pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Crumbled Dreams Sentinel Slash

Summary: Jim and the bullpen gang go to help out at an accident site and find out Blair is there.
Warnings: Slash and established couple.
Word Count: 3,230
Crumbled Dreams
By Patt

“Jim, you’re with me,” Simon yelled out over his shoulder. Jim jumped up and asked no questions. They got into the elevator and were met by Brown, Rafe, Conner and Joel Taggart.

“A roof collapsed at a grocery store and it was full of people, so we’re going to need all the help we can get looking for survivors,” Simon informed everyone.

They all got into their cars after he told them where it was. While Jim rode with Simon he was using his cell phone. Simon thought it a little odd that Jim chose that time to make a call, but he didn’t question it. Especially when he heard Jim leave the message.

“Chief, this is me. You said something about going to Fry’s grocery store today and there has been an accident there. I just wanted to be sure that you’re not there. Call me back, okay?” Jim said nervously.

“He was shopping today?” Simon inquired.

“Yeah, today is the day he shops. He’s off from the University on Mondays, so that’s the day he goes,” Jim rambled.

“Settle down, Jim, we don’t know that he’s in there yet. Stop worrying. He’s probably out with on a date and doesn’t want to be bothered by calls from his roommate.”

“Sir, I can promise you he’s not on a date,” Jim said coldly.

Simon looked over at him and asked, “Since when?”

“Since about ten months ago. We didn’t think it was anyone’s business,” Jim said.

“It isn’t anyone’s business, but I would have liked to have known for future reference, so I don’t say dumb ass shit like I just did,” Simon barked.

Jim almost smiled at Simon when he said this and answered, “I was going to tell you today. Blair asked me to. He wanted you and Daryl to know.”

“Is that why we were invited to dinner tonight?” Simon asked.

“Yes, he was worried about how you would take it and insisted on making a nice meal to make things better. You know how he is. He’s always worried about someone and thinks he needs to talk things to death.”

“We like that about him,” Simon admitted.

“I do too,” Jim confessed easily.

“Jim, don’t worry yet. We don’t know anything and Sandburg could be anywhere. He might even be at the University,” Simon suggested.

“I’ll call and leave a message there too.” Jim opened his cell and dialed the number to Blair’s office. Cindy picked up and said, “Blair Sandburg’s office, may I help you?”

“Hi, Cindy, this is Jim Ellison. Could I speak with Blair please?”

“Hi, Jim, you just missed him by about an hour. He said he was grocery shopping and then he would be at home, if I needed him for anything. Can I help?” Cindy asked.

“No, thank you, I have to try and find him,” Jim said before he said goodbye.

“She said he went grocery shopping about an hour ago. So, he might be safe,” Jim thought.

“Jim, let’s not worry until we get there.” They drove around the corner and saw what was left of the grocery store and Simon said, “Oh my god.”

Jim turned and stared at Simon and said, “Please tell me this isn’t all that’s left of this store.”

“Come on, Jim. We need to find out if there are any survivors,” Simon bellowed as he jumped out of the car and rushed to the fireman’s side. He flashed his ID and the fireman told him where to go where he would be of most help.

Jim was like in a trance. He moved slowly and listened to everything he could. He could hear cries of pain and anguish coming from the mess that used to be a grocery store, but he heard nothing that reminded him of Blair.

Rafe, Brown, Conner and Taggart walked up to Simon and asked, “What have we got here, Sir?”

“The firemen think there are about 200 people under this rubble. We don’t know if any of them are alive, we’ll have to wait and see. But I wanted you to know that Blair Sandburg was grocery shopping here and Jim can’t get a hold of him now. So, keep this in mind when you deal with Ellison,” Simon stated.

Conner went right over to Jim and put a hand on his back and whispered, “Do you hear him in there?”

“No…I listened but I don’t hear anyone but strangers. There is no sound of Blair in the building,” Jim said.

