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She Owns Their Hearts TS Slash Fiction

My Moonridge winner chose She Has My Eyes as the story to have a sequel written for it. This is the result. Thank you, Treassa.
The first story can be found here: She Has My Eyes
Warnings: AU, Slash and kid fic.

She Owns Their Hearts
By Patt

For Treassa

Carolyn Plummer met her sister for lunch at a posh restaurant, that they both loved to frequent. They got their table and talked about anything and everything while they ate their lunch. Carolyn ordered one too many wines as usual and so did her sister, but it didn’t matter because neither of them were driving.

“So how was your date the other night, Carolyn?” Beth asked.

“It was a disaster from beginning to end. I kid you not I’d give anything to have Jimmy back in my life. I never had any money problems or lack of things to do while married to him. He kept me in the life I wished to be accustomed to,” Carolyn confessed.

“I hear he’s with someone now and raising that child of you and Jimmy’s. Don’t you ever wonder about her, Carolyn?” Beth asked very seriously.

Carolyn shook her head and said, “No, I never do. I try not to look back on my decisions and find things wrong with them. I try to think positively. Besides I didn’t want to raise a child that isn’t all there.”

“How do you know if she’s all there or not?” Beth asked.

“I don’t, but if she was all right I’m sure Jimmy would have told me a long, long time ago. For crying out loud, it’s been almost four years since I gave birth to that child. Did you hear what he named her?” Carolyn said getting a little upset talking about this subject.

“Yes, Savannah. It’s a decent name, as far as names go,” Beth thought.

“Savannah Rose? She sounds like a child that’s being raised in a trailer park,” Carolyn spat out.

“Let’s change the subject,” Beth decided.

“What do you think Steven is doing these days? He was a lot like Jimmy. He didn’t really care about anyone, just busy, busy, busy and always worried about his work. But he might be good husband material,” Carolyn planned and plotted.

“I bet he wouldn’t have a thing to do with you because of Jim. I would go after William, if I was going to go after anyone,” Beth suggested.

Carolyn smiled and said, “Wouldn’t that get Jimmy’s attention? I might just ask William out.”

The waiter brought up the bill and Carolyn put her credit card in the folder and set it back on the table. He came back and picked it up moments later.

A few minutes later, blushing, he walked up to the table and said, “I’m sorry, Ms. Plummer, but your card has been denied.”

“What are you talking about? Swipe it once more,” Carolyn said angrily.

“I did, ma’am and it came back the second time too. If I swipe it a third time and it’s still not good they make me take the card and cut it up,” The waiter said, still blushing.

“Well, I have never in my life heard of such a thing. Let me get another card.” Carolyn was totally flustered because she was almost sure she still had some money on that card. Had she paid the last payment when it was due? She couldn’t remember.

Beth touched Carolyn’s arm and said, “Let me get it this time, Carolyn. You always pay; it’s high time I paid.” The waiter then walked away with the new card in hand.

“Thank you, Beth. I’m going to check on that card as soon as I get home,” Carolyn said.

“You are most welcome, sis. You’ll get it all taken care of I’m sure. You just need to find a nice man with money,” Beth added.

“Don’t I know it?” Carolyn agreed.

The waiter brought back the check, Beth signed it and they got up to leave. “It was wonderful having lunch with you, sweetie. Call me next week when you talk to William.”

“Thank you again, Beth. Yes, I’ll try and get a hold of William soon and let you know what he says,” Carolyn promised.

“See you later,” Beth said grabbing a taxi and leaving. Carolyn knew she hadn’t enough money for one, so she started walking home. Thankfully her place wasn’t that far away. She had bought it with the money that Jimmy had given her with the divorce, but she was out of spending money. It was nice to have the condo, but she couldn’t do anything else with her time. She needed to find a part time job, but had no idea where to start. That’s when she came up with the brainstorm idea of working for William Ellison. That would, after all, be better then dating the old man. Working for him, she could be close to both Jimmy and Steven.

She walked quickly to her condo, knowing that this might just work and felt good about it.

She walked in the front door and dialed Ellison Enterprises first thing. The woman answered and asked if she could help Carolyn. Carolyn said, “I need to speak with William Ellison.”

“May I ask who is calling?” The woman inquired.

“Just tell him it’s Carolyn Plummer and he’ll take the call,” she said.

A few minutes on hold was irritating Carolyn to no end, but finally William answered.

“What do you need, Carolyn?” William asked quite coldly.

“I was wondering if I could talk to you about working in your office. I need a job William and you know I can do the work, I just need the chance to show someone I can actually do it,” Carolyn said quickly.

“Carolyn, why would you want to work with my company? We don’t like you,” William said outright.

Carolyn was quite taken back by this and said, “I thought we could all be friendly.”

“No, we can’t Carolyn. Now call your dad and ask him for a job. I’m sure he’d hire you with no problems. Good day.” William hung up the phone smiling at how hateful he had been to the dreadful ex-daughter-in-law. Jim would have probably given her a job, but not William. He wasn’t going to fall for her tricks, and he was going to watch out for her and see what was going on.

William called his private investigator and gave him Carolyn’s name and asked him to run a credit check on her and see how she was doing financially. William figured that was the only thing that made sense. Tim Murphy could find all of this, without raising any flags.


Carolyn got off the phone and started to cry. She didn’t want to call her dad again. She had been asking him to bail her out for the last two years. It was time she did something else. She was going to follow Jim and go after him, that’s all there was to it. If she had to deal with a child now and then, that’s how it would have to be. She needed a good supporter and Jimmy was always that.


Jim was in his office when his secretary buzzed him with his 1:00 lunch.

