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Timing TS pre-slash story.

Title: Timing
Author: Patt
Summary: Blair thinks that timing might be everything, but is it?
Notes: I found this in my word docs, hidden away. Not sure if it should have stayed that way or not. *g*

By Patt

Blair told Jim he loved him that morning. Jim admitted to loving Blair too. Jim was so dumb sometimes; Blair didn’t know how he ever made it as far as Detective. Blair meant he loved him, loved him, but Jim didn’t get it. Now he’s gone for the day and all Blair had to say was he sure wished the timing had been better. Blair needed more time to tell Jim how he feel about him and not hurried before Jim’s getting ready to leave for the bullpen. Jim wasn’t the only dumb one. Blair was right up there with him.


Jim wondered what was going on with Blair that day. He didn’t normally tell Jim that he loved him. But maybe he just felt the need to share that. Why, Jim didn’t know. He’s the best friend Jim had ever had and he did love him too, so of course he told him that. Now driving to work Jim wondered if he missed something. Blair looked almost sad when Jim left for work.

Jim picked up his cell phone and dialed Blair’s cell and heard it go to the voice mail, when it dinged he said, “Blair, call me when you have a spare moment. I have a couple of things to ask you. It’s nothing to worry about, just some questions about this morning.”

Jim hung up the phone and felt odd. He had a bad feeling about all of this and he knew that when he had a bad feeling it was usually too late to do anything about it. What if Blair had meant he loved him, loved him? What would Jim think of that?

Jim found himself smiling and realized that it would be hunky dorey to have Blair love him in that way. Now Blair just needed to call him back.

Jim got to the station and still no call from Blair. He was bummed out, because he was hoping to talk to him in the privacy of his truck, not in the bullpen with all of the ears listening. No matter what, they would work things out.


Blair looked down at his phone and realized someone had called while he was in the bathroom. Like he said before, he wished he could get his timing right. He was cracking himself up. Blair saw the number and realized it was Jim’s and he immediately panicked about what he was calling him for. Had something happened on the way to work? Blair played the message and smiled when he heard Jim’s strong, sexy voice. Yes, he had a sexy voice. Blair wasn’t sure Jim knew it, but Blair sure did.

//Oh no, he knows something is up. Maybe he’s not as dumb as I thought he was. Oh shit, do I call him back, or do I wait to face him tonight? My timing does suck.//

Blair began to pace the loft and wondered what he would do if Jim knew and realized that if Jim knew he probably would have driven back home and said something to Blair in person. So Blair guessed he was safe for now. He’d call Jim when he got to his office at the university. Things always had a way of working out when it came to the two of them.


Jim was sitting in Simon’s office listening to what Simon had to say about the new perp they were going to be looking for and Jim kept checking his watch. Simon glared at Jim and asked, “Ellison, am I keeping you from something?”

“What do you mean?” Jim asked stupidly, but very seriously.

“You keep looking at your watch, are you expecting something more important to take the place of Ben Barter? He’s one bad son-of-a-bitch, Jim and we need to get him now. I need to know that you’re with us on this.

“I’m sorry Simon. I’m expecting a call. I’ll get back into the grove right now. Joel, do you want to go and check out some leads with me?” Jim figured if he took the initiative maybe Simon wouldn’t be so pissed off at him. It seemed to work. Simon was smiling once again.

“That’s more like it, Jim. Now find him and fast. He’s very bad news,” Simon barked.

“Yes, sir.” Jim walked out and got some things from his desk and Joel joined him there.

“Ready to go, partner?” Joel asked.

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” Jim said smiling. “I’ve got the latest list of contacts for us to check out, so we can leave now.”

“Let’s go and find this fucker,” Joel stated.

Jim followed Joel to the elevator and didn’t think about Blair once all the way downstairs to get his truck.

Once inside the truck, Joel said, “Are you and Blair all right? I noticed you were waiting on a call and wondered if it was from him.”

“Yeah, we had a slight misunderstanding this morning and I was calling to ask some questions about it. But I’m on board here, Joel, so you don’t have to worry about me not backing you up 100%.” Jim explained as well as he could.

“Blair will forgive you, don’t you worry about that,” Joel promised.

Jim smiled over at Joel and wondered if Joel knew something he didn’t. Actually, Jim wondered if everyone knew more then he did these days. He felt totally lost.


