pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

In the Heat of the Night Pre-slash- Sentinel

Summary: Blair gets beat up by some cops. What will Jim want to do in return?
Warnings: Blair owwies and pre-slash.
Word Count: 6,646
In the Heat of the Night
By Patt

Jim was pacing in the loft, his temper flared and couldn’t remember a time when he was more pissed off at anyone.

“What do you mean it’s none of my business?” Jim shouted.

“Just what it sounds like. This is my life, if I want to do something, I can. You’re not my dad, after all,” Blair shouted back.

“I know I’m not your dad, because if I was, I’d be beating your ass right about now,” Jim growled.

“First you’re yelling, now you wish you could beat on me. Is there something you want to talk to me about Jim?”

“Shut up. Just shut up. Now, why did you get arrested tonight? And why didn’t you call me when it happened?” Jim barked.

“Same reason. You’re not my dad. You’re my roommate. I call you if my car breaks down, but I don’t call you if I get arrested and beat up in jail.”

“Who touched you?” Jim snapped.

“Why does it matter? I was arrested and I stood up for what I believed in and that was that. What happened afterwards could have happened to anyone,” Blair explained.

“It’s the middle of the night. What were you doing at the police station at this time of night? Why didn’t you call and let me know?” Jim asked sounding almost normal again.

Blair could tell Jim was letting go of some of the anger and they could possibly work this out.

“Jim, I was with University friends, okay? I don’t want to call you in front of them and think I can’t take care of myself. They would think I was a weakling. I couldn’t have my fellow teachers think that, could I?”

“Did they all get arrested?” Jim asked.

“No, just me. I was the only one that looked like trouble to them. They let everyone else go home. They booked me and threw me in the cell with about ten other men and didn’t even offer me my phone call,” Blair said quietly.

“What precinct?” Jim bellowed.

“It doesn’t matter, Jim. I got beat up because I look like a hippy fag and that’s what the cops said too. They announced my arrival to the rest of the people,” Blair sat down on the sofa and stopped pacing with Jim, finally.

“I can’t fucking believe this. Didn’t you tell them that you’re a paid observer now? Things shouldn’t have gone like this at all,” Jim ranted.

“I didn’t get a chance to tell them anything. They were too busy hitting me,” Blair shut up as soon as the words got out.

“The cops hit you?” Jim asked in a whisper.

“I didn’t mean for that to slip out. Yes, the cops are the ones that hit me. Now can I go to bed?” Blair started to get up and Jim pushed him back onto the sofa again.

“I need names. I know you have em’. Who were they?” Jim asked getting angry again.

“There was no harm done. I’m going to bed,” Blair said as he started to get up.

Jim pulled his arm and Blair yelped in pain.

“What the fuck? What’s wrong with your arm?” Jim asked.

“If I tell you, you have to promise you won’t hurt them. You’ll let me file a report with Simon. Do you swear?” Blair asked.

“Blair, I need to go down and take care of this tonight.”

“No, you aren’t going to go down tonight, or I’m moving,” Blair shouted.

“Moving? What the hell does moving have to do with any of this?” Jim asked honestly.

“I can take care of myself. I planned on going and filing a report with Simon in the morning. It was no big deal. You’re making it sound like I can’t take care of myself.”

“Take your shirt off,” Jim said.

“No…I don’t have to do anything you tell me to. Now I’m going to bed and you’re going to get out of my way.”

“Blair, why won’t you take your shirt off?” Jim was worried now.

“I’m going to file a complaint with Simon tomorrow. That will be soon enough. Right now, I’d like to go to bed,” Blair said sadly.

“Blair, please tell me what they did to you,” Jim pleaded.

“As soon as you promise to stay here with me and not touch anyone over it,” Blair responded.

“Fine, I’ll stay here with you and let you file the report tomorrow. I understand you’re a big boy now, but these guys had no right to hurt you.”

“You’re right. They didn’t have any right. They hurt me cuz I look like a fag,” Blair said as calmly as he could.