Jim pressed the call button and said, “I don’t have a 1:00 lunch date.”

The door opened and in walked Blair smiling. Jim’s secretary was standing behind him smiling like crazy.

“You do now,” Blair said happily.

“I thought you had a full schedule today,” Jim said trying not to show how excited he was that Blair was there.

It was too late, Blair already could tell Jim was happy to see him. “I finished much earlier then we planned and I thought I would ask you to lunch. What are you doing?”

“Going through some boring files right now. Want me to have lunch sent up from downstairs at the Thai place that you like so much? I can call this a working lunch. You can put me to work,” Jim offered smiling.

Margaret buzzed again and Jim picked up and said, “Can I help you?”

“Would you like me to order your regulars from the Thai place downstairs?”

“Thank you, that would be very nice, Margaret.” Jim hung up the phone and smiled at his lover.

He couldn’t believe that they had been together for three and a half years. Time had actually flown by. He was the luckiest man alive.

The phone buzzed again as Jim got up to greet Blair the right way and Jim sighed and said, “Hang on a minute, Chief.”

“Yes, Margaret?”

“Your father is on line one and said it’s important he talk to you right now,” Margaret said quickly. She hated to bother the lovebirds when Blair came to the office, but this was William after all.

Jim picked up the line and said, “Hi dad, what’s up?”

“Jimmy, I wanted to let you know that Carolyn called me today. She asked for a job working for me. I told her to ask her dad for a job and hung up on her. But I wanted to let you know, in case she tries to make trouble for you and Blair,” William warned.

“Thanks, dad. She’s nuts. Like we would hire her on at our company? Thanks for taking care of it and letting me know. I’ll watch out for her from now on. I’ll tell Blair to do the same,” Jim said.

They both hung up and finally Jim walked across the room and took Blair into his arms for a good afternoon kiss. It lasted a little longer then that, but that was all right with both of them.

Blair pulled away and sat down on the sofa and Jim knelt down in front of him and said, “Would you like something before lunch?” Then he wiggled his eyebrows and made Blair laugh.

“No, I want lunch first. Then we’ll lock up and have sex. First lunch,” Blair demanded.

“Okay, boss,” Jim teased.

“What was all of that on the phone about Carolyn?” Blair asked.

“She wants a job and asked my dad if she could work here, if you can believe it,” Jim said.

“I can believe it; after all I’m a Behaviorist Psychologist. I study people for a living, she’s in deep need of some studying,” Blair teased.

Jim burst out laughing and said, “You always know exactly what to say. Anyhow, my dad just wants us both to be aware of her and watch out for anything out of the ordinary.”

“Like what?” Blair asked, honestly.

“I have no idea. But my dad said to watch out for her. Maybe she said something more to him then he mentioned. We’ll have to wait and see if we hear from her,” Jim said casually, trying to calm Blair down.

“Do you think she would try to come back into Savannah’s life?” Blair asked.

“I knew you would panic. Just calm down, she hasn’t said or done anything to us yet. Let’s wait and see if she does. Sounds like she just needed a job, but this isn’t the right place for her,” Jim explained.

“You’re right about that. I don’t want her anywhere around you,” Blair said jealously.

“Oh babe, I love when you act jealous. Are you sure we have to wait to have lunch to fool around?” Jim kidded.

Blair frowned and said, “All joking aside Jim, she has done nothing for us in the past, and I think she could bring trouble to our happy family. I don’t want anything changing with the three of us.”

“Nothing will, Blair, I swear to you,” Jim said seriously.

“She’s up to something and I have a feeling it’s no good,” Blair said worrying his lip.

“Let me call the investigator for the company and put him on her for a few days and see what’s going on with her. Would that make you feel better?” Jim asked.

“That would make me feel a lot better. Thank you,” Blair answered.

Jim picked up his phone and dialed the extension and got Tim Murphy on the line.

“Hello?” Tim answered.

“Hi Tim, this is Jim Ellison calling. I was wondering if I could hire you to watch out for someone for me,” Jim started.

“Carolyn Plummer, right? Your dad already has me on it. She’s maxed out on her credit cards and is in debt up to her eyeballs. Do you want anything else known about her?” Tim asked.

“I’d like you to follow her for three days or so and see what she’s up to. It’s odd that she called our company to find a job, knowing how we all feel about her,” Jim explained.

“I agree, Jim. I’ll start work on it today. I don’t have anything pressing right now so I’ll give you an update daily if I have anything. How does that sound?” Tim asked.

“That sounds perfect, thank you,” Jim answered.

Jim hung the phone up and knew that Margaret had the food outside the door. He opened it up and said, “Thank you, Margaret.”

“I hate when you do that, Jim,” Margaret answered.

“I know you do, that’s why I do it,” Jim teased.

Jim sat all of their food on the coffee table and they began to eat with gusto. There was a knock on the door and Jim called out, “Come in.”

William walked in and smiled at the two men,” I didn’t know Blair was coming today.”

“I got off early, William and thought I would meet Jim for lunch,” Blair explained.

“How is Savannah today?” William asked.

“Why?” Jim wondered suddenly.

“Why? I’m asking how my granddaughter is, I don’t need a reason,” William teased.

“In that case she’s fine and dandy. She loves the preschool she’s in and the teachers are quite taken with how smart she is,” Jim said proudly.

Blair smiled as the two men discussed the apple of his eye. She definitely owned their hearts, all three of their hearts.

William said, “How are you today, Blair?”

“I’m fine, thank you for asking,” Blair answered. “How are you?”

