pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Lisa's My Mongoose Ezine Announcement:

Our very first ezine, Many Faces of Jim, originally published March 2001
and A Tale of Many Fandoms, our second ezine, originally published April

With Geocities shutting down before the end of the year, I've started
the process of moving all the ezines onto It definitely
won't be an overnight process but it will happen. I'm cleaning up the
code a bit here and there, and dusting off the stories. If you
contributed in our early years (Geocities/Tripod) and would like your
email address changed, please drop me a line.

We hope you enjoy our early ezines.

Many Faces of Jim, March 2001

A Tale of Many Fandoms, April 2001

Thanks and enjoy,
Lisa, Duncan's Twin

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