“Tell me what happened. I’m staying here. I promised,” Jim swore.

“I was walking out of a gay bar with six friends, I was the designated driver and the cops were waiting for us. Called us all sorts of pretty names and shoved us around. Then they said that I was drunk and couldn’t drive home. I told them I was the designated driver and they laughed and said I was the designated fag. They threw me up against the cop car and then threw me again. They patted me down and had a good time feeling me up and down and every which way they could. They told my friends to beat it or they were going to be hauled in too. I told them to leave and the cops started to hit me for opening my big mouth. They told me ‘no fag is ever in charge’. When they finished hitting me, they put me in the back seat of the car and I asked if I could call Captain Banks and they laughed and asked if he was one of my regulars. I then said, “Fuck you,” and things went downhill from then on. So, that, my friend, is what happened. I know you’re shocked to find out about me this way, but it had to happen sometime.”

Jim just looked at him not saying a word. Finally Jim took a deep breath and said, “I knew you were bi. I’ve known all along. It didn’t matter to me.”

“So, I don’t have to move?” Blair asked pitifully.

“You never have to move from your home, Sandburg. I can’t believe you thought that little of me to think that.”

“I just got carried away, like in the middle of a heated argument you say and do things you don’t mean. Hey, it’s the middle of the night. We can tell Simon it happened in the heat of the night,” Blair said sounding somewhat hysterical.

“Chief, can I hug you if I promise not to hug hard?”

Blair went right into Jim’s arms and let him hold him as tight as he wanted to. Jim began to run his fingers across Blair’s ribs and back and said, “Chief, they hurt your ribs. We have to go to the Emergency Room. Come on, let’s get up there and take care of it. Anywhere else?” Jim asked.

“Anywhere else I want to go?” Blair replied.

“No, did they hurt you anywhere else?” Jim said sternly.

“My balls and my penis. They kicked me quite a few times. I’m sore as hell,” Blair admitted.

Jim put his arm around Blair’s shoulder and then the two men walked outside to get into Jim’s truck. Jim had to help Blair get up. Jim was getting madder by the moment.

Jim got him up and seat belted in and then went over to his side of the truck, taking deep breaths.

“Are you using the breathing techniques that I told you about, Jim?”

“As a matter of fact, I am. Thanks for the lesson in that. I’m really pissed off Blair and I’d like to take someone’s head off right now. Not yours, theirs.”

“I know. I feel the same way,” Blair confessed.

As Jim was driving he decided to get a little more information. “So Chief, how did you get out of there without calling me or Simon?”

“A friend of Rafe’s came in to talk to the guys and saw me sitting there and whispered something to all of the men there. The next thing I knew, they were letting me go and told me it was a big mistake. I didn’t waste time making trouble, I needed to get out of there. Rafe’s friend must have called you after that, because you knew I was arrested when I got here.”

“Rafe’s friend called him and Rafe called me. He said that I might want to do some checking on this one.”

“Jim, I’m in a lot of pain, can I just lean back and relax?” Blair asked suddenly.

“Sure, Chief. I’ll wake you when we get there,” Jim said calmly. He felt anything but calm on the inside. He was going to have to kill those fuckers.

“Jim, remember your promise, right?” Blair asked.

“Yes, it’s going to be the hardest promise I’ve ever made,” Jim answered.

Jim drove to the hospital with Blair sleeping next to him. Jim called Simon and told him to meet him at Cascade General.


When Blair woke up, Jim was leaning over him undoing his seatbelt. Simon walked up to them and asked, “What’s going on?”

“Blair was beat up at one of the stations tonight. Not in the cell, but by the cops,” Jim said angrily.

“Who? Who the fuck would mess with one of ours?” Simon shouted making Blair lean closer into Jim.

“Sorry, Sandburg, I didn’t mean to scare you. You don’t look beat up,” Simon said looking Blair over.