“I’m a little bothered by Carolyn’s phone call today. Then I found out that her credit cards are maxed out and she’s flat broke, so that might be the only reason she called for a job. She might just be desperate, or she might be dangerous. With Carolyn, you never know. But I don’t want her around Savannah,” William ordered.

“Don’t worry, William, we’ll keep a good eye out on our little girl,” Blair said protectively.

“Thank you, now go back to eating and enjoy the afternoon off,” William said walking to the door.

“Dad, I’m not off today,” Jim replied.

“You are now,” William answered.

Both men smiled at each other as William walked out the door.

“Let’s finish lunch and then we’ll have time at the house before we have to go and pick up Savannah,” Blair suggested.

“Sounds good to me, Chief.”

“Do you believe it’s almost Savannah’s fourth birthday?” Blair asked incredulously.

“I believe it, but I don’t like it. She’s growing up way too fast for me. The next thing you know, she’ll be dating and that thought scares the fuck out of me,” Jim admitted.

“Are we going to plan a large party or something smaller with just friends and family?” Blair questioned.

“I think if we invite our friends that would be perfect. They all have kids, so she’ll have both at her party. Friends, family and a lot of kids,” Jim said.

“I know that Megan and Simon’s little guy will be pleased as punch to be there for the celebration. He’s the happiest little two year old I’ve ever met,” Blair stated.

“Do you believe that we introduced them, they fell in love and had a little boy? Sam is a perfect little guy, too,” Jim agreed with Blair.

“Then there is Henri’s little girl Michelle who would love to be in charge of the party, I’m sure and how about Rafe’s little boy, Brian?” They might be older then Savannah, but they adore her just the same,” Blair said.

“Then there is always Margaret’s granddaughter who is quite fond of Savannah too. We have to include everyone,” Jim commented.

“We will, don’t worry about it now. She’s very excited for her birthday to get here. What do you suppose we should get her?” Blair wondered aloud.

“She’s been talking about a swing set for the last few days, so I was thinking that maybe that would be fun in the backyard,” Jim said.

Blair smiled and said, “I was hoping you would say that. She really loves the swings. That would give her something to do in the evenings when we’re outside cooking dinner or whatever.”

“Yes she would love one. I can just imagine her having fun on one because remember how much fun she had on the one at Rafe’s house?” Jim asked.

“Oh god, we’ll have to blow that up one of these days so she’ll have it to remember it by. She had so much fun,” Blair said.

“The only other option is a dog, but I don’t want a dog,” Jim said firmly.

“I know, the smell alone would drive you nuts. We would have to bathe him every day and that’s not good for their coats and skin,” Blair agreed.

They finished lunch, got it all cleaned up and left for the day. Jim told Margaret he’d be home if she needed him, but not to bother him unless there is something majorly wrong.


Carolyn was dying to go upstairs and tall to Jimmy, but she lost her nerve. So she waited outside his building entrance and hoped he would come down for lunch or something. She was almost sure that she could talk him into hiring her or considering dating her again.

Jim walked out the door with Blair at that moment and Carolyn wondered who in the hell that man was with Jimmy when Jim leaned down and kissed the man on the lips. Carolyn couldn’t believe it. Jimmy was with a man? Oh my god, no wonder he always acted so bizarre, she thought.

Across the street to the left of Carolyn stood Tim Murphy watching her like a hawk and he saw what she did. He knew she was shocked because she hightailed it out of the area, right away. Tim knew there was going to be problems. Why did Jim have to be so open about his relationship with that Sandburg fellow?

Tim walked across the street and Jim saw him coming and wondered what was going on. Blair told the valet parking attendant that they were ready for their car and Jim said, “Wait, I think Tim is here to see us.”

Blair asked the valet person to wait as Jim talked to Tim very quickly. Jim then turned to the valet person and said, “We’re ready now.”

He said, “Your car is on the way up, sir.”

“Thank you,” Jim answered and gave him some money. When their SUV showed up they paid the driver a tip and got in.

Blair had been very quiet waiting to hear what Tim had to tell them but Jim wasn’t talking. He seemed deep in thought.

“So are you going to tell me about it, or what?” Blair asked.

“About what?” Jim asked confusedly.

“The meet with Tim on the street. You both looked very serious and I wondered if it was about Carolyn,” Blair said.

“She was watching the building and saw us kiss, then she hightailed it out of there as quickly as she could so you know she was shocked,” Jim stated.

Blair thought a moment and said, “We don’t care if she knows we’re out. We are out.”

“But with her money problems she might think this is a way to get Savannah away from us,” Jim explained.

“Jim, Savannah is almost four she’s never even seen her, why would she want her now?” Blair inquired. “No judge in his right mind would take a little girl from a happy home and give her to a woman she doesn’t even know, who doesn’t work and has no income to speak of.”

“Doesn’t mean she won’t try,” Jim said.

“Jim, you can’t be serious. You’re worried?” Blair asked.

“You don’t know Carolyn like I do. She wants to hurt me now, I know. The best way is to go after custody of her daughter, and we all know that her giving her up can be countered. All she has to say is she was stressed and didn’t understand the situation before. Then the judge will give her custody because he feels sorry for the woman and she’s trying to take her away from a couple of fags,” Jim explained as best as he could.

“Jim, I don’t want to hear you say that again,” Blair demanded.

“It’s true,” Jim sighed.

“That’s how you feel about us?” Blair questioned quickly.

“Of course not. But that’s how the people that don’t love us feel. So I think we’re in for the fight of our lives,” Jim said trying to calm Blair.

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. As far as we know, Carolyn wants money. Well, we can pay her money to shut up,” Blair suggested.