Blair was done teaching his class and waiting in his office for any of his students that needed help when he decided to call Jim back. He picked up his cell and called Jim’s cell phone.

“Ellison,” Jim answered.

“Hey Jim, you called earlier, but I had to get ready for my class and I just finished teaching it. I figured I would call and see what’s going on,” Blair said.

“Now’s not a good time, Blair. Joel and I are going to be questioning some people about that new perp we’re looking for. So I’ll call you later,” Jim said quickly.

“I’ll talk to you tonight,” Blair responded.

“Okay, we’ll talk later. Have a good day, Chief, goodbye.”

“You too man. See you soon,” Blair replied.

Jim closed his cell and Joel frowned. “Jim, you could have talked to him about what was bothering you first. I wouldn’t have repeated any of it.”

“Joel, this is work and I need to stay focused. Wouldn’t it be nice if we found Barter and could bring him in for questioning?” Jim stated.

“Okay, I get it. We’re focused,” Joel said smiling.

Jim and Joel went to five good leads and they found Ben Barter at the fifth place. Joel was hoping that he would put up a fight, but the chicken shit didn’t even run. They got him cuffed and sent downtown with a black and white and started back to the station.

“I can’t believe we found him,” Joel said happily.

“I know, neither can I. It was pure luck that you went around to the back of that place. What made you feel the need to go out back? Jim asked.

Joel smiled and said, “I don’t know. I just felt the urge to make sure he didn’t slip out the back door.”

“Well whatever it was, I’m glad it worked out. Simon is going to be one happy camper,” Jim said.

“Why don’t you call Blair back now?” Joel suggested.

“Joel, I’ll talk to him tonight, after I get home.”

“Just don’t let things get out of hand. We would all be very upset if you broke up,” Joel admitted.

“Joel, I don’t know how to tell you this, but we’re not a couple,” Jim explained.

“Well, you should be then. Talk it out tonight and ask him if he wants to be, because I’m seen the looks he gives you and they are more then just platonic. For all that matters, you do the same thing. You boys really need to get this all figured out.”

Jim smiled over at Joel and realized what a good friend he was. “Thanks, Joel.”

Joel smiled and said, “I worked with Conner all week, can you tell?”

“Ahhhh, that’s what the problem is. Better watch out, Joel or people will be calling you a busy body like they do her,” Jim teased.

“It’d be worth it if you actually listened to me,” Joel replied.

They talked about work the rest of the way to the station. Once parked, Joel turned to Jim and said, “Don’t forget what I said.”

“I won’t, Joel,” Jim answered.

They walked up the stairs and Simon was standing in his doorway smiling. They both knew he was happy as can be.

Jim sat down at his desk and started writing up the report, while Joel went downstairs and got the bad guy all booked and finger printed.


Blair sat at home smelling the wonderful food he had cooked and wondered what was going on with Jim. //I wonder why I made such a nice dinner for him. Was I afraid that Jim was going to throw me out or something? Or did I do it just because I was in love with him.// Blair smiled at the last thought and knew he was in love. Now he just had to talk to Jim.


Jim finally got home that night at about 8:30 and he was exhausted. He had actually forgotten all about the talk. All he could think about was making a quick sandwich and getting some sleep.

As he went up the elevator, he could smell Green Chili Stew. He knew it had to be Blair’s because he had never smelled it in the hallway before, unless Blair was making it. Jim smiled. He loved Green Chili Stew. He got off the elevator and walked to the door and opened it up. The smell was even better in there. Blair was sitting on the sofa reading a book and looked up and smiled. “Hi Jim.”

“Hi Blair, dinner smells wonderful. Am I too late?” Jim asked hopefully.

“I’ll heat some up for you right now while you go get cleaned up,” Blair said as he walked into the kitchen and started heating up the pan of dinner.

Jim went into the bathroom, pulled his dirty shirt off, his pants, shoes and socks and then put his sleep clothes on that he kept in the bathroom. He washed up quickly and made way for the kitchen. He could hardly wait to eat.

“Do you want your tortilla heated or just room temperature?” Blair asked.

“Room temp is fine, Blair. Thank you for heating this up for me. I’m starved. Guess who Joel and I picked up today?” Jim inquired.