“Believe me he is. Now, let’s go in and have a doctor look at him and I’ll fill you in on the charges to be brought against these fuckers.”

“I don’t have the paperwork with me, Ellison. You could have warned me ahead of time. This is going to get ugly I can tell already,” Simon said huffing as he walked into the ER.

“Why did you have to call him? Now, he’s going to be mad at me and I don’t want to do this anymore,” Blair pleaded.

“Do what?” Jim asked.

“I want to go back to just being a teacher. I don’t want Simon to hate me. I don’t want you to be embarrassed when this comes out,” Blair said sadly.

Simon walked out hearing what Blair said and said, “Come on, kid. I’m not mad. I was mad, but I’ve over it. Let’s see what the doctor says.”

Jim smiled at Simon for being kind to Blair at that moment and said, “I’ll get the paperwork and start filling it out for you, Blair.”

About an hour later, Jim had told Simon exactly what had happened and Simon finally said, “So, what station was this, Blair?”

“The 12th. I don’t want Jim going over there. Is that understood, Simon? He promised me he wouldn’t touch them and he has to keep his promise or I have to move,” Blair said.

The nurse came out and got Blair. Jim and Simon had to wait in the waiting room.


In the examining room, Blair was stripped, dressed in hospital pretties and then taken to x-ray. He came back and sat for about an hour and the doctor came in to talk to him.

“Blair, you have two cracked ribs, so we’re going to tape you up and then admit you for the swelling in your testes and penis. I want to watch it so the swelling doesn’t get out of control.”

“Dr. Spenser, could you please let me go home tonight. I swear, I’ll put ice on it religiously. Please don’t make me stay all night,” Blair begged.

“Are you living alone?” Dr. Spenser asked.

“No, I have a roommate who is a cop. He’s stickler for rules, so if you say ice, he’ll see to it that I use ice. I promise,” Blair pleaded once again.

“Okay. We’ll tape you up and send you home with a special ice bag to sit on. I don’t want to hear you didn’t do it either,” Dr. Spenser said.

“I’ll do it. They hurt, so I won’t forget,” Blair promised.

The nurse came in after the taping and helped Blair get dressed. “You ready, Blair?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be, Michelle. Thank you for all of your help,” Blair said as he got up from the chair after tying his shoes. After just that little bit of work, he could hardly breathe.

As he came around the corner, he saw Simon talking to the doctor and the doctor was signing some papers. Simon must have gone and got the proper paperwork.

Blair walked out to the waiting room and Jim was pacing.

“Hey, Jim. Are you doing all right?” Blair asked.

“I’m fine. Why didn’t you call me back to talk to the doctor?” Jim asked angrily.

“I’m a big boy now, Jim. I can talk to my own doctor and follow his orders.“ Blair had his bag with him and walked out the door of the Emergency Room.

Simon came out at that moment and said, “You pissed him off all ready?”

“Yeah, it doesn’t take much when it comes to me,” Jim admitted.

They walked out to the truck and Blair was sitting in the cab waiting for Jim.

Simon opened up the door and said, “I’m going to follow you over to the loft. I have the paperwork now, so we’ll get it filled out and filed. See you there.”

Blair didn’t feel like talking, so he said, “Jim, I know you’re angry, but spare me. I’ve got other things on my mind right now.”

“Did they threaten you, Blair?” Jim inquired.

“Yeah, as a matter of fact, they did. They don’t want to go to jail anymore than I did. So, excuse me if I’m not jumping up and down to get these papers filed,” Blair said angrily.

“Lean back and relax. We’ll talk about it when we get home,” Jim said as he drove carefully all the way home.


Simon was waiting by the loft door when they got out of the elevator. Blair was never so happy to see the elevator working in his life.

Jim opened up the door and all three of them walked in. Blair went and filled up both of his ice packs first thing. Then he set one the sofa to sit on and the other he put on his penis. He didn’t even care if Jim and Simon were there.

“That’s all you have to do for it?” Simon asked.