“I’m not paying her money to shut up,” Jim almost shouted.

“Let’s wait until there is something to worry about. Instead let’s focus on the party that’s coming up. It’ll give us something to do,” Blair said.

“Okay. I promise I’ll calm down, if you help me when the time comes,” Jim said.

“You got it, big guy,” Blair teased and the drive home was filled with talk about the upcoming party for their four year old daughter.


One week later, everyone was at the house for Savannah’s party. They were all having a great time, but the kids were having a blast on the new fancy swing set in the back yard.

Savannah was helping Sam get on the glider and swing with her, while Michelle and Brian were swinging as high as they could. Thankfully Jim had secured the legs, so this wasn’t a problem. Inside Megan said, “Blair, Jim seems off today, what’s going on?”

“His ex-wife saw us kissing and he thinks she’ll make trouble for us now,” Blair stated.

Simon heard and said, “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. No one would take Savannah away from the two of you to give to someone that hasn’t even seen her since day one.”

“That’s what I said too, Simon, but it continues to bother him. He knows there is something on the agenda. He can feel it. So I just try and keep him calm. In the mean time, we had a bitch of a time putting up this swing set,” Blair joked.

Simon agreed. “They’re harder then they look, aren’t they?”

Megan smiled and said, “Look how Savannah is taking care of Sam on the swing, so he won’t be scared.”

They all looked and smiled along with Megan.

“She’s a wonderful child, Blair,” Simon admitted.

“Yes, she is. She’s an angel and I hope that everything works out, but we’ll see as time goes on. I even decided that we could pay her hush money and Jim had a cow.”

Megan laughed and said, “I imagine he did. Just concentrate on her and raising her and things will all work out.”

Savannah walked in at that moment and said, “Daddy wants to know if it’s time for the cake yet, poppa.”

Blair jumped up and shouted, “The king has spoken.” This made everyone in the house laugh including Savannah.

Blair got the cake ready, they all ate it and then they played games and visited with the other adults. Before long, the children were starting to grow tired. It had been a long day indeed.

Jim and Blair hugged everyone at the door as they left and Savannah thanked everyone for coming without any prompting at all. It was a perfect day. Jim got Savannah in the tub for a bath while Blair cleaned up the mess from the party.

The two men got Savannah in bed that night and read her a story and almost fell asleep themselves, but thankfully she did first.

Jim loved this life. He loved Blair and Savannah more then life itself. As they walked into their own bedroom that night, Blair was exhausted. “Man, I could sleep for a week.”

“Me too and it’s only ten o’clock,” Jim added laughing.

“My god, we’re turning into wimps or we’re just getting older,” Blair decided.

“There will be no fooling around tonight this old person has to rest,” Jim said seriously.

“No lie,” Blair answered.

They lay in each other’s arms and just sighed with contentment and happiness.

“She had a great day today, Jim. It worked out perfectly. We have good friends and family don’t we?”

“Yes, we do


The following day, Jim got to work and decided he would talk to his dad about getting a lawyer for a custody hearing just in case it came up. He walked over to his dad’s office and his secretary said, “Good morning, Jim. Go right in.”

“Thank you, Ann,” Jim replied and walked in the door.

“Good morning Jimmy, that was a great party last night, we had a wonderful time. You’ve given Savannah a wonderful life. She’s a very lucky child, although when she hits her teens, I’ll have to remind her of that,” William teased.

“Dad, Carolyn was spying on my yesterday and saw me kissing Blair, so I’m thinking she might come after us for custody. What do you think?” Jim asked.

William frowned and said, “First she called and asked for a job, then she was watching you. You mean like stalking you?”

“No, she was just outside the building when I came down and I kissed Blair on the street. I do that sometimes, you know?”

“I know that, Jimmy. Don’t get huffy with me. I’m not the one that you’re angry with, although, I have no idea what she would sue for. She gave up her rights four years ago and that’s been legal since. Why do you think she’ll care?” William wondered.

“Tim said she was upset while watching me and left in a huff. So now I’m thinking she’ll pull the gay card thing with us,” Jim replied.

“But Jimmy, you are gay. So why do you care? You’re good parents we don’t have to worry about a thing. Just you want and see,” William promised.

“Dad, I can’t help but worry, she’s my daughter. I would die if Carolyn came in and took her away,” Jim confessed.

“I’ll talk to one of my lawyers today and show him the paperwork from four years ago and have him go over everything. We’ll see what he says,” William said.

“Thank you, dad. I appreciate all of your help.”

Jim walked out of the room and William went to the safe and got some paperwork out. He kept a copy of everything from his life, in his office too, so he found what he was looking for easily. He then called the company’s big lawyer.

“Dan, I need to talk to you right away, do you have a second to see me?” William asked.

Dan Davis stood a little taller as he talked to his boss and said, “Sure, I always have time for you sir.”

“When?” William asked.

“Come right now, sir. I have no one here this moment. I’m open until ten,” Dan said smiling. He really liked William Ellison. He had given him a chance when no one else did and since then, he had won three cases for the Ellisons.

“I’ll be right up,” William said before he hung up his phone.

He hurried and got his paperwork together and told Ann where he was going.


Jim felt better having talked to his dad. He felt like Carolyn wouldn’t try anything and that’s what was important.

He started doing some work and a messenger arrived with a special delivery for Jim Ellison and Jim stood outside to sign for it. It was a huge manila envelope and Jim wasn’t expecting anything. He gave a tip to the delivery man and took his package and went into his office again. He sat down and opened it up and saw it was from a lawyer. Carolyn’s dad’s lawyer to be exact and she was suing for custody of Savannah. Jim just sat there in shock and couldn’t believe what he was reading.

