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Guess what I'm doing today???

I'm making my own Christmas cards and have 20 done so far. I only have about 30 more to go. LOL I decided I would get a jump start on the holidays, because I'm going to be out of town for two weeks over Christmas and don't want to get behind like I usually do.

I have the best program for making cute Xmas cards. It's called Broderbund Print Shop. It has a little bit of everything on it. I decided to go cutesy this year instead of pretty. So sue me. LOL I'm even decorating the envelopes. Geeze, I went from super bad mood yesterday to a half-way good one today. Manic moods come with the bi-polar, so I'm pretty used to it, but sometimes it takes me off guard.

Now all of you go and make your Christmas cards now, okay? LOL

Have a happy Tuesday.

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