“Yeah, I have to do this fucking shit for a week. He said the swelling will go down by then. That means I’m going to miss teaching my classes because I sure as hell can’t take an ice bag to class and explain what happened. Know what I mean?” Blair asked.

“Don’t worry about the dean, Blair. I’ll go and talk to him tomorrow. As far as your pay is concerned, the city will pick up the difference. So, try and not worry about any of this,” Simon explained.

“Thanks, Simon. That would help a lot.”

“Simon, he was threatened by the men at the station to not report it. So, we’re going to have to watch out for him now,” Jim stated.

“It’s not like we don’t watch out for him anyway,” Simon reminded Jim. “He’s one of ours.”

Blair was warmed to the center of his being hearing Simon say this again. He was so afraid that he would have gotten so angry he would have fired him from the consultant job. Blair had just started getting medical benefits.

Blair started filling out the paperwork. He explained in great detail what had happened and what he needed to put into the file and before long he and Simon were all done with it. Simon then used Blair’s room to fax it to the office for Rafe and Brown. They were waiting to arrest the men named.

Thankfully, Blair had remembered each and every one of their names. He would never forget the beating those men gave him.

Blair leaned his head back on the sofa and took a deep breath. Simon looked at Jim with questioning eyes. Jim just shrugged his shoulders.

Neither men knew what to say or do, so Jim finally said, “Are you all right, Chief?”

“No Jim, I’m not all right. Three men beat the shit out of me because I was at a gay bar. It’s just not right,” Blair ranted.

“I agree with you, Blair. There is nothing they could do that would be good enough to pay for what they did to you. They deserve the same treatment. Too bad we can’t do that for them,” Simon stated.

“Thanks for listening to me and believing in me, Simon.”

“Hey, what about me? I believe in you all the time,” Jim said seriously.

“Thank you,” Blair replied and this made Jim smile a little bit.

I’ve got to get to the station and see that everything is done by the book. We don’t want any reason to have this thrown out of court. Take care, Blair,” Simon ordered as he stood to leave.

“Again, Simon, thank you for understanding and not making me feel worse,” Blair said and then leaned his head back again to rest.

Jim walked Simon to the door and said, “Simon, I want those fuckers to pay big time.”

“Jim, it’s not like they’ll get off scot free. We have witnesses and we have Blair ‘s injuries to show for it too. Now just take care of him and stop worrying about what’s going to happen to those men. Let the courts take care of them,” Simon said as he walked through the door.


Once Simon left Blair said, “I’m going to go to bed with my ice packs. I want to just go to sleep and pretend this night ever happened.”

“Come on, you’re going upstairs. My bed is much comfier. I’ll help you get settled,” Jim said pushing Blair toward the stairs.

“No offense, man, but I don’t want to climb the stairs every time I want a drink or need more ice. Down here is better for me. Thanks, anyhow,” Blair said as he grabbed a bottle of water and went into his bedroom.

Jim looked sadly at Blair, because he knew that Blair wasn’t telling him how he felt. Jim wanted to be here for Blair, just like Blair was always there for Jim.

The phone rang and Jim grabbed it before it could ring again.


“How is Sandy? I just heard the news. I’m going to be over at 10:00 to sit with him while you work. Simon thinks we need someone on him at all times. So, I’m first up,” Conner said.

“Blair is doing very well, thank you,” Jim said.

“I can’t believe those fuckers did what they did and just thought they were going to let him go and Sandy wouldn’t press charges. Do you think they threatened him too?” Conner asked.

“Yeah, he said they did. So we’re going to keep an eye on them all once they get out and be sure that Blair is safe. We’ll see you at ten to take over the watch,” Jim said.

“Take good care of our Sandy,” Conner said before she hung up the phone.

It made Jim feel good that people in the bullpen would stand behind Blair during all of this. There were a lot of people that wouldn’t understand what had happened and Jim just hoped that Blair wasn’t ever subjected to their talk.