He stopped to call his dad.

“William Ellison’s office,” Ann answered.

“Ann, I need to speak with my dad immediately, it’s an emergency.”

“Hon, he’s upstairs seeing Dan Davis right now. Why don’t you see if you can catch him up there? He’s going to see if he can spend about an hour with him. Is something wrong?” Ann asked worriedly.

“I’ll talk to you later, Ann. I’ll catch him up there. Try not to worry,” Jim said as he hung up the phone. He got the paperwork and headed upstairs to Dan’s office to talk to him in person.

In the meantime, Ann called William and said, “Jim is on his way up to see you, he sounded very upset.”

William said, “Okay, I’ll fill Dan in on what’s going on and we’ll go from there.”

William closed his cell phone and said, “Dan, I think we just moved this up one notch on the problem level. Jimmy is on his way up to tell you what’s going on. I don’t even know yet. We’ll have to see when he gets here.”

Dan smiled and said, “Like I told you, she doesn’t have a good case, even if she does sue for custody or partial custody. I can see her trying for that, so that Jim will have to pay child support to her. She just wants the money. Once we offer her money, she’ll shut up.”

“I hope you’re right, Dan.”

There was a knock at the door and Jim walked in very upset looking.

“Dan, I just got served these papers downstairs and I can’t believe she did this all in two days time,” Jim said.

Dan sat down and read the papers. He took his time and read the entire thing before he said anything. “Legally she has the right to sue for custody, because she is seeing a shrink right now that says she wasn’t emotionally able to care for a child at the time of Savannah’s birth, but she’s working on it now. The Judge will look at that and see just cause. Not to worry, you’ve been an excellent parent without any help from her and she doesn’t work or have money in savings. She’s not capable of taking care of the child as she has become accustomed to.”

Jim sat down hard on Dan’s sofa and said, “I knew this would happen. I knew the bitch would come after me. What are we going to do?”

“I was just talking to Dan about offering Carolyn a lump settlement to live on while you raise the child. Dan thinks it might not be a half bad idea. But I would never make the move without your okay,” William explained.

“So you’re saying we have to pay Carolyn to keep Savannah?” Jim asked incredulously.

Dan answered, “Yes. It would be the easiest way out. She wants money Jim, you know she doesn’t want the child.”

Jim got up and started pacing. “I have to think on this. What are our chances of losing if she goes to court?”

Dan said, “It’s a hard call to make, Jim. I think the Judge would side with us, but I think that the courts might look at her as the sad mother who missed out on the last four years. It’s all up to what the Judge thinks.”

Jim was totally disgusted. “How much money are we talking about giving her?”

William cleared his throat and said, “I was talking to Dan about a ten million dollar settlement.”

“No fucking way,” Jim ranted and started pacing again.

“Remember Jim, if the Judge sees things her way, he might give her total custody and you would still have to pay out the nose for child support. Then you would have to see a Judge about seeing your own daughter after all of these years. There is always a chance that you could lose. Are you willing to take that chance? If you had to pay the money out every month for child support for the next 14 years, it might be ten million anyway,” Dan reminded Jim.

“May I at least speak with Blair about it first?” Jim asked.

“Certainly, you can’t decide something this big without him,” William said.

“I’m going to take copies of these papers, Jim and that way you can take the originals. Carolyn might just be angry at you too. Or her dad might have put her up to this,” Dan said.

Jim watched him take the copies and then took the originals and put them back in the folder. He needed to find Blair and talk to him soon.

“Thank you both for standing behind me,” Jim said.

“We’ll work this out, Jimmy, don’t you worry about anything,” William promised, knowing he had no right to. No one knew what the future held.

Jim got into the elevator and called Blair’s cell.


“Blair, where are you? Are you busy right now?” Jim sounded almost hysterical and Blair could tell.

“I’m in my office. I just finished with my last patient for today. Why? What’s wrong, Jim?”

“I have to see you, do you want me to come there or do you want to meet at home?” Jim inquired.

“I’ll meet you at home. I’ll stop and get Savannah before I get there,” Blair started to explain, but Jim stopped him.

“No, don’t get Savannah. I’ll ask my dad to pick her up. This is important and I need to discuss something with you as soon as possible,” Jim stated.

“I’ll call your dad. You just drive home and drive safely, Jim. I’d like you to be alive when I get home,” Blair ordered.

“I promise, I will. Thank you for calling my dad,” Jim answered.

“No problem, see you at home in a few minutes,” Blair said before he closed the cell. He then called William and asked him to pick Savannah up at 5:00 for them and take her to his house until he had talked to Jim. William agreed and Blair left the office, telling his assistant Addison Page, that he wouldn’t be back until the next day.


Jim got home in record time and decided he was going to have a damn beer. He needed it. So would Blair. Jim knew that Blair would take this harder then he even did, because Blair was so fucking close to Savannah, it sometimes bothered Jim. She adored her poppa. Jim shook his head to take away the thoughts of jealousy and replace them with ones of losing his child instead. He had to focus.


Blair pulled into the parking spot at the house and jumped out of the SUV and rushed into the house. “You’ve got my attention, what the fuck is going on?”

Jim reached for Blair and just held on to him for dear life. This scared Blair even more.

“Jim, talk to me, what’s going on?”

Jim pushed him down on the sofa; he sat next to him and started to tell the story from the beginning to the end. When he was all finished he could tell Blair was shaking and on the verge of tears.

“Jim, do you think she really wants custody of our daughter? Or do you think she’s just trying to get back at you because you’re with a man?”

