Ellison.”

“Go to sleep Chief and we’ll discuss everything tomorrow. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Jim. I really, really like you,” Blair stated.

“I love you too. Now go back to sleep,” Jim ordered and both men did just that.

The end
Tags: fiction

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