Jim laid down on the sofa and fell into a fitful sleep and woke up at 7:00. He could hear Blair having a nightmare and walked into Blair’s room without even knocking.

“Chief, it’s me. You’re all right. Calm down,” Jim said softly.

“Sorry, did I wake you?” Blair asked.

Jim smiled and said, “No, I was up already. Couldn’t sleep.”

“Geeze, I don’t know why,” Blair said half joking.

Do you feel like talking about it now?” Jim asked.

“You know what, Jim? I think I’d rather talk to a shrink about it,” Blair admitted.

“A shrink?” Jim said somewhat surprised.

“Yeah, you know a Psychiatrist. I’ve heard they help you get over a great deal. Believe me this is going to take awhile to get over.

“You do know that I’m here for you, right?” Jim asked.

“Yeah, Jim, I do. Thanks. You’re always here for me. I’m sorry that I let those cops get the better hand over me,” Blair said looking at the floor.

“Chief, the only ones that should be ashamed are the lousy fucks that did this to you. You have every right to be angry, but not ashamed.”

“Thanks, Jim.”

“You are most welcome, Blair. Promise me that you’ll open up to me if you need to,” Jim pleaded.

“Okay, I’ll talk to you when I’m done meditating. I need to balance my thoughts,” Blair said.

“Conner is coming to sit with you all day long. You can teach her how to play 5000 Rummy while she’s here. She’ll like it. She likes you,” Jim acknowledged.

“I like her too. What does everyone have to babysit me?” Blair wondered.

“We’re playing it safe and we’ll see what they do,” Jim said.

“I’ve got to take a shower. That’s all there is to it. Would you take the tape off of me, so I can get clean?” Blair questioned.

“Stand up and I’ll do it for you,” Jim said as he started to quickly undo the tape from his friend’s chest and stomach area.

Jim saw all of the bruising and said, “I need to get pictures of this.” Jim grabbed the instant camera and took three different shots and then used his digital camera for the next set. “I hate to ask you this, but I need to get pictures of your genitals.”

Blair blushed and pulled down his pants and boxers so Jim could take the pictures. Jim couldn’t believe how swollen Blair was. And everything was completely black and blue.

Jim set the camera down and pulled Blair’s pants back up. “Sorry I had to do that, Chief.”

“It’s okay. I knew that someone was going to have to do it and I was hoping it wasn’t going to be Conner. I would have died,” Blair explained.

“Come on, I’ll help you get undressed for your shower. Then just call me in and I’ll dry you off and get you back into the clean clothes I’ll have out for you,” Jim said.

“Thanks, Jim. It hurts when I move, especially when I bend.”

“They should have taken the pictures at the hospital earlier. No one was taking it seriously. I’m going to have to tell Simon that too. Doctors tend to let abuse cases go by the side of the road. They don’t like to get involved because it would take up some of their precious time. I’m sorry that it had to be me to take them. As I said, they should have been taken earlier,” Jim said.

“Thank you for taking this as seriously as I’m taking it. I agree, the hospital should have taken the pictures, but I might have played it off as nothing. I was embarrassed. So I don’t like blaming the doctor for everything. He was really thorough and a nice guy to boot. I think it was my problem,” Blair replied.

“There you go blaming yourself for all of this mess, when we all know who is to blame. I want you to stop looking at the floor when you talk to me. Understood?” Jim asked.

Blair looked up at Jim and saw nothing but friendship and love shining in his eyes. “Understood.”

“Now, let’s get you ready for that shower,” Jim said.

“Thank you, Jim.”

Jim got Blair all settled in the bathroom and he got on the computer and uploaded the pictures to a file. Then he sent the file to Simon for the report. He had no sooner finished doing this when the phone rang again.

He grabbed it and said, “Ellison.”

“Jim, I just received the pictures and I don’t want to believe them. My god, that’s fucking horrible. I can’t believe they did that to him just because he was a designated driver for some gay friends of his,” Simon stated.

“Simon, he’s bi, if that makes a difference.”