“I’m sure it’s because I’m with you. She couldn’t want Savannah after all this time. If she did, she would have called me first. I mean, that’s what a grown up would do. I would have let her see her. I wanted her to know her mom, you know that,” Jim explained.

“Yes, I did know that. I think we have to pull out all of the punches this time. We can’t risk losing her in a court battle. We don’t want to put her through that either, so I say we pay her off.”

“Just like that? Blair, we’re talking about ten million dollars?” I would have to rearrange a lot of things to come up with that much right now,” Jim said.

“Jim, who is the most important person in your life,” Blair asked simply.

“You and Savannah,” Jim replied.

“Then pay the money. I don’t care if we’re broke for the rest of our lives, it won’t matter one bit. Carolyn can’t have our little girl. She just can’t,” Blair said into Jim’s shoulder and he tried to compose himself.

“All right then, we’ll draw up the papers tomorrow and see if that does the trick,” Jim answered.

Jim got up from the sofa and dialed Dan Davis’s offices and asked for Dan.

“This is Dan,”

“Hey, this is Jim Ellison. I would like to go with the offer. You and my dad were right, I would end up paying that much in child support anyhow. So she’s worth it to us to pay outright. Are you going to word it properly so she doesn’t feel like she’s selling her child?”

“Jim, I know what I’m doing. I’ve been to a few of these before. I’ll let you read everything before it goes out to her. And if I could suggest something else, I would include a $2000.00 a month spending limit at her favorite store or something to make it seem a little more personal. She’s got to know that you’re serious about this Jim.”

“No, I refuse to do that,” Jim said stubbornly.

“Jim what is her favorite restaurant?” Dan asked.

“Milo’s downtown, why?” Jim wondered.

“You could give her a $5,000.00 gift certificate for the restaurant. She would know this to be personal because it’s just from you. The rest of the money will come from an estate, but that will be just from you,” Dan suggested.

“Fine, but if this backfires, I’m going to have to kill her,” Jim said seriously.

Dan laughed because he thought Jim was joking. He had no idea that Jim was as serious as a heart attack.

“We’re going to word this just so, that she won’t show it to a lawyer and have the lawyer throw it in our faces if we have to go to court. William seems quite sure that she’ll take the money,” Dan assured Jim.

“I hope she takes the money. We wouldn’t know what to do without our daughter,” Jim confessed easily.

“Don’t worry Jim. I’m getting on this right now. It’ll be ready tomorrow afternoon after I have two associates look it over. We’re taking no chances with this,” Dan said confidently.

“Thank you, Dan. I might be able to sleep tonight because of your hard work. Blair thanks you too,” Jim said.

“Go relax and enjoy your child. Although, I think William said he was picking her up today.”

“Again, thank you, Dan.”

“You are most welcome, Jim.”

Dan hung up and began his night long job. He knew he was going to be up most of the night and that was fine with him. He called two associates to ask them for help and they both came to his office to work for the evening.


William walked into Jim and Blair’s at 5:15, followed by his darling granddaughter. Savannah was thrilled to see her Grampa pick her up and she made a big deal out of it. Secretly William loved it when she made a big thing about spending time with him. He knew that one day she wouldn’t want to, but for now, he could enjoy.

William looked over at the men in the house and saw two very serious boys. He hoped it didn’t rub off on Savannah.

Jim stood up when he saw his daughter and said, “Hi pumpkin, how was your day?”

Savannah smiled at both men and said, “I had a great day. I passed all of my tests on the computer today. The teacher said I did good.”

Blair got up and said, “Savannah, do you want me to start your dinner now?”

“No, poppa, Grampa took me out before we came home. He picked me up at four o’clock. I’ve been running around town,” Savannah stated.

Jim said, “Thank you, Grampa that was very nice of you.”

“I love to spend time with Savannah, so don’t worry so much,” William answered.

Jim’s stomach growled making Savannah start to laugh. “Daddy’s stomach is talking to him. He must be starving. Are you starving, daddy?”

“Yes, I am. I had no lunch today and not much breakfast. So poppa and I are going to eat something now,” Jim said as he walked into the kitchen with Blair. Both of them were trying to look and act normally, but they both felt like falling apart instead.

Savannah sat at the kitchen table with them and Grampa and told them more about her day as they ate dinner. Finally William said, “I need to get home. I’ll talk to you all soon.”

Blair called Addison and said, “Addison, an emergency has come up and I’ll need my appointments rescheduled for the next week. Could you take care of that in the morning for me?”

“Certainly, Doctor Sandburg. I’ll start my day an hour early so I can catch everything before they leave for the office. I hope everything is all right,” Addison said.

“I hope so too, Addison. Thank you for everything. You can reach me on my cell phone all day long,” Blair added.

“See you in a week, Doctor. Take care of Jim for us.”

Blair closed his cell and said, “I’ve got a week off to take care of some personal business. So I’m going to ride in with daddy tomorrow and the next day and hang around there for awhile. Sound all right to you, Jim?”

“Daddy would be thrilled to have you at his office tomorrow, in case there were any unforeseen problems,” Jim said.

Savannah was tired of the adults and said, “Daddy, can I go watch a dvd in my room if I do it quietly?”

“Why don’t you go out and play on your new swing set instead,” Jim suggested.

“I’ll even make you a snack to take with you,” Blair volunteered.

“Yay,” Savannah yelled as she flew out the back door, not even waiting for the snack.

Blair fixed up a plate of fresh fruit sliced up and cheese and then he took it out to her on the patio.

“Thank you, poppa.”

“You are most welcome, darling. Now have fun little one,” Blair said as he walked in the back door. They could see her from the house, so they watched every move she made while on the set.