“Well, that’s good, Jim. Now, let’s get over here and see if we can help with survivors,” Megan said as she led him over to where everyone else was standing.

Taggart came up to the group and handed them all their CPD jackets to wear. They didn’t want to be in the way or have to explain why they were there. This way it would cut down on time.

A fireman walked up to Simon and said, “We think there might be some survivors over here. If we bring them out, maybe you could help calm them until the paramedics get here.”

“We would gladly do that. We have two people who have medical training, so that might help too,” Simon said as he pointed to Taggart and Ellison.

“Glad to hear it. We’re lifting up some of the roof now, so there should be a wave of injuries coming out any moment,” he said as he walked back over to his crew.

Simon whispered to Jim, “Can you hear him?”


“Well, call him again. See if he’s aware of getting a phone call. In fact, see if you can hear his phone ringing,” Simon ordered.

Jim couldn’t believe he hadn’t thought of that before. He pulled out his cell and called Blair’s number and listened for the ring. He walked down in front of the store and kept listening and then calling again to listen some more. He was determined to hear it. Finally, when he got down to the very end of the store, he heard Blair’s ring playing its tune. ‘Bad Boys’ was playing loud and clear. Jim rushed Back to Simon and said, “He’s clear down at the other end.”

Simon walked up to the fireman he had talked to and said, “One of my men is in there and we heard his cell phone at the other end of the store. Is there any chance we can start at that end too?”

“Sir, we have another two trucks coming and they’re going to start at that end, so hold on, all right?” the man tried to calm Simon.

Simon went back down to the end and said, “Come on, Jim, you need to help with these survivors and we’ll get to Blair as soon as the other trucks come.”

Simon ended up pulling Jim all the way back down and explained to everyone that Blair was at the other end, but they wouldn’t be getting to him just yet.

They brought out four people and they were more dirty and scared then anything. Jim checked them out and so did Joel. Both assured the firemen that there was nothing broken, just scared. They sat the four of them against the fire truck and put blankets around them. The EMT’s showed up right then and took over for Jim and Joel.

Jim went back and waited at the other end of the store. He just paced and dialed the number over and over again.

Conner walked up to him and asked, “Oh my god, how long have you been together?”

“Does it matter? If we don’t get him out of there it won’t matter a fucking bit,” Jim yelled.

Conner rubbed his back and shoulder and said calmly, “Things are going to be fine, but not if you panic. Blair wouldn’t want you in a state would he? He would want you to stay busy until they found him. Then you could panic all you want. But let’s let the men do their jobs and we can help.”

“Conner, he’s all alone. There are no other heartbeats around him. So, he’s all by himself. He’s probably scared to death,” Jim mumbled.

“He’s probably in the health food aisle. No one else goes there,” Conner said honestly.

Jim almost smiled at the remark.

“Jim, these people that they’re bringing out look to be in pretty good shape. So, let’s go do our job and wait for the other trucks to get here,” Conner said as she pulled Jim away from the end of the building.

They all helped pull people out and thankfully no one was hurt as much as they were scared and confused. A few of them had head injuries, which could be expected, but most of them were doing great.

When the other trucks arrived, Simon and Jim went down where they were starting to pull the roof up. Many firemen went in and they brought out one Blair Sandburg, alive and kicking.

Jim grabbed Blair from the fireman and started to see if he had any breaks or contusions. Blair stopped him and said, “My head hurts and I can’t see anything. But that’s all.”

Jim held him close for a moment before he turned him over to the paramedics. They started doing their thing and before long they were ready to transport him to the hospital. As they picked Blair up, Jim saw the blood and gash on the back of his head. Jim then realized he had Blair’s blood all over himself too.

“Chief?” Jim asked.

Blair didn’t answer. He didn’t even acknowledge that Jim was there. It was time in Jim’s mind for him to panic.

“Ellison, he doesn’t seem to know any of us, including you. So, let’s get him to the hospital and see what the doctors say about him,” one of the EMT’s said. Jim knew him as Bob. He never knew his last name, it didn’t really matter now.