“It doesn’t make any difference, but I wasn’t aware of that. Although I don’t tell him who I sleep with either. It’s none of our business. Those fuckers are going to pay big. Rafe and Brown just arrested them and took them down to holding for prints and everything. They weren’t happy campers, to say the least.”

“I bet they thought they were big shit, until the cuffs were put on them. Blair isn’t settling for less then a normal person would go for. Throw the book at them, Simon.”

“I planned on it. Don’t you worry. I think they’ll make bail easily, so I want someone on him at all times.”

“Thank you, Simon,” Jim said sincerely.

“You’re welcome. Take good care of your partner.”

“Listen, I have to go. Blair is done with his shower and I have to help him get dressed again. Talk to you later today,” Jim said hurrying to get off the phone.

Jim went in with clean clothes and help Blair get dressed. He then taped Blair’s ribs up again and before long he looked almost normal. But Jim knew he wasn’t. There was a vacant look in his eye, like he was lost or something.

“Chief, I’m really sorry this happened to you.”

“Me too,” Blair answered.

“I would have felt better if you would have called me and let me pick you up,” Jim said.

“I know that, Jim, but I had to keep you in mind too. I knew you would beat the hell out of them and that wouldn’t have worked out in my favor. Probably the opposite would have happened. They could have brought up charges against you and me. So that’s why I couldn’t tell you,” Blair explained.

“Blair, I’m really going to try and work on my temper so that you’ll never be afraid to call me again. I want to be there for you all the time, not just some of the time.

“Thank you, Jim. I could have used you last night. They scared the crap out of me,” Blair declared.

“Can I hug you?” Jim asked.

“Yeah, I could use a hug,” Blair answered.

The two men just stood in the middle of the kitchen, hugging for the longest time. Jim wanted to be there in the worst way and now was better then never.

“I’m sorry I said I might go to a shrink.”

“Blair, you might need one.”

“I think talking with you will help me enough. Having you on my side helps everything look better,” Blair said.

“Conner is going to be here soon, so I’m going to get ready to go. I want you to take it easy and don’t cheat playing cards with Conner,” Jim kidded.

“I won’t. Thank you for the hug,” Blair commented.

“There are more where that came from,” Jim replied.


When Jim arrived at the station everyone was asking about Blair. They all wanted to hear how he was doing. They seemed genuinely concerned. Jim was glad to see that.

He took the time to tell each one of them what had happened and how Blair was really doing. Jim told them to call or drop by and it would make Blair feel much better.

Rafe asked, “Did they hurt him bad?”

“Yes, they hurt him bad. They could never give those men enough time in prison. They deserve worse then that,” Jim stated.

Joel hugged Jim and said, “That’s for Blair.”

“Why don’t you stop by the house and give it to him yourself? He thinks we’ll all blame him for ruining three careers.”

“They don’t deserve the career. They dirtied their names and badges when this happened,” Brown said.

“Thanks for understanding, guys,” Jim said walking towards Simon’s office.

He knocked and heard, “Come on in.”

Jim walked in and sat down in the office. “Are they downstairs?”

“Yes, they are. They’ve all got lawyers so I suspect they’ll be out soon,” Simon said.

“Jesus, I can’t believe they did this to Blair and they’re going to be walking the streets soon.”

“Jim, it’s how the system works. You know it as well as I do. Just hope for the best and maybe they’ll get a lot of time in prison,” Simon remarked.

“But the only one that will really suffer from the trial is Blair. He’s already been embarrassed beyond belief. Now he’ll have to go through this. Everyone at the trial will see the pictures and you know how degrading that would be,” Jim said.

“We have to trust the system, Jim. Did you want to go down and see the pieces of shit that beat Sandburg up?” Simon inquired.

“Yes, as matter of fact, I’m going to go now. I’ll be back shortly,” Jim replied.


He went down to see the three guys that had done that to Blair and said, “Wow, you don’t look as tough behind bars. Do you feel as tough? I noticed they put you in a cell alone. Sandburg wasn’t given that option was he? You guys are going down and going down hard.”