William walked over to the boys and said, “I just wanted to let you know that I’m so certain that Carolyn is going to take this that I’m putting the money up for the fund. So don’t worry about a thing tonight. Try and sleep. I know it’s going to be hard, but remember that Dan knows what he is doing and he’s got good friends in high places. He’s even got a Judge coming over to look at the paperwork tonight and you’ll never guess his name.”

“So tell us if we’ll never guess,” Jim teased.

“George Harrison. I thought you might like that. You’ve got someone named George Harrison working on your paperwork right now,” William said.

Blair smiled and said, “That is interesting, but it’s not going to make us sleep any easier tonight.”

“I don’t imagine anything will. I wish I could do something about that, but alas, there is nothing to do but wait. We’ll find out tomorrow what she has to say and we’re giving her a short window of opportunity to sign and send back. So it’s going to be fast ball,” William said smiling.

“Dad, if I didn’t know better, I would think you’re enjoying this,” Jim said.

“I am. She’s not going to get your daughter; it’s as simple as that.” William stated firmly.

“Thank you again, William for everything you do for us. You’re the best father-in-law I could ever ask for,” Blair said truthfully.

“I’m going to call Steven home, he would want to know about this. So I’m going to call him tonight and see if he can fly in tomorrow,” William said.

“Dad, let’s wait until we know something,” Jim suggested.

“Jimmy, he would want to know now. I’ll talk to you boys tomorrow at the office. Try and sleep tonight,” William advised.

“Thanks again, dad for everything,” Jim said as he went to hug his dad. William loved that Jim was demonstrative these days. It was so much nicer then the old Jim Ellison and the old William Ellison.

Blair hugged him and William said goodbye to Savannah before he left.

Jim got the kitchen cleaned up and they watched a little news on the patio while watching Savannah play on the swing set. Then it was time for baths and bed. Savannah never knew that her dads were upset once. They covered it up very well.


William called Steven in Japan and told him what was going on. Steven said he would be getting a flight out as soon as he could and be there for his brother and Blair. Once that was done, William tried to calm down, but it just wasn’t coming easily.


Jim lay in bed wide awake and Blair was awake next to him. Blair sighed loudly and Jim pulled him into his arms and said, “I love you so much, Blair.”

Blair turned and began to kiss Jim with such longing and need it surprised both of them. Jim was totally on the same page, so before long they were naked and ready for love.

Blair moved over on top of Jim and said, “Make me remember this night always.”

Jim pushed him off of him, got him stretched and ready and Jim made slow, passionate love to him. They kissed the entire time, which was something they didn’t always do. Both of the men needed this. Needed the kissing, the longing, the loving, everything. When Jim was done with him, both men were sweaty and happy.

Blair said, “I think that this is the longest time you’ve ever loved me in a night. You took your time and made it last for a long while. Thank you.”

“You don’t have to thank me for loving you, Blair.”

“But I do have to thank you for making this night bearable. I can actually think about sleeping now,” Blair whispered.

Jim kissed each eyelid and then cleaned Blair up softly. Blair was sleeping before Jim was done. Jim smiled and snuggled up next to the man he loved more then life itself and thanked God for giving him to him.

Jim didn’t think he’d ever be able to sleep that night, but he did. Thanks to Blair, he slept the entire night.


The following morning, they got Savannah ready for school and they got ready for work. After dropping her off, they went to the office and waited in Jim’s office until Dan called. It wasn’t too long.

Jim was answering his own phone that day, “Ellison.”

“Jim, this is Dan, we’re ready for you. Come on up,” Dan said calmly.

Jim looked at Blair and said, “We’re up.”

Blair looked very nervous, but he didn’t say anything about it. That helped Jim a great deal because he was nervous too.

They didn’t say anything all the way upstairs. Once there, Jim told Ann that they had an appointment.

“Go right, in Jim and Blair. Good to see you, Blair.”

“Thank you, Ann,” Blair answered.

They walked into the room and there sat three men they didn’t know. Jim was immediately put off by this.

“We’ll explain who all of these people are as soon as your father gets here. Sit down and have a cup of coffee. It’s just been ground and brewed, so it’s fresh,” Dan said.

Both men walked over and got a cup of coffee and sat down across from the men they didn’t know,”

“Jim, I took the liberty of calling Simon Banks for some help over night, I hope you don’t mind. He was most helpful on numerous items of business,” Dan declared.

“I’m sure if you called him into this, it must have been important,” Jim assured them.

“Good, then we’re all on the same page,” Dan said.

There was a knock and in walked William. He grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down with Jim and Blair.

Everyone, this is Mason Phillips, Carter Marshall and this is Judge George Harrison. These men helped me come up with these papers and they all think that it will be your best bet. It’s important that you understand that this could backfire, and she might take this to her lawyer and they might sue for that too. In which case, you would have a hard time winning with these papers hanging around basically saying you offered to buy your daughter from her mother. But I’m assured by your father that your ex-wife loves money more then she loves anything. She wouldn’t let a good thing slip through her fingers. So we’re going on that. None of this is against the law, but it is stretching it. Judge Harrison thinks that we would probably have to pay the money anyway, so why not try this first? Read through all of the papers and we’ll talk,” Dan said.

They all finished reading and looked at one another. Jim was the first to speak. “Are we certain that this is legal?”

“Yes, you’re basically asking her to sell her rights away. It is legal, but the courts would frown on it if it got to the court system. So this is all up to you. You have to make the decision. We need it made now. I’ve informed her attorneys that we would be responding this morning, so I would like to do just that,” Dan explained.