“Thanks, Bob. I’ll ride with you,” Jim said before he even asked Simon.

“No, Jim, you won’t. He doesn’t know you, it would only scare him to have a stranger holding his hand or talking to him. Let us do our jobs and we’ll get him better for you,” Bob said kindly.

“Okay,” Jim said as he walked towards Simon.

Simon watched the exchange and wondered what in the hell was going on. “Ellison, why are you staying here? Why aren’t you going up with Sandburg?”

“Sir, he doesn’t know who I am. I was scaring him.”

Taggart put his arm around Jim’s shoulder and said, “It’s probably the blow to the head. He’ll be just fine, you wait and see.”

Jim worked side by side with his fellow workers all day and even though they all knew he was worried, he seemed almost lost in his own thoughts.

Once they got everyone out of the building, Jim and Simon headed up to the hospital, followed by all the rest of Major Crimes.

“He’ll be fine, Jim. Just keep saying that to yourself,” Simon said.

“He was blind, Simon. He’s not fine,” Jim stated coldly.

“He was knocked on the head by a roof. You would be blind and have amnesia too. So cut him some slack. Stop this shit right now. At this moment, he’s not your lover he’s a friend from work and keep it that way until he’s better. Got it?”

“Got it,” Jim answered sadly.

“Jim, don’t let everyone know how you feel. Blair wouldn’t want that. Not right at this moment anyhow,” Simon ordered.

“I got it. I’ll be his worried co-worker. I can do that. I am his co-worker and am worried, so I think I can play that part well.”

They parked at the hospital and were met by the bullpen gang. They all walked into the emergency room together.

Simon asked for information at the desk and showed his ID. The nurse told him the doctor would call him as soon as possible.


Rafe and Brown were getting coffee for everyone and Rafe said, “Don’t you think Ellison is acting sort of strange?”

“Well, he’s probably worried and doesn’t’ know how to act,” Brown said.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say he was in love with Sandburg,” Rafe said, smiling.

“Maybe he is. Who knows? Who cares? We just want our Hairboy to see again and remember us,” Brown remarked.

“What if that was your lover in there? Wouldn’t you want to be back there with him?” Rafe asked.

“Rafe, why don’t you just ask him if you’re that worried about it?” Brown inquired.

“I might. He should be back there with the doctor and Blair,” Rafe said seriously.

“You just fucking called Hairboy, Blair. You must be dead serious. So, go and ask him why he’s not back there,” Brown suggested.

Rafe picked up half of the coffees and headed back to the waiting room. “I’m going to.”

The two men delivered the coffee to everyone and Rafe said, “Ellison, why aren’t you back there with Sandburg?”

“They told me I would just scare him,” Jim answered.

“Normally you wouldn’t give a shit. So, get the fuck back where you belong,” Rafe growled.

Jim looked at Rafe and knew he knew about he and Blair. He evidently didn’t care. This made Jim smile for the first time that day. He smiled at everyone and took off for the back.

There was a bunch of noise and ruckus but Jim was going to be where he belonged. They all knew that much.

The doctor said, “You’re his significant other?”

“Yes, and I’m on his file for the hospital, so I need to know what’s going on.”

“First of all, his eyesight is back. He has a concussion that is causing the memory lapses. But I think if he’s around you it might help him. We’re taking him upstairs now, would you like to know what room?” the doctor asked, smiling.

“Doc, I would do anything for that room number,” Jim answered.

“He’s going to be in room 521, so give us about ten or fifteen minutes and then you all come up. He’s got to rest, but that doesn’t mean he can’t see friends. I’ll tell him that you’re all coming.”

“Thanks, doc. You’re a life saver,” Jim teased.

“Like I haven’t heard that one before,” he said laughing.

Jim hurried out of the room and started for the waiting room with a smile on his face.


“Who all knew about Jim and Blair?” Rafe asked.