“What is he, your bitch, Ellison?” Barker asked.

“What difference would it make?” Jim replied.

“It makes you both sick,” Barker shouted.

“We’ve got the witnesses to the crime in the parking lot, so don’t think you’re going to weasel out of this. Like I said before, you’re going down hard,” Jim warned.

“Ellison, you’re as big a freak as he is. You’ve let him live at your place since day one and he’s never moved out. We all know how it is,” Fuller said.

“I’d rather be a freak, than cops that go to prison,” Jim said as he turned and started to leave.

Ramsey called out, “We recorded the little whimp crying out for help. We’re going to pass that around the station and then we’ll see who is going to be the winner. He would just as soon die as let anyone hear how weak we were. He called out for your help, Ellison. How does it feel not being there to help him?”

“Ramsey, keep your fucking trap shut. I don’t care what you have, you know what we have? Pictures of the damage you did to his body. You’re all going down.”

Jim stormed off and left them shouting obscenities. Jim wanted to say more. He wanted to beat the shit out of them. But he had promised Blair he wouldn’t do any of that. So he had to suck it up and do things right. Blair meant a lot more to him then beating on some punk assed cops.

That afternoon, Simon walked out into the bullpen and said, “Can I have everyone’s attention?”

They all turned and looked his way and sat up straighter.

“Blair Sandburg isn’t going to have to go to trial. Those animals saw the pictures of the damage and knew their gooses were cooked. They all three pled guilty and made a deal with the DA. They’ll each get a year. I know, don’t go ballistic, Ellison. It’s not long enough, but they lose their jobs, they lose their pensions and they will be on probation for another year. They will also have to do community service. Blair gets to choose the service. I figured he would like that part. So if you’re ready Ellison, I’m going to follow you home so we can tell Blair the news.”

Jim started for the elevator and Simon caught to him. “Jim, it’s the best we could do. The judge was lenient because all three men had no prior involvement in any crimes. We have to take what we can get.”

“I know, Simon. I understand, but it doesn’t make me feel much better. He’s not going to be happy about it either.”

“Let’s get to the loft so I can tell him and Conner. We’ll let him be the judge of what went down. He might surprise you and be all right with that,” Simon stated.

“We’ll see. I’ll meet you over there,” Jim said as he got into his truck and left the parking lot.


Blair was watching the parking lot when Jim and Simon pulled up. Blair became nervous right away. He walked into the loft and said, “Jim and Simon are here. They’re probably going to tell me that they’re out on bail. It’s bullshit.”

“Sandy, don’t think that yet. We’ll see what they have to say first,” Conner remarked.

Jim walked in the door, followed by Simon.

“Simon, please don’t tell me that they made bail already,” Blair pleaded.

“No, they pled guilty and made a deal with the DA. They’re going to each do a year in prison, lose their jobs, their pensions and be on probation for a year after they get out. They also have to do six months of community service, that you get to choose for them,” Simon explained.

Conner stood up and started pacing. “A year? A fucking year is all they got?”

“Conner, let’s let Blair tell us how he feels,” Simon ordered.

“I feel like she just said. They’re going to get out in one year and come after me. What would stop them? They won’t be cops anymore. They have nothing to lose,” Blair said sadly.

“Blair, it’s the best we could do. The judge felt sorry for them. He said since it was the first offense for all of them, one year was more then enough. The DA had to take it or chance getting less when you went to trial.”

“But Simon, did you ever think about maybe I wanted it to go to trial? No jury in their right mind would have let them off after what they did to me. But now, I’ll never know because the DA made a decision without asking me,” Blair ranted.

“Chief, I totally agree with you. I think it was a bad move too. But like Simon mentioned, it’s too late now. The deal has been made. So now we have to learn to deal with it,” Jim said.

“We? Did you get beat up? I don’t think so. I’ll be dealing with it by myself,” Blair said rather angrily.