“Go with it,” Jim said quickly.

William smiled and said, “Jimmy, I know you’re making the right choice.”

“God, I hope so.”

Blair still hadn’t said anything and Dan asked, “Blair do you have questions?”

“No, I agree with Jim totally. I don’t want to lose our child, so this will work,” Blair said.

Dan buzzed Ann and in came a man that was going to deliver the papers to Carolyn and her attorneys. They each were getting one set and they had until five that evening to answer.

“Okay, the hard part is done. Now the really hard part is here, the waiting is the worst. But remember that that little girl’s life is worth every penny,” Dan said.

“William, did you set up the trust fund already?” Blair asked.

“Yes, it’s all set. If she signs the papers this afternoon, she will be a rich woman for a short time anyhow,” Dan assured them.

They all stood and shook hands with everyone that worked on the case and Jim and Blair went back downstairs to Jim’s office. Jim couldn’t stand hanging out with people he didn’t know when his daughter’s life was in the balance.

The played some cards to pass the time until William came down to check on them.

“Playing cards?” William teased.

“It’s about all we can keep our minds on at this time,” Jim answered.

Jim’s phone rang and he jumped to answer it. “Ellison.”

“Hi Jim, this is Simon. I know all about what’s going on, they had to ask some legal questions and they figured I would be safe. I just wanted to tell you that Megan and I are here for you three at all times. All you have to do is call us and we’ll be there.”

“Thank you, Simon. We’re doing pretty good right now. We’re just waiting to hear from her or her lawyer and then we can make plans on the rest of our lives,” Jim replied.

“Well know that we’re here for you, Jim. We send our love and best wishes,” Simon said.

“Thank you, we’ll call you later tonight and let you know what happened,” Jim assured him.

“Talk to you then,” Simon stated before hanging up.

Blair said, “God, it’s taking forever. How long has it been anyhow?”

William explained, “They’re going over it right now, trying to tell her she needs to hold out for more money. I know them they are just like she is. They would do anything for money. Hell, I used to be that way.”

Blair said, “You think she would ask for more money?”

“Wouldn’t surprise me a bit. I’ve got enough in the account for another ten million dollars. So it’s taken care of, but I’m wishing we can do this without going to court,” William hoped.

“Thank you for everything, dad. You’ve been so good to all of us, through all of this, it isn’t even funny. When this is all said and done, I’d like to have a barbecue for you. Would you like that?” Jim asked.

“That sounds might fine, Jimmy. Thank you. Stop worrying, it’s not time to worry yet. That comes later,” William said happily.

Blair smiled at William’s confidence and said, “I wish we had your confidence, William. We’re scared to death.”

“Well don’t be. I’m a pretty good judge of character, aren’t I Jimmy?” William asked.

“Yeah, you are dad. We’ll be fine, you go back to work,” Jim suggested.

“I have to go and pick Steven up at the airport soon. He’s been on a plane all night long. He wanted to get back her for the news,” William announced.

“It’ll be great seeing Steven again. Thank you, William,” Blair said.

“Well, I’ll see you boys after I pick up Steven, unless you hear something before then. Then call me immediately,” William ordered.

Jim pushed his dad out of the office and said, “Stop worrying about us. Do your thing.”

“See you later, son,” William called out over his shoulder and this made Jim smile.


At 4:00 Jim called Simon and asked him if he or Megan could pick Savannah up from school. Once that was settled, he was on full alert for nervous breakdowns.


At 4:30, Steven and William were in Jim’s office with Blair and they were still waiting to hear anything.

They all paced Jim’s large office and bumped into each other often.

Jim was losing all hope as the time kept getting closer and closer to five o’clock. At ten minutes till Jim finally said, “That’s it, she fucked me over royally.”

“Oh you of little faith. Keep watching the clock and keep in mind that all she had to do was agree to it by 5:00, not send anything back to us. Just call us and sign it and send the papers over with signatures,” William said, still hopeful.

There was a knock at Jim’s door and Jim opened it to Dan and Dan said, “Congratulations, dad.”

Jim shook his hand and then hugged him hard. Then he found Blair and kissed him and told him congratulations too.

Jim smiled at Blair and said, “I didn’t have faith. I should have listened to my dad all along. He’s always known what was right and wrong, I just didn’t think he knew.”

Jim said, “I don’t know about anyone else, but I need a drink.”

Blair smiled at his lover and said, “We might need a drink, but we really need something to eat. Would anyone like to have dinner with us?”

Dan, William and Steven begged off, saying they had plans. Jim knew that they were giving Jim and Blair some time alone.

They all left the office and Jim and Blair drove home to order something to eat. They were hoping that Simon would be at the house with Savannah. He was. They were sitting in the driveway when they drove up.

Jim and Blair jumped out of the SUV and met Simon and Savannah partway.

“How is our little girl today?” Jim asked.

“I’m fine, daddy. Uncle Simon picked me up and we had McDonalds for dinner. Is that all right?” Savannah asked cutely.

“That’s just fine. Thank you Uncle Simon. Everything went as planned and all is back to normal,” Jim said casually.

Simon beamed with happiness and said, “I can’t wait to get home to tell Megan.”

Simon gave a hug to Jim and then to Blair and then to Savannah. “Bye sweetie. We’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

“He’s bringing Sam over to play after I get home from school tomorrow. Isn’t that great, poppa?” Savannah asked.

“That is better then great. It’s fantastic. Thank you again, Simon. We’ll see you tomorrow,” Blair said grabbing Savannah and carrying her into the house.

Jim smiled as he looked at the two people he loved more then anything and thought, this is what life is supposed to be like.

The end
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