“Ben Barter, the new bad guy? You’re kidding. Was it a good lead or was it just by chance?” Blair wondered.

“It was just by chance. We were going to question his cousin and Barter was there. Do you believe it? We lucked out. So he’s behind bars, paperwork is all done and now I can eat in peace without Simon calling and bitching at me,” Jim ranted.

Blair beamed with happiness for Jim. “That’s great news, man. Congratulations to both you and Joel. I wish I could have been there.”

“I wish you could have been there too, Chief. I even thought that while I was cuffing him. You always tease me about enjoying the cuffing part too much,” Jim kidded.

“You do like it too much. I swear you put the cuffs on them as tight as possible and then grin. You really do,” Blair explained.

“I really should stop doing that,” Jim said as he began to eat his dinner.

“Do you ever use your cuffs on a date?” Blair asked suddenly.

Jim started choking on the food he was swallowing and finally got his breath back. “What are you talking about? You want to know if I use cuffs on my dates? Even if I did, I wouldn’t discuss it with anyone.”

“It was just my inquiring mind wanting to know. If it embarrasses you, don’t worry about it. Tell me to jump off the balcony or something,” Blair joked.

“Jump off the balcony please?” Jim teased back.

“Well as long as you said please, I could do that for you,” Blair got up and walked over to the balcony. “How badly do you think I would get hurt jumping off?”

“Sit down and shut up, you goofball,” Jim suggested strongly and continued to eat.

Blair wondered if the timing was right now. He wondered if he should just ask Jim something outright and see what happened.

Blair stood next to the table and whispered, “Have you ever been with a guy?”

Jim had finished swallowing his food this time, thankfully, so he just stared at Blair and didn’t say anything at first. Then he finally got up his nerve and said, “Yeah, but mostly in college.”

“Same here,” Blair answered.

“Chief, you’re still in college,” Jim reminded him.

“I mean, when I was younger,” Blair corrected himself.

“You’re still young,” Jim pointed out.

Blair laughed and said, “Yes, I am. I haven’t been with a guy in about five years.”

“It’s been a lot longer for me,” Jim admitted.

“Why?” Blair asked.

“Well, once I became a cop, it just didn’t seem to fit into the lifestyle, you know?” Jim questioned.

“Would you ever consider it now?” Blair wondered.

“I don’t know, I’ve never really thought about it,” Jim replied.


“Oh what?” Jim asked.

“Just oh. I just wondered if you ever thought about it lately,” Blair said.

“Blair, is this your weird way of asking me out?” Jim teased.

“It depends, what would your reaction be?” Blair said.

“Dinner and a movie sounds nice, Chief. I would love to,” Jim decided to take control of this situation and handle it himself.

“You know, I kept thinking about timing all day long today and you had your timing down pat. You knew exactly what to say and when to say it,” Blair said.

“Actually I’ve been thinking about you for some time, so I’m not all that,” Jim kidded.

“You’ve been thinking about me?” Blair inquired.

“Of course I have. Especially since this morning when you told me you loved me,” Jim said.

“I thought you would think I meant as my best friend,” Blair stated.

“Well, I tried to believe that’s what it was all about, but then I thought about it and it all came to light. I love you too, Chief. And not as my best friend,” Jim confessed. “No, that came out wrong. I do love you as my best friend, but I love you as you more.”

Blair beamed with happiness. He couldn’t believe this was happening. “So when do I get to move upstairs?”

“Chief, I’m getting a fucking date out of this, so you have to wait.”

“Man, I have to wait that long. All I could think about today was giving you a blow job.” Blair said very sexily.

“How about we go out for coffee tonight and then come back and sleep in my bed, which will now become our bed?” Jim offered.

“Going out for coffee is enough of a date?” Blair teased.

“It’s been a long, long while since I got a blow job,” Jim kidded back.

“Finish eating, I’ll make coffee here, we’ll talk while we drink it and tell each other about our day. Then we’ll go upstairs, how does that sound?” Blair countered.

“It’s still not a date,” Jim fussed.

“Hey, I made you dinner. That’s a dinner date, so there,” Blair teased some more.

“That’s true. I’ll even do the dishes,” Jim said.

“So tell me about your day, Jim.”

And Jim did just that.

The end
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