“I thought we could talk about things and deal with them together. I even thought we could go to therapy together. I want to do it with you,” Jim offered.

“You’d go to group therapy with me?” Blair asked.

“Yes, there is little I wouldn’t do for you, Blair.”

Conner said, “I wouldn’t mind going either. I think we all need to stand behind you and see how you feel about things as you start to heal.”

“Conner, no offense, but I just want Jim to go. I think we could all use a class at the station though. No one knows how to treat people that are gay or bi. They need to learn. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else,” Blair suggested.

Simon cleared his throat and said, “I think that’s a terrific idea, Sandburg. Do you know anyone that teaches such a class?”

“Yes, sir I do.”

“I want you to contact him and it will be a mandatory meeting that we’ll all go to. Would that make you feel somewhat better?”

“Yes, that would help a great deal. Thank you, Simon. I’m not happy about the year they all got, but I am happy about me choosing a community service when they get out. I’ve got some ideas all ready,” Blair said.

Simon laughed and said, “I just bet you do.”

“Well, sir, we should get out of their hair so they can talk,” Conner suggested.

“I agree. Talk to you two later. Oh by the way, Blair, you’re off for two weeks from the University and it’s with full pay from the department,” Simon stated.

“Thank you, Simon. I’ll be fully healed by then. In the mean time, Jim is going to have to do all of his own paperwork in the bullpen,” Blair kidded.

“I want Jim to have a week off. That’ll give both of you some time to work things out, like getting therapy set up and thinking of some community services. Take it easy, both of you,” Simon called out over his shoulder as he walked through the doorway.

Jim shut the door and looked at Blair sadly. “I’m sorry, Chief.”

“Not your fault, Jim. Remember we’re not to blame in this. Someone wise told me that this morning.”

Jim smiled and said, “Let’s get some therapy lined up. I think we both need it.”

Blair looked a little worried as he said, “Are you going to be embarrassed when you hear how I was afraid for my life and things like that?”

Jim hugged Blair to his chest and just held on for dear life.

Finally Jim stood back and said, “Nothing you could say or do will embarrass me. It might piss me off, but it won’t embarrass me. I’ve got to work on my anger issues. I need help with that too, Chief.”

“We’ll be here to help each other, Jim.”

“That we will, Blair.”


Six Months Later:

Therapy was finally over with. Blair felt like he could go on without worrying about what people thought.

Jim was handling his anger issues much better. So it had helped both of them.

If Jim had learned one thing from therapy it was to talk to Blair instead of holding it inside. So he had big plans to talk to him that day.


Blair came home from teaching his class to get ready for working along side Jim. He walked in the door and saw Jim sitting there, thinking or zoning. Blair wasn’t sure.

He walked over to him and touched his shoulder.

“Hey Chief, guess who has the rest of the day off?” Jim asked.

“That’s great. Want to go see a movie?” Blair wondered.

Jim smiled and said, “How would you like to go on a date with me?”

“Jim, you don’t date guys.”

“Blair, I don’t date other guys, I want to date you,” Jim said.

“What brought this on?” Blair inquired.

“It’s been six months and I told myself I was going to give you six months to heal before I asked you out,” Jim confessed.

“Jim, you’re not gay.”

“Blair, I get hard when I think about you. I would call that gay,” Jim declared.

“Have you ever been with a guy?” Blair questioned.

Jim thought a moment and asked, “Does that include blow jobs?”

“You let a guy give you a blow job?” Blair asked, wonder in his voice.

“Yes, while I was in Vice. I liked it, but I just haven’t found the right person to jump the fence for. I think you’re the right person.”

“Hell yes, I want to go on a date. I’m in love with you. I have been for two years,” Blair confessed.

“Same here. I just wasn’t sure about what to do with it,” Jim admitted.

“It’s a date. Where are we going?” Blair asked.

“It’s a surprise. I love you, Blair.”

“I love you back. I also love afternoons off.”

The end
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