“Who cares?” Conner asked.

“Okay, you knew. Simon did you know?” Rafe asked.

“Not until today. He told me on the way over there. It shouldn’t make any difference should it?” Simon asked.

Brown said, “Not to me.”

Taggart said, “Me either.”

“So, we’re all on the same page about this. It doesn’t matter,” Simon commented.

“Here comes Jim and he’s smiling,” Conner said rushing to his side.

“Where is Sandy?”

“He’s going to be in room 521, so we’re all invited up to help him get his memory back. The doc said it’s only a matter of time. He’s got a bad concussion and needs rest, but otherwise he’s seeing again and doing well.”

Everyone pounded on Jim’s back and he realized they all knew about he and Blair now. Somehow it didn’t matter any more. He was always so cautious about having anyone finding out, but Blair had wanted to shout it from the rooftops.

“I wanted to tell all of you that Blair wanted to tell you from day one about the two of us. But I wouldn’t let him. Fear is my worst enemy,” Jim admitted.

“It doesn’t matter, Jim. At least we know now. Can we go and see him?” Taggart asked.

“Yeah, let’s go pay him a visit from his friends at Major Crimes,” Jim said putting an arm around Simon and Joel.

They all got into the elevator at the same time and they could tell Jim was nervous.

“It’s just Blair, Jim. He hasn’t changed,” Simon said.

“Yeah he has. He doesn’t know about us. I don’t know if I should tell him or not,” Jim stated.

Conner said, “Let’s all play it by ear.”

They got off the elevator and walked to room 521 and knocked on the door. They heard Blair say, “Come in,” and they all walked in at the same time.

Blair looked pleased to see them and said, “Wow, this is what the doctor meant about a big bunch of people coming to see me, eh?”

Simon said, “I’m Captain Simon Banks, from Major Crimes down town. Do you remember any of that?”

Blair started laughing and said, “Jim, get your studly ass over here and give me a kiss. I don’t care who knows about us.”

“Oh, Sandy has his memory back,” Conner said excitedly.

Jim walked over and hugged and kissed Blair like he hadn’t seen him in months.

“That’s more like it, man.”

“I love you,” Jim said softly.

“Back at ya, big guy,” Blair answered and then said, “I remember everything now. I was just confused for a short while. They tell me I couldn’t see when I first came out, I’m sure that scared me.”

“It scared all of us. We were freaking out,” Brown said.

Simon said, “Since they know each other, how about we leave them to discuss the day alone?”

“Simon, you are no fun whatsoever.” Rafe said smiling as he walked to the door. “Get better fast, Hairboy.”

“Thanks, Rafe.”

Everyone else hugged Blair goodbye and took their leave.

Jim pulled the chair up next to Blair’s bed and said, “I have to tell you, I was never so scared in my life.”

“Jim, I have a question to ask. Did you call my cell phone over and over again? Because it kept going off and it was out of my reach. I couldn’t get it and before I started getting bonkers, I thought about kicking your ass. How many times have I told you I’ll call you back?”

Jim laughed and said, “Babe, you have no idea how much I’d love for you to kick my ass. I’m so glad you’re alive.”

“Did anyone die?” Blair asked.

“No, there were no fatalities. This was a good day, Chief. It didn’t look like it at first, but the gang all rallied around me and saw to it that I didn’t lose it. We have great friends, you know that?” Jim asked.

“Yes, I know that. I told you they would accept us being a couple. Didn’t I?” Blair asked.

“How about if you scoot over and I’ll lay on the bed with you?” Jim suggested.

“Sounds good to me. But don’t let me fall asleep right away. They want to keep me up for two more hours,” Blair said.

Jim smiled at him and said, “That’ll work out just fine. You can tell me all about your shopping trip and I can tell you about it from the outside of the building.”

“I love you, man.”

“And I love you, Chief.”

The doctor walked by the room and saw the two men in bed together talking like crazy and wasn’t worried about his patient any longer